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  1. Irishcobs

    Ridden veteran classes

    Do they canter together and do they need to show extension/gallop? I'm taking a nervous young rider to their first show (PC) and she wants to take her oap in to the veteran but its the one class I have not done myself so not sure if it differs to normal showing classes.
  2. Irishcobs

    Le chameau V Aigle

    Going to local farm store later to get a new pair of wellies after my 3rd pair of Seelands have died with in a few months (not impressed) I've had a quick peak on the website and like the look of the Le chameau ladies all track country and the Aigle benyl boot. So any preferences? Any one...
  3. Irishcobs

    Following on for the to oil or not to oil post

    My horse, her tack and myself got absolutely drenched today so I have brought it home to dry out and clean. I have Ko-cao-line, Naf leather soft soap or Nikwax waterproofing wax for leather. Which do I use? I normally use the soft soap for general cleaning and the ko-cao-line before...
  4. Irishcobs

    Routine tie back ops?

    What's the general view on tie back ops? Do too many get done as a precaution? I ask because I've heard of racing yards that routinely tie back their horses even if the horse isn't yet showing signs of breathing problems. Reason being to cure a problem before it happens. Would you consider...
  5. Irishcobs

    How much should a puppy drink?

    Puppy is 9 1/2 weeks old, weighs 2kg and is a Bedlington whippet x saluki greyhound. She has free access to water as old dog has it. She drinks a lot so pees a lot. Is too much a bad thing? Should we limit her intake?
  6. Irishcobs

    Jumpers bump

    I've done a search and this has come up on here before but only people asking if it's a problem etc. I want to know what causes it? Long story shortened I knew a P2P horse who was having time off last year, he was a little angler behind but nothing unusual for a TB wintering out with no work...
  7. Irishcobs

    Nutrition levels in feed

    It's been a while since I've had to think about nutrition levels and rather than searching through all my college notes I thought I'd ask here. I am I right in thinking that the higher the Digestible energy and fibre content and the lower the sugar, oil and starch the better? With a happy...
  8. Irishcobs

    Freelance grooms

    Is there a market for them? Would you use one? I am job hunting and was thinking about going freelance (I am already self employed) but it's not something I ever thought about using, as in if I went on holiday etc, as I'm not sure about a stranger looking after my horse even if they are...
  9. Irishcobs

    Dog killed in attack on hunt kennels
  10. Irishcobs


    I've done a quick google search but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Can you legally ferret on the side of a road? Yesterday while hacking I passed two men on the side of a country lane. It was the wooden box at their feet that made me take notice as it was like the boxes they used...
  11. Irishcobs

    Headshaking- Ulcers or bit seats?

    I have done a quick search and couldn't find any posts that suggest headshaking could be caused by ulcers but thought I would ask anyway. So background. Horse is 8yr old Belgian draught x. I've had her 4 years. She has always been a bit sensitive in the mouth, doesn't like tongue pressure...
  12. Irishcobs

    bigger bit or change of bit?

    Had BBBs teeth done last week and it was noticed that she had identical pinch mark on the inside of her cheeks, about an inch above the corner of her lips. She is mainly ridden in a full cheek french link but wears a full cheek waterford for jumping. I asked if it was thought to be caused by the...
  13. Irishcobs

    Standing martingale with clips??

    Browsing ebay for cheap things I may need as some point in my life I came across this
  14. Irishcobs

    Long dog/lurchers owners/experts help needed

    My deerhound x bedlington greyhound, 9 yrs old a few weeks ago got up from lying down and run out screaming, she wouldn't let you touch her. She was very distressed so was rushed to vets. Vet couldn't examine her very well as she was just screaming the whole time so gave her a pain killer, anti...
  15. Irishcobs

    Met some Icelandic ponies today

    I took BBB to the Deverills today (Wiltshire people will know where I mean) for a good canter session and met 2 Icelandic ponies. Their tolt was amazing to watch and the owner/riders were so lovely and pointed out some great rides for me to try. I've never seen an Icelandic in person so didn't...
  16. Irishcobs

    What pace to pass other horses?

    Out hacking today I pulled over in to a field gateway for a car to pass me (coming towards me) this is on a narrow country lane. Behind this car was a horse trotting towards me. I didn't know the horse or rider. A few years ago my mum had a bad fall because of two horses trotting towards us on...
  17. Irishcobs

    longreining established horses

    Does longreining benefit a horse that is already established in its work? I want to start longreining BBB as it will be a good way for me to loose weight (power walking) and will give me some incentive to actually do it. But would it actually benefit her? I've only longreined youngsters and...
  18. Irishcobs

    Itchy horse

    BBB is very itchy, particularly along her mane, saddle patch, shoulders and neck. She has very clean skin, no scurf, no lice or anything at all I can see to make her itchy. She is generally a hot horse, she has a hunter clip (last clipped in Nov and has hardly grown any back) and wears only a...
  19. Irishcobs

    Only one to turnout today

    Anyone else turnout today? I turned BBB out today, I was the only one from the yard that did. I will not keep my horse in 24/7 mainly because of her brain and also she will get fat legs. The weather is going to get worse, with minus temperatures and more snow but providing it is safe enough...
  20. Irishcobs

    DIY liveries how much do you expect the YO to do?

    For example would you expect your YO to replace a blown light bulb in your stable or tack room? A normal light not a strip light. Or if the electric tape in your individual paddock was a bit saggy would you expect the YO to tighten it for you? Simple things like this I would not bother my YO...
  21. Irishcobs

    Taking your horse on holiday

    I've been thinking for a while how lovely it would be to do a horse trekking holiday but I would love to take my own horse. I especially like the idea of being able to hack from one place to the next, staying at B+Bs with the horses in a paddock/stable. But I'm not sure if this can be done...
  22. Irishcobs

    Any Deerhound or Deerhound x owners?

    My Deerhound x sings. I don't mean she howls or whines. She properly sings. She mainly does this when a member of the family leaves her and she can't follow i.e if I go across the field to catch a horse and she can't come with me. But yesterday she spotted 2 deer and because she couldn't...
  23. Irishcobs

    Any truth to this?

    I was told when I was younger that you shouldn't turn a stabled horse out on frozen grass with an empty belly as it could cause colic. This has stuck with me and so I always make sure my horse has had a hard feed and if possible has a belly of hay before she goes out. At my last yard we weren't...
  24. Irishcobs

    Inka's hock op info

    I have had a few people ask about Inka's hock op so I thought I'd post a copy of her vet notes and pictures. Inka was admitted to Donnington Grove Veterinary Surgery on 20th July 2011 for examination and treatment of a wound to the point of the right hind hock. Examination revealed that the...
  25. Irishcobs

    Hunt say its mandatory to be CA member

    Is this a new thing for all hunts or just this one?
  26. Irishcobs

    Is this dressage legal? And has anyone used it? I'm trying to get some ideas for a very fussy horse.
  27. Irishcobs

    Stirrups in the SJing at HOYS

    Some of the SJers are using really wide bottomed stirrups, some which are different colours (blue, red etc) does anyone know what make they are?
  28. Irishcobs


    I need a new pair of wellies and would like some recommendations. I live in my wellies, I probably spend 12 hours a day in them, walking up to 5 miles through deep mud at work. I need some that won't wear to quickly or split. I bought a pair of Seelands at a descent price but they went at...
  29. Irishcobs

    Quarter horse experts

    I'm being nosy about a horse at work and looking at his breeding some had a percentage followed by a F and some followed by a NF. I'm guessing F is foundation? So is NF none foundation? If so what does that mean? He is a 80% NF and was a stallion who has sired.
  30. Irishcobs

    Polypad Spacetec Pad MKII

    Anyone use one? Any good? Worth the money? I'm getting my big beast a new saddle today and I want to use a polypad with it as its an 18" saddle and I find some normal pads aren't quite long enough. Mum showed me this new spacetec pad and I'm tempted by it but don't want to folk out lots of...