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    Guy lodge farm

    Hi all has anyone got experience of this yard or others nearby? thanks!
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    Recovery from tooth extraction and sinus surgery

    My lovely girl has been in horsey hospital since Wednesday and has had a tooth extracted and surgery on her sinus to remove all the pus (there was absolutely loads, I saw the CT scan!) Could anyone who’s been through similar please tell me how long it took for your horse to firstly be turned...
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    Sinusitis caused by inflammation

    My vet suspects my horse has nasal discharge caused by inflammation of the sinus lining, rather than any underlying infection (she has in fact been swabbed and flushed, and no bacteria/viruses were picked up). Has anyone had experience of this, particularly surgery to thin the lining? Obviously...
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    How do you spend time with your horse?

    After many years of wishing, I recently bought my dream horse. I love her so much already (there really is nothing like having your very own horse!) but I am under no illusion that she is not really that bothered by me. She is on full livery so I want to avoid the feeling of being like a riding...
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    Hayfever and horses!

    All my life I have suffered with hayfever and dealt with it fairly successfully for years by taking Benadryl (Acrivastine 8 hour version, nothing else works!). However, having bought my first horse and needing to fill up haynets twice a day, Benadryl just isn’t cutting it anymore. I’m having to...
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    Horse will not work in school on her own

    Hi everyone, I am after some advice. I have been working with a horse for 5 months now and I have been really impressed with how far she has progressed. She's gone from a spooky, almost unrideable mess who loved going round at 100mph to a much slower, much happier horse and I've had some...