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    All my saddles have Acavallo Opera stirrups on them. Being an older bird with all the aches and pains that age brings with it, I can do a long ride and get off without my knees and hips collapsing. They're, IME, better than Sprenger Bow Balance. At around £85, they're very much at the lower...
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    Negotiating prices...

    I don't see an issue with that, but it may be good manners to tell the sellers that your budget doesn't stretch that far and ask if they're willing to negotiate. You don't have to give the seller your budget, but I think I would feel hoodwinked if you came, saw, liked then said you can't afford.
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    Neymar Romeo

    Yes, he may have been only two but it seems that he couldn’t be turned away. The owner has a broken arm, she has already left a yard where he’d done damage to go to this yard where she was told to leave the following week. Where was she supposed to put him? In her garage?
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    Neymar Romeo

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    Neymar Romeo

    It seems he couldn't be trusted to stay in the same place that he had been turned out into.
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    Neymar Romeo

    I imagine this horse would have been resold, bought back cheap again, resold, bought back cheap. He was a troubled soul. From another account, the horse couldn't be put into a field because he broke fencing, then broke the gate at the trainer's yard. It's an awful life for a 3 year old to be...
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    Neymar Romeo

    The offer evidently was from the very same schooling livery that told Laura to sling her hook by the following Friday. The same schooling livery that worked closely with the original seller. Stinks of fish.
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    Neymar Romeo

    I think this thread has shown two unscrupulous horse folks, the original seller and the schooling livery that wanted the horse off the yard but then offered £4k. I reckon the SJs may have sold for £4k if they hadn't been threatened with eviction of a horse that would be very difficult to get...
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    Neymar Romeo

    Could this be something closer to the truth?
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    Neymar Romeo

    Yes, FF, many people have absolutely no idea how insurance works.
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    Neymar Romeo

    It seems to me like a con cooked up by the original owner and the schooling livery. The horse was bought for £15k apparently and they offered £4k, having already told the SJs that the horse needed to be off the property by the following Friday due to extensive damage done by the horse.
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    Neymar Romeo

    I'm sure there's a lot more to this story than the account on Facebook. It seems callous to PTS though.
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    YO adding surcharge

    I think it's a bit high. I'm making assumptions that your horse is out grazing during the day, so I would expect a good sized horse with a decent appetite to get through 3 bales a week if in overnight. You have already paid for hay in your monthly livery so it should only be the extra cost of...
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    park lane stables

    It seems the land owner has been keeping a keen eye on the charity fundraiser and wanted the lot.
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    Older horse and looking for the gem to let me continue.

    You will need a big budget at the moment for anything vaguely reliable and especially sound.
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    Worst thing the cat's done.

    Two live, shaken up and very vocal starlings brought in by Dinky. One yesterday during the day and one this morning at 6am. He brought each one in, put a paw on their back so they were spread eagled on the floor, then looked up at me proudly. Both very much alive, both very angry, both flew...
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    Ruby Roo dressage saddle?

    Imagine Albion calling up their customers over a couple of slightly unfavourable responses and requesting they set up an account. I fail to see where anybody has been nasty and vile.
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    Sending young problem horse away for schooling - what to ask?

    Where are you? This sounds like a rebacking situation rather than schooling so would be upfront with whoever you choose.
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    Ruby Roo dressage saddle?

    I would lay good money on all those new accounts having the same IP address. Ruby Roo, I'm fairly certain that your saddles aren't going to be a big seller in the UK market because we do things a lot differently. All of your saddles have the exact same width, I'm on a yard of over 50 horses...
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    First horse at private yard/property?

    Make sure you find a reliable hay supplier before you get the nags! Major shortage at the moment.
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    Horse kicking out when being caught

    Is he new to you? If not, why is he so reluctant to be caught and has he always been the same? As others suggested, a treat works wonders in gaining their cupboard love. Deep breath, relax, smile, because your horse will 100% know that you're scared.
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    Stirrup help please!

    I have Acavallo Opera stirrups and rate them highly. I finish a ride without any pain whatsoever now and have converted another rider to them. She reported after two rides that she found she had no knee pain having suffered for years. They're light and flexible, not joined at the top so will...
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    That vile Brazilian Dressage Olympian has finally been banned..

    A three year suspension will most definitely ruin his career, and rightly so. I did enjoy the fact that Da Silva declined the initial offer from FEI of 18 month suspension and 2500 swiss francs, preferring to go to tribunal. Where the suspension was effectively doubled and the fine was...
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    Advice on a trailer

    That looks like an old Rice trailer. Not good condition by the photos and I wouldn't put a horse on without having that floor replaced and a full overhaul of the wheels, tyres and brakes. Sometimes it's far better to cough up more and get a decent newer safer trailer.
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    Silly question about haynets and tacking up

    I put the bridle on and then lead her out to the mounting block with her mouthful of hay. Once she's finished her mouthful I do the noseband up and get on. No drama, no pushing her around, life is a journey not a race.
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    Would you get your horse stuffed?

    Notwithstanding the fact that she would take up my entire living room, I wouldn't as I prefer the animated version. Laid back ears an' all.
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    New pony trouble - will a new yard be the answer?

    You're doing all the right things, I'm sure you'll have great success at the new yard. Good luck!
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    change my mind - what controversial/guilty horsey things do you do and not feel guilty for??:)

    I let my horse out of the field without a halter then catch her outside while she's eating the much nicer grass on the path. Occasionally I forget the halter and she follows me in anyway. I tie up with a rope halter. I don't use travel boots. I feed ryegrass haylage and enjoy the snorting...
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    Wanted In desperate need of a field for horse and pony near me

    Well well well, a simple post asking for a field has kicked off massively. These threads usually get half a dozen replies at best. The audacity to call people poorly educated then complain that farmers are fleecing him in a national hay shortage and £15 per week per horse is expensive! I have...
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    Agrob feeds

    I particularly liked the Musli. But the price went up so dramatically that I've reverted back to just a grass chaff. Horse looks well on both, but my wallet is healthier without the chaff with fancy flowers and bits of diced carrot/beetroot.