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    New hat

    I need to invest in a new riding hat. I currently have a champion skull cap with some vents down the front, not an overly fancy one. I really want a lightweight one, uvex look like they might be a bit lighter weight and comfier, are there any other brands to consider? I think my options will be...
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    How much hay?

    I have 1.5 acres, most of which is being rested and there will be 2 small ponies on it 24/7. Access to my hay store is across the fields so I have to buy hay in before mid-September, I’ve got quite a reasonable amount of storage space. Annoyingly the door frame is just under 4’ wide so I can’t...
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    Cushing vs EMS

    Managed my EMS mare for 6 years and it was hard work and I said never again. I’m currently looking for a small pony companion on a livery basis and a lady has been in touch about her pony. It all sounds ideal apart from the pony has Cushings and is laminitis prone but controlled by prascend and...
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    Sales livery for horseboxes

    Apologies, I have no idea what the proper terminology is! I contacted a reputable company to see if they wanted to buy my horsebox so I don’t have to deal with joe bloggs public. They came back and said yes, they would take it in to sell for me and make sure I get £x amount for it. So it sounds...
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    Grass livery, Bucks

    This will be a bit of a long shot but figured it doesn't hurt to post. After my mare was pts I kept hold of her companion and moved him to a lovely yard. However his field companion there has unfortunately been moved. He's a sociable soul and would benefit from a companion (there are other...
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    Le mieux - is this a desirable colour

    Fly veil in grey with silver braiding? Bought a few years ago but not used and still has tags. I'm not in any of the lm FB groups and didn't know if it's worth joining because it's a desirable colour or if I should just stick it on a standard local group. TIA
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    3.5t horsebox market

    I have a 2005 Renault Master van conversion. From what I can see on FB, prices seem to be as bonkers as the horse market currently is. But has anyone bought/sold one lately who can give me an idea of whether they're actually fetching crazy prices? Any good places to advertise, advert hints? I...
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    Persistent diarrhoea in cat

    Frank is 10 months old now and always been fit and well. 3 weeks ago his eyes looked a little odd, vet checked them and said not to be concerned and the eyes themselves are fine, but to watch out for diarrhoea or vomiting as could be haws syndrome (which usually resolves itself but if they do...
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    A companion for the companion?

    March last year I took on a 12hh gelding as a companion to my mare. She was pts last month and I moved him to a yard more suitable for him and where he shared a field with another pony mare (other horses all the way around too) Worked great until the owner of that pony got offered free livery...
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    More stuff for sale

    Items are all currently near Whitchurch and can be collected from there or posted at cost. I'm doing the list from memory and don't have photos as yet. I will be going up for a full sort out in the next couple of weeks (covid guidelines permitting) and if needed I could bring it down to near...
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    Stuff for sale

    Items all located near Heathrow, I travel up to Beaconsfield and down to Leatherhead a couple of times a week so can deliver locally for fuel money or can post at buyers cost. Open to sensible offers on all items. I have photos of everything that I can send separately if anyone is interested. -...
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    When Stanley turned up with us he had a couple of sores down his front legs, he's also always had a tendency to overgroom. Initially we had him on a hypoallergenic diet with single source of protein, then the vet suggested we try a vet food with hydralised protein in it. He did seem to improve...
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    Why is my hat suddenly hurting me?

    Riding hat is maybe 2 years old, fits well, i cant feel any lumps/bumps etc, not aware of dropping it etc. But every time I wear it now I get a headache at the right hand side of the front of my head. Any ideas or is it time for a new hat?
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    Is there a market for 2nd hand stuff?

    I have everything from headcollars and fly masks to rugs to tack to electric fencing to haynets to horsebox! Pretty sure horsebox should sell (lots of listings on FB pages but do they sell on there?) but is there even a market for 2nd hand stuff? From what I can see on FB there seems to be a...
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    Looking for somewhere I can have fairly regular lessons (fortnightly?) on a range of horses. I'd like quality instruction, I'm not particularly interested in BHS training etc but want a bit more than just plodding round the school. I live near Heathrow so Contessa and Wellington are the obvious...
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    Cavallo simples for sale

    Lightly used for the last 6 week's, cleaned and ready to go. Happy to post at cost. £65 for the pair. Size 2 SLIM. Have plenty more pictures if needed.
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    Bedding for sale

    5 bales of Nedz bed pro (chopped rape straw suitable for semi deep littering) for sale Paid £9.50 A bale last week but horse being pts so no use for them, open to offers, just no space to store them and seems silly to waste. Based near Heathrow for collection, or I could potentially deliver for...
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    Freelancers and notice periods

    If you use a freelancer on a regular basis (5 times a week for about an hour a time) and no longer need to use them at relatively short notice, how much of a 'notice period' do you pay them for? I pay monthly if it makes any difference. Unsure if I should pay an extra week or extra month. We...
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    A what yard thread

    Currently have a companion pony who I need to move quite quickly for various reasons. He's retired so facilities are largely unimportant, he's on loan so I have he option to return him if needsbe but for now I'd quite like to hang onto him. Yard 1 Turned out on just over an acre with another...
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    Saturday morning musing

    I've been idly window shopping, as you do. I keep seeing ad's where a nice all round type is described, then near the end there will be a sentence like 'would love to see them go to a showing home' or 'come to the conclusion another teenager should be having fun on him' etc. I guess at the...
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    Barefoot rehab questions

    I got unlucky with farriers last year after covid forced a change. Mare has had various lameness issues and so mid January the shoes came off. She was turned away and did nothing until early/mid-March. She did 2 weeks walking in hand, 10 minutes a day with no boots. Then we did about a week in...
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    Hoof boots help pleeeease

    I had a barefoot trimmer out last week. She suggested a bucket style boot for rehab with 12mm green padding for a brick shaped foot and based on sizes the suggestions she made were old mac g2s, New Mac or easycare trails. So I contacted urban hoof to ask if they had a suggestion from the 3 and...
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    Barefoot trimmer Surrey

    Can anyone recommend a barefoot trimmer covering the Guildford area at all please? Or any feedback on Lucy from Barefoot South (by PM if you prefer?)
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    Barefoot trimmer Surrey

    Can anyone recommend a barefoot trimmer covering the Guildford area at all please? Or any feedback on Lucyfrom Barefoot South (by PM if you prefer?)
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    Talk to me about calmers

    For a pony who is, understandably, upset by 2 yard moves in quick succession and quite unsettled. I'd like to try and help him and didn't know if some sort of calmer might be an idea but it's new territory to me so please educate me! He doesn't usually have a feed so something palatable to go in...
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    A which yard thread

    Need to move yards fairly promptly and have the following 2 choices, as always pros and cons to both so hoping some outside thoughts might help! Yard 1 Just under 5 miles from home, 10/15 mins. £320 pcm for 2 ponies and lorry storage Approx £175 pcm assistance - and I need to find a freelancer...
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    What size nappies?

    Need to buy some nappies to pad feet, how do I know what size to get?!
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    Livery - what do I do now?!

    I am so disappointed. We moved to a new yard at the weekend. I chose the yard solely on it being a 20acre field where they specifically don't put big bale hay out (very sensitive metabolic pony) I got down today and they've put big bale hay out without telling me :( I'm not allowed to use one of...
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    Electric fence posts for sale

    Tall (1.4m) white electric fence posts. Bundles of 20, 3 bundles in total for sale. Will also have approx 50 small green posts. Most were only bought last summer, some are slightly bent or a bit rusty but perfectly usable,the rest are pretty much like new really. £1.75 per tall post (sold in...
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    Travelling dilemma

    I think I know the answer to this already but posting incase any bright spark here has a better idea! I have a 3.5t lorry which has enough payload to travel both of my ponies (14.1hh and 12hh) together. I haven't needed to travel them together yet, I usually only travel the bigger one on her...