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  1. HollyWoozle

    Deosect users

    In spring I covered all five of ours with it and I can't say that any of them liked it, although I did patch test them all and they had no obvious reaction to it. I applied with a sponge (several of ours are not spray fans, a failing of mine I am sure!) and they all seemed fine afterwards, they...
  2. HollyWoozle

    Fly Masks - wide over eyes

    I like the Rambo for clearance or Nag Horse Ranch ones (but they are more expensive as very high UV cover). Having said that, the Premier Equine Busters seem to work well for ours, including Welsh A with pronounced eyes, even if they don't appear to have as much clearance.
  3. HollyWoozle

    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    I'm really sorry to read this heartbreaking news, what an awful experience and shock for you both. Big hugs to you and husband. Please take some time for yourselves.
  4. HollyWoozle

    Best way to give metformin!

    This is what we always did too, pestle and mortar and then added to low cal chaff with dried mint.
  5. HollyWoozle


    Same as this. Ours eat Spillers balancers which are in pellet form already and they all love it just by itself. In fact all animals seem to try and eat it, as someone mentioned above!
  6. HollyWoozle

    How much hay?

    I would guess that each of our small bales lasts our two ponies around 4 days. They have very, very limited grazing though and a small feed of low calorie chaff and balancer twice a day, but primarily eat well-soaked hay in small nets (one has EMS and the other is prone to lami). They are a mini...
  7. HollyWoozle

    Would you cover their vet bill?

    I am a pretty soft touch and would feel really bad too, OP, but even I would refuse to pay in this situation. Absolutely not your fault, not your horse's fault, not the dog's fault, sadly the fault of the dog's owner. I hope you stand firm and that you are OK, it's a horrible and upsetting...
  8. HollyWoozle

    Balancers: Do we need them?

    All ours are fed a balancer now (which we only started over the last year) and I don't regret it. None of them are in work but our grazing is poor compared to most and they don't receive other hard feed, just hay - one showed a vitamin deficiency in tests by the vet when he was looking a bit...
  9. HollyWoozle

    Swollen / infected eye from flies

    Vetericyn eye wash is excellent if he will tolerate the eyes being cleaned! I agree with others that if something antibiotic is required regularly then ointment is easier than drops, but with a little patience it's surprisingly easy to train (bribe!) even awkward horses to have eyes cleaned or...
  10. HollyWoozle

    Hay prices 2021

    We pay £5.50 a small bale here in Bedfordshire but they are heavy and tightly packed, excellent quality, and they get delivered regularly (it was 21 at a time and is more than that in a delivery now). Friend, also Beds, is selling small bales of meadow hay for £4 collected off the field or...
  11. HollyWoozle

    sueded/leather chaps with ariat tellurides?

    I wear Ariat Concord chaps with the Terrain Pros (I think I have those or similar style).
  12. HollyWoozle

    EMS and exercise?

    My understanding is that walking does help those with EMS. I bought some hoof boots to take our EMS mini out walking - in our case we have to wait a bit longer (vet advice) as he’s somewhat in foot rehab, but I’ll be out walking him ASAP.
  13. HollyWoozle

    where do you

    Horse Holster (straps around thigh) or bum bag.
  14. HollyWoozle

    The lami episode I was dreading ...

    I would also guess EMS - we have a mini with it and the neck and fat pads are extremely hard to shift, despite a very strict diet. Ours is fed well-soaked hay (generally 10 - 12 hours) which is weighed and served in small-hole nets, a lite balancer with a little bit of Spillers FibreLite...
  15. HollyWoozle

    Blinded in one eye in stable

    I don't think there is any way for the owner to claim that the horse blinded itself in the stable and that the blindness isn't the result of something much earlier or something gradual as others have said. A vet noticed a cyst in my mare's eye when coming to do her teeth - can't believe I had...
  16. HollyWoozle

    Alternative bedding to straw

    Ours aren't stabled but we put wood pellets in our field shelter for two ponies who insist on peeing in there regularly but also like to lie down in there too. We started with wood pellets in March and they have been awesome! I can't say what it would be like to muck a pellet stable out everyday...
  17. HollyWoozle

    Dangerous rearer - would you send back? Help.

    Another joining in to say please send this horse back. I do feel sorry for the horse, absolutely, but morally this lies upon the dealer and not you. Regardless of whether or not this horse has a health issue, saddle pinching or other this is decidedly dangerous behaviour.
  18. HollyWoozle

    Is there (or should there be) a ceiling weight to horse riding

    It is such a contentious and complicated issue with so many factors. I do believe that there are many riders too big for their horses, absolutely, and I don't like to encounter it... but I don't think a 'ceiling weight' would ever work as it depends on so many things. Everyone has different...
  19. HollyWoozle

    Headshaking or am I paranoid?

    Another vote for this just being sasspot behaviour.
  20. HollyWoozle

    Horsey weight watchers

    We too are working hard to keep the weight off our EMS mini and I am fairly happy with how he looks, all things considered, but I would like more off him for sure. I bought boots to take him walking but then vet advised not to start exercising him yet as he is essentially in rehab foot-wise, but...
  21. HollyWoozle

    Best turnouts for Welsh As these days?

    Thanks everybody, really helpful. @windand rain, I hear you! He's sort of chunky but with a sway back at this point, not much muscle, and the fleece rug swamps him in the chest but you wouldn't want it shorter lengthwise. I think the rug he came with might be something like a Rhinegold and that...
  22. HollyWoozle

    Best turnouts for Welsh As these days?

    Ooh, they look great. Thanks @TGM! He's ever so cute and I think worked pretty hard throughout his life and I just want him to be comfy and happy. :)
  23. HollyWoozle

    Best turnouts for Welsh As these days?

    Our little herd is generally un-rugged these days (live out 24/7 with shelter) but we welcomed a lovely little loan pony, Welsh Sec A, in late March (companion). He is pretty old, late 20s I guess, and came with just a lightweight turnout but feels the cold. Wednesday was 28C and blazing sun and...
  24. HollyWoozle

    Clever alternatives for low sugar forage

    Our 'hay man', Mark at Old Manor Farm here in Beds, produces a lite haylage and they deliver nationwide for bulk, not sure how much you'd have to buy though! I've never used the haylage but we've bought hay from Mark for years and years. His...
  25. HollyWoozle

    Bathing what do you use and how often?

    I have owned my mare since Nov 2009 and she has never had a bath in that time. She lives out all year and isn't ridden these days - when I did ride her I sponged off any sweaty bits with plain water. Her skin and coat are healthy so I don't feel the need and we don't go anywhere. We have very...
  26. HollyWoozle

    Horrified at horses size

    How much soaked hay does he get through whilst stood in? If the field is pretty bare looking then I think I'd be inclined to turn him out 24/7 with a little soaked hay in small-holed net as a top up to forage if required? That way he keeps moving, better for waistline and joints, and if there's...
  27. HollyWoozle

    Where do you carry your phone?

    I use a ‘Horse Holster’ which straps around thigh.
  28. HollyWoozle

    Ride Egypt

    I sell Ride Egypt to customers (we're an agency) with great success. I was also riding there with a group in March 2020 and we had a super time. :)
  29. HollyWoozle

    Would you consider buying this horse?

    He sounds positively fantastic! Does he have any brothers?!
  30. HollyWoozle

    Odd things you’ve found in a field

    A smashed open safe.