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    Kramer Bridles

    Does anyone have any reviews on these? particularly the anatomical ones.
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    Bridle woes...

    I seem to have a very sensitive horse- he yawns when I put the bridle on and yawns and rubs (Excessively)when I take it off- im pretty sure both these things are a sign of tension/pressure and I want to relieve both. No teeth/back/saddle issues, all checked. Tried the micklem Tried the...
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    Alternative to hitching Mirror/trailer mirror

    I can’t have a hitching mirror put on my trailer as it’s On hire but I need something to help me line it up straight. is there a removable mirror I can buy? -or any alternative ideas? It’s for a 401 single trailer. thanks
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    Recommended cold water boots?

    I’ve no electricity at the yard so can’t have ice boots- best recommended cold water boots that really go cold?
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    Healing scar tissue/old suspensory injury

    A new horse I’ve had a few weeks was scanned today and found to have an old suspensory injury as a result of an old fractured splint bone. The old injury healed but he has (recently) damaged some of the scar tissue fibres and is now on box rest. Has anyone had this before and any treatments...
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    Fractured splint bone?

    My horse has somehow fractured his splint bone, it’s stable and vet wasn’t particularly worried. he’s sound (unless you touch it) and quite happy but very sore on palpitation and the leg is nice and fat- X-rays confirmed. I was told to just box rest and Bute.. but not for how long or...
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    Comfitec bridle Vs Micklem

    I currently have a micklem but came across the Comfitec in a shop today and it seems much nicer leather and design. is it a waste to buy it or are they effectively the same thing?
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    Recommended denim breeches?

    Ideally high waist ones? I’ve tried a few but none seem very flattering.
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    Pikeur leggings

    Does anyone know how these fit size wise?
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    5 stage vetting.. to X-ray or not.

    I’ve followed everyone’s advice and walked away from an over priced horse that my heart wanted but my head knew was too much. - I’ve walked into finding another heart horse but head agrees this time. My next issue- I’m having a 5 stage as she’s £6k and I need it for Insurance but I...
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    To buy or not to buy... (help!)

    So.. I’ve found what I deem to be ‘my perfect horse’.. if I had ANY critism it would be that he’s a tad smaller than she advertised but that’s it. He’s a Dutch warmblood, very light on his feet, flashy, well schooled. Jumped around Unaff (no proof though) no competition history to...
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    Chances of 11yo passing X-rays?

    I have a healthy budget for a new horse thanks to my amazing boyfriend but it has to pass a 5 stage with X-rays. Obviously you would expect a 7yo to have more chance of this but the horses I like are 11/12 (all competition/alrounders). I do have viewings on 7yo’s booked but they lack the...
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    Would you buy a horse with sarcoids?

    5yo event horse, £15k with a sarcoid on belly and sheath. What would you offer?
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    Cartilage stifle damage and recovery

    Worded it better this time. Anyone had any horses go through cartilage damage/stifle arthroscopy and come back into full work?
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    Arthroscopy/stem cell miracles please...

    Are there any? Grade 3 cartilage damage in stifles.. Suggested stem cell.. 50% chance of coming back into work.
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    Passed 5 stage vetting in October- now retired? Can I do anything?

    My horse passed a 5 stage vetting in October, she was vetted for show jumping. Yesterday after months of on/off lameness I was told she has severe cartilage damage to both stifles, grade 3 and she only has 40% chance of being field sound. Can I claim anything from the vet? This was a pre...
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    Struggling with carrot stretches/right rein contact.

    Sooo... 3 weeks later, hock injections, SI injections and rehab under way.. horse is still sound. She seems to struggle when asking for a contact on the right rein, she will break into canter, generally fight etc.. she can be worked through it, gentle persistence and she will then work...
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    Confusing lameness...

    My horse was diagnosed today with hock arthritis.. once xrayed she was nerve blocked we all assumed ‘yes!’ Sorted... When xrayed, feet were checked for balance, pretty much spot on, navicular bone looked great, nothing seemed unusual. Suddenly she went lame on her right front after hocks...
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    Nappy horse- what else can I do?

    From beginning, I’ve had this mare 6 months. At the beginning she was amazing, I could hack alone etc. Around two months ago she became very nappy and spooky to the point she scared me. It seemed out of character so then We did some investigating and found grade 2 squamous ulcers and severe...
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    Unusual behaviour

    I feel like all I do is post on here about my struggles... Newish horse, few months, flew 5 stage vetting. Over last two months has become nappy and spooky. Nappiness was sorted with someone else hacking her out as we had too any arguments and I think she just lost confidence in me and me...
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    TopSpec Ulsakind

    Anyone use it? Any reviews?
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    Cost for ferry to Ireland

    I’m looking at travelling to Dublin to buy a horse.. but I can’t seem to get anywhere on ferry prices. I have a 3.5t Horsebox but it’s only saying car prices? Can anyone help or have any links? Thankyou
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    Can horses change?

    I’ve had a German warmblood for 8 weeks now, first 8 weeks she was a star.. loads perfect, hacks out alone, jumps everything, gave me lots of confidence. I had her vetted, she passed and I paid for her on the 8th week. Suddenly it’s like I have a different horse, she won’t leave the yard...
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    Backward/lazy warmblood.. at my wits end

    I’ve recently purchased a 11yo German warmblood to BS. She has a good record and a hell of a lot of scope and ability.. but she is so lazy it’s becoming very hard work. Whip/spurs make no difference, I’ve tried feeding her up. Nothing. I can hot her up on a fun ride (but it takes half...
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    Girth for a sensitive horse with a very forward girth groove?

    the ONLY thing working at the moment is a cheap requisite fluffy material girth. - its not mine for a start but i guess im worried without it being cut away at the elbows it may over time cause girth sores (like so many others have). Ideally i need an anatomical girth WITH fleece or...
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    Shockwave therapy for ‘hole’ in branches of fetlock.

    Today I had my gelding scanned as we think he had pulled a ligament in his fetlock. We were right, infact he had a hole in the fibres where the branches connect. He’s already on week 3 of box rest- the vet has said there is a 50% chance he won’t jump again and I am devastated. He said I...
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    Anyone have a horse like this.. positive stories please.

    I have a PBA, he is sharp, spooky and Strong. He has the mental age and experience of a 4/5yo. I bought him with the Intention of doing BS within a year, obviously I would have done it sooner but he is much more backward than I first thought. Every jump lesson we have to start with...
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    Kicked in the ribs...

    Horse not human. My horse was kicked today just behind the girth under his flank at short range and the noise was horrendous. My horse seemed in shock but aside from that acted like nothing had happened however the swelling was instant. I rang my vet who said to cold hose and if he...
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    Do PBA make good Show jumpers? (Success stories)

    Ive recently bought my first PBA (70% arab).. he acts, looks and pretty much feels like a full arab. Hes spooky, sharp and acts like life will eat him. Ive never ridden a more talented but yet spooky horse to show jump before and i feel like im fighting a loosing battle, someone told me...
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    Horse suddenly dragging toes in Trot..

    I say suddenly, new horse- didn't do it initially but now does it in Trot when on the road (can hear the clinking). Had back checked, all ok, saddle/teeth all ok. Any ideas? Only thing that's changed in the pasture.