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  1. Quigleyandme

    Please tell me how to...

    ...Trim a very long mane and forelock on a buzzy, fidgety, easily bored two year old. I have cross ties under the solarium but he saws his head up and down and tries to catch the cross ties in his mouth. He is good to handle and wash and polite with his feet but gets impatient with grooming...
  2. Quigleyandme

    Customs Duty on Meds

    I ordered a bottle of Switch from Viovet and I’ve just paid the UPS driver €25.79 comprising €7.34 in taxes and €18.45 in “other”. This is on top of the delivery charge I paid Viovet. I haven’t found an Irish distributor of Switch and my vet can only offer a 1% permethrin solution whereas Switch...
  3. Quigleyandme

    Question for HR Peeps Please

    I worked across several departments of a UK local authority between 1997 and 2019 when I moved to Ireland. I applied for a volunteer role with a charity that works alongside the local authority here. The UK LA has stated they don’t provide references - only dates of employment. So my questions...
  4. Quigleyandme

    Dog Food Recall USA-Many Deaths

    For our American/Canadian friends; I’ve just read that a dog food called Sportmix is responsible for the deaths of some 70 dogs in the US due to mouldy corn.
  5. Quigleyandme

    Looking for a Stable Sheet

    Does anyone know where I can get a cotton or nylon sheet to go over the stable rug that isn‘t too expensive? The one I have has given great service but years of wear and weekly washing has left it a bit fragile.
  6. Quigleyandme

    Bog Spavin

    I’ve had sound advice on this forum before so I have another concern to discuss with you please. I have a huge sixteen month old RID. Think Big Ed without the big ‘ead. I ❤️ Big Ed but I digress. On 12th July Seamus got tangled up in the permanent two strand electric fence and ended up in a dry...
  7. Quigleyandme

    Cyst Surgery Today

    My grey yearling ID had a lump on his shoulder about the size of a hazelnut removed today. It turned out to be a cyst full of hair. Relieved it wasn’t a sarcoid but I’d be interested to know if anyone else has had one?
  8. Quigleyandme

    Worming Advice Needed Please

    My knowledge of equine worms and treatment cycles is woeful as I regularly had fecal egg counts performed on my adult horses before it was a thing and poo picked every day even if I had to chip it out of the ice. My two yearlings were delivered in early November when they were 7 months old and...
  9. Quigleyandme

    Gelding Advice Please

    The vet has just confirmed he is going to standing geld my two yearlings on Thursday afternoon. I haven’t any stables built due to C19 but I have the shed they shared this winter with a small secure concrete yard outside. Can people please tell me what if anything I need to prepare prior to...
  10. Quigleyandme

    Why are people like this?

    A while back a couple of media types or celebrities, I can’t recall who, admitted they hadn’t washed their hands for years. Such was the general disgust at this admission they both recanted and said they had been joking. My local supermarket has installed, at no doubt huge expense, a hand...
  11. Quigleyandme

    Is this normal behaviour?

    One of my yearling colts is eating the fresh droppings of my other yearling colt. I do mean eating it, not just sniffing and nosing it around. As far as I know he wasn‘t doing this before they made the decision to live out about a week ago. The shed is left open with a comfy bed down, best...
  12. Quigleyandme


    My steel grey RID yearling suddenly sprouted four warts on his muzzle. They grew fast but have not got any bigger for a week or two. I noticed yesterday he is sprouting another crop. I am applying a thuja cream formulated for equine warts twice a day. The vet has examined them whilst here...
  13. Quigleyandme

    New life to look forward to

    I have a bit of history when it comes to moving on when life gives me a bit of a kicking but this is the biggest upheaval yet. I have bought a little farm in South West County Sligo and I'm going to retire in five and a half weeks time and up sticks. The sale of 8 acres of windswept Dartmoor...
  14. Quigleyandme

    Urgent advice needed about blood

    So, I have been accepted onto my second medicines trial as a healthy volunteer and if I complete it I will be paid enough to make a big dent in the vet bill debt. I am 60 and obviously in good health with a BMI of 21.2. I will be in the facility for 13 nights and will have a succession of...
  15. Quigleyandme

    Quigley died

    Quigley had a cardiac arrest and died yesterday. He was only five and such a beautiful, sweet natured and friendly horse. He had been receiving treatment for sinusitis since February and had undergone two unsuccessful surgeries. Yesterday we drove him from Devon to the Midlands for...
  16. Quigleyandme

    How to remove glue from horse?

    Quigley has had another procedure to hopefully cure his primary sinusitis and spent three nights in hospital being sedated and flushed. Sedation was via a cannula which was covered between flushes by a sticky backed bandage which has left a thick, gluey residue on his neck and throat. I have...
  17. Quigleyandme

    Music to school by recommendations please

    I have been given a very posh Bluetooth speaker and I'd like to compile a playlist for when I am schooling my young ID. Any recommendations please?
  18. Quigleyandme


    I don't really do social media but I look to this site for advice and opinion and thought I would finally join in. I lost my two elderly and infirm horses last April and after saving hard and moonlighting a bit I bought a rising five ID gelding from Ireland. He arrived a fortnight ago and he...