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    Can't watch the dressage

    Oh great. The BBC aren't showing it and although I apparently have a years free Discoverplus on Sky it wont let me log on to it Fantastic. It's a lot of money to pay between the two of them not to be able to see it frankly. The BBC better show the Kur and the x country or I'll have...
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    face palm/honest to god I mean really? Why did they get it in the first place! No don't answer that I know exactly why. Poor thing will just be past from home to home until it kills something or someone and the it'll be...
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    talk to me about gun dogs (any breed)

    Now I'm retired I have an itch that won't go away. I'd like to (maybe) get a gun dog breed and train. I'm lucky enough to live near a good gun dog trainer so that would be my route. BUT what breed? Lab, spaniel? Thoughts please but treat me kindly. And honestly. And I will eventually be...
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    Lev and George!

    Cant respond to the now locked thread but just to say I loved that picture of GEORGE! An all the others too. Millie's face!!
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    We have new next door neighbours who are both out at work although not necessarily all day, they have said we can walk their two mini schnauzers! Now this is the perfect stop gap between us losing our last little dog and getting our new one. My husband is especially pleased as now he's been...
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    No *you're* crying This is just lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. Good luck to him and Romany and may they be chosen for the Paris Olympics!!
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    Ad. French bulldogs for sale

    Just browsing thru H&H dogs for sale for something to do and there are 7 french bulldogs (some already sold) for sale at an eye watering £4,500 thats £31,500 for the litter. 😳. I think I paid £180 for my JRT!
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    Shops that can stay open in lockdown

    according to the BBC the following will be open in the lockdown Only a small group of retailers will be allowed to stay open including: Supermarkets Pharmacies Newsagents Hardware stores Banks Pet shops Post Offices Petrol stations Vets Retail shops in hospitals Laundrettes Funeral homes
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    best place to place adverts to sell

    a friend is selling one of her horses and asked me for advice as to where the best place to advertise is. I've not sold a horse for 10 users so over to you guys. its a green horse but with plenty of potential might suit a competent teenager or mother/daughter share. thanks
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    Msg for trottingsong

    Trottingsong. Have pm'd you back (I hope) shout out if you didn't receive it!
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    Olympia 14th Dec Wed spare ticket

    Hello all I have a ticket for Olympia Wednesday 14th Dec night cost £59.50 face value which I can't use now as my friend is unable to come. Anybody interested? I'll meet you at Olympia and give you the ticket and you pay me then. Selling at face value. Valegro's retirement evening which is...