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    Well I tried...update on friends GSD

    As title. I have been as blunt but kind as I can. I have said that I feel she is nervous and missing the kids/routine and not socialising is making things worse. I have offered to show her this thread. I have put the argument forward about "what if she gets cornered and actually bites someone"...
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    Another question for the GSD people please

    I have a very good friend. Her kids were desperate for a dog 5 years ago and she gave in and got a GSD bitch. For the first 2 years this dog was a bouncy over enthusiastic poorly trained but friendly dog. Her three sons have now grown and left home for work/uni etc. She is now at home with just...
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    I am useless at links but if you go to Lindcoly Dogs facebook page you will see they have had 4 stolen. Their stud boy and an older dog and two in need of special diets and medications. Lovely people who bred my JRT. They are heartbroken as they belonged to the mother of my JRT breeder and she...
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    gratuitous picture of Ruby and big brother

    This a little pic of Ruby and big brother Moti this morning. Moti is our little spanish terrier who may be yorkie x JRT but no one knows. He is tolerating her very well :-) They both put mud all over the bed.
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    Meet Ruby

    Inspired by the new puppy post I thought I would give this a try. This is Ruby our new girl. pics may not be very good but I am hoping she looks cute. We picked her up last week from her breeder. She is 18 weeks and fully vaccinated etc so going for walks and enjoying life hugely. Sleeping...
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    good night little one

    The vet came and she went quietly on my lap. She had two breakfasts a fresh egg and most of a bag of treats this morning as food was the only real pleasure left to her. We will miss her terribly as she was my little shadow for nearly 14 years. It was her time for sure. This morning for the first...
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    A little update on my JRT with dementia

    Thank you everyone for your wise and kind thoughts. Today I had a long chat with my vet and the decision has been made. They are coming on Monday next at lunchtime to PTS. She is not in pain and is sleeping a lot and remains fairly muddled. She will have a week of cuddles, treats, food and...
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    I know its silly but....

    My little JRT has been by my side for thirteen and a half years. She has been my little shadow and little comforter in all ways. I got her when my youngest left home as my empty nest filler. She is gentle and kind with all the family. She has had a lot of health problems which she has come...
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    Epulis - advice/experiences please

    My 12yo JRT has a lump on her rt upper jaw near her incisor. It was biopsied and the result shows an epulis. This is much better news than melanoma or other metastasising tumours. However I understand it arising from the periodontal ligament deep in the socket of the tooth and invades locally...
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    Advice please on castration age for rescue pup.

    After looking locally for a nice older rescue dog and finding nothing that would suit us and our JRT we were still looking when I was offered a little 6 month old pup. We took him as he was in foster care locally and needed a home fairly soon. He is a terrier type probably a yorkie x jrt...
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    Goodnight lovely girl and thank you

    I posted recently about my beautiful old girl Breeze who was failing. I was given some great advice and she had a couple of lovely weeks with nice walks, the odd run and lots of treats. Last night she was wobbly again and had to be carried outside in the night when she wanted to go out. This...
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    UDATE on elderly lady who lost her dog

    Some months ago I posted about my neighbour whose dog collapsed on a walk. She was distraught and I was unsure what to do to help. Since I am posting about one of my dogs I thought I would update everyone. We made a donation to Battersea where Bryn came from as suggest by someone on here...
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    help needed regarding elderly dog please

    Not sure why I am posting this but maybe it will help me get a handle on things. Its going to be long I am afraid. Sorry. Two and a half years ago we took on a lovely dog age unknown but somewhere between 9 and 11 so now she will be somewhere between 11 and a half and thirteen and a half. She...
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    HELP for elderly lady who lost her dog suddenly

    I wonder if there is anyone who can suggest a little poem or suitable gift for my lovely neighbour. She is in her eighties (won't say where but mid to late), very independent and no family or children. We all look out for her and I walk my dogs with her (in case she topples over - which she has...
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    UDATE JRT with brachial plexus palsy

    Some of you may remember my little JRT was having a problem with her left fore a while ago. The specialist vet thought it was probably a nerve sheath tumour and there was not much we could do except put her on steroids. Well she improved on them and has not limped since mid December. She is...
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    UPDATE JRT with brachial plexus palsy

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    UPDATE results on my JRT

    Thanks to everyone for their good wishes. The vet phoned at 10.25 last night - he had had an emergency case and had only just finished operating, bless him. The scans are inconclusive:( There is no obvious tumour but he thinks it is too small to see and had warned me this could happen. She...
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    Get Well Vibes and Advice Please Please

    My little 5yo JRT who goes everywhere with me and is so sweet is very poorly. She is having MRI scans at the moment at a big referal vets. She either has a brachial plexus injury causing paralysis of her left front leg or she has a tumour on her nerve sheath:( Has anyone any experience...
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    Following the IAMS thread - update

    Thank you to everyone who made suggestions for my JRT Tillys diet. My vet had recommended IAMS and she is fussy and sensitive so I was worried about changing. Following advice I got samples of Orijen and Fish4Dogs. She loves them:) especially the very smelly fish jerky treats:cool: My sons...
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    Recommend me a field shelter please

    As title. For an old girlie 14hh and a 16hh youngster. They get on well so not worried if it is a little snug. Would like something on skids but not essential. Need it delivered but could DIY build it. Surrey area for delivery.. Thankies:)
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    Opinions needed for friend - Bushy Plat Stables

    For a friend looking for part livery anyone know it or able to recommend it? Thankies:)
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    African Hedgehog UDATE

    First of all thank you very much to everyone who offered a home. Thanks for all the lovely PMs which I promise I will reply to eventually. I was on a 12 hour shift yesterday and got home late so did not come on line so sorry this is a bit late. Came home last night to find the chap who own...
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    VIBES PLEASE PLEASE for Marchtime and Jesper

    My daughter Marchtime has made the very painful decision that the time has come to say goodbye to her beautiful boy. She has fought long and hard and we knew this was comming in the autumn but he is suddenly worse and the time has come. Please think of her on Friday morning. Thank you x
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    advice please feeding 3 different types ? same balancer?

    Posting in here as it seems to be a fount of feeding knowledge so thanks in advance. I have a 20 month old TB x QH living out on poor grazing with a 26 year old native x mare. They have ad lib hay, he has a scoop of dengie hi fi with 3/4 scoop wet speedie beet and 2 cups baileys stud balancer...
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    VIBES please for my little JRT

    Poor little Tilly is in the vets having stolen a chocolate orange They are going to try to make her sick as she ate a lot of it and is a very tiny JRT. I feel very guilty but she is a dreadful thief. So fingers crossed for Tilly please as I love her very much and could not bare anything to...
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    A recommendation for anyone needing lorry repairs/checkovers

    Hope this is not advertising but a big thank you to Mike007 for doing what he said he would, when he said he would and for a good price! My little horsebox came back today all mended and plated so thanks Mike. Also thanks to Towerhamlets who put me in touch.
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    HELP - Lorry Repair Surrey

    Desperately seeking good reliable lorry repair person in Surrey - Leatherhead area - my regular man has let me down very badly Thanks in advance
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    Lorry Repair HELP Surrey

    My regular lorry man has let me down and I desperately need mine repaired - break cylinder has leaked (I think ). Does anyone know a reliable honest person who can repair it in Surrey (Leatherhead area). Thank you in advance
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    Schoolmaster/dressage lessons Surrey/Berkshire

    Ok. So daughters lovely boy is broken and looks like it is for good. She has a new baby to bring on but he is just 1 at the moment so a long wait ahead which is fine. She needs to keep her riding skills up but does not want to ride typical riding school horses. She has friends horses to hack...
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    HELP PLEASE! equine anatomy -good websites

    As title really. A friend is doing an equine massage course and needs to gen up on anatomy especially of the lumbar spine pelvis and upper hind limb. Any good sites would be appreciated Thank you.