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    Caught trespassing in a Devon field.

    Very ancient bottle green small single axle horsebox with a yellow/gold coloured stripe going higher towards the back. Two men eyeing up horses were chased out of the field late one evening earlier this week, no number plate possible as they had covered it with something tied on with string...
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    We made horse and Hound!

    Some of the long time forumites will remember the story of Narramore Musicman or William who was seriously ill as a foal and was given little hope of survival. Well survive he did and he is now 6 and busy competing, today he has a write up and photo on pages 68/69 after he won his last three...
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    William update

    For those who shared his fight for life please pop into video vault and take a look at him now aged 5. He is consistently placed BD and last week was only beaten by half a percent by Nick Gauntlet! Hard to recall those dreadful days when no-one expected him to survive. I'm pleased to say he...
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    Just received our annual insurance quote from our insurers and it's gone up to £1300 a year. This is for a box worth £27k. and recovery is included. One of the drivers has 9 points (minor speeding..) and other two clean licences, from memory some companies won't touch a driver aged 24...
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    Lustleigh Show cancelled

    Would anyone local to this show which is tomorrow Bank Holiday Monday please pass on the news there will be no horse classes this year. The fields used for parking are waterlogged so the organisers have decided to cancel the horse show and use the arena as a car park. Great shame because it's a...
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    Travelling horses abroad (Germany)

    Totally new to us but my daughter is planning on taking two horses to Germany for dressage training. We know they need certificates from a defra vet to cross borders, and that you need two breathaliser kits on the lorry for France. A pair of warning triangles plus yellow tabard and all your...
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    Kids and dogs at competitions..

    I enquired yesterday why one of our homebreds got a 42 dressage when last time it was a 26 which is more his normal score. Apparently a boy was runnning round and round the judge's car then took to slamming a portaloo door loudly repeatedly causing the horse to explode in Medium canter.. Then...
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    William's story makes Horse and Hound!

    William (Narramore Musicman) has his photo in today's issue and a report under "Back from the brink" in the dressage pages, plus his pic as a very sick foal. He actually had two different infections meaning his life was in the balance for weeks. You can also see the photos and report on...
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    Narramore Musicman (William)

    New vid showing his progress in video vault...
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    Adding fibre to an arena

    Posted in here because I reckon more people will have built arenas. Has anyone added the fibre themselves, our arena is sea sand and silica with rubber and has worked really well for us, but needs a top up. I have bought 16 tons of rubber, and we have levelled it to perfection, and I'm...
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    William update (Narramore Music Man)

    William has now done two ODE's, and had a super day last Sunday at Nutwell Court coming 4th in his Section.. Can't seem to post the links to the vids on here but if anyone would like to see some of his XC, his dressage test and some of Jack SJ and XC, please look on Narramore Stud page on...
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    livery charges?

    Would you mind telling me what you pay for the following services, we have been asked by a possible new client for some extra help, but am unsure what would be a fair charge. Feeding two horses once or twice a day. Rugging and turning out/bringing in. All the above plus filling haynets...
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    Thanks Horse and Hound, NOT!!

    For those of us breeding/producing competition horses and good all rounders the very last thing we need is an article telling people the prices have dropped dramatically. They may well have done at the very bottom of the market but good horses are still making decent prices. It costs me a...
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    Well that's a first..well no a second I suppose !

    Puzzled by a thread on facebook where the owner kept banning people I liked the page and wandered round to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently it is about someone riding a 31 year old horse exactly the same the same as something younger and refusing to understand at 31 it might be a...
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    William (Narramore Music Man) fans

    He is continuing his education with a XC session, we were delighted with him, so bold and eager to please. To see the vid go to my post in the video vault below.
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    William an update

    Anyone on here for more than 4 years will probably recall how William a foal of ours fought for life after contracting ecoli then a joint infection. Well he's now a strapping 4 year old and yesterday went to his first ever comp. There's a report and photos in comp forum under cazcrazyjonty...
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    Stretching leather boots.

    We have a pair of full length dressage boots that are now an inch too tight, have found a site that offers to stretch them up to 2 inches but at a cost of £119 !!! They are Italian and very shiny and expensive (cost over £800 !!) so anyone know of a cheaper place?
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    Hunting and studs.

    I would appreciate the thoughts of those who hunt regarding their hunt's policy when riding near a stud with lots of youngsters. Does the hunt stay a reasonable distance away or gallop along their boundaries, does it go through fields of mares and foals/youngsters etc. If the Master sees...
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    Adverts in HH ?

    I know HH have strict rules re adverts in HH but wondered what the stance was on directing people to an ad running with themselves? Seems a bit daft to be unable to use the vast forum to help sell a horse already with them ? Can I try saying anyone looking for a nice grey cob mare go and look? !!!
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    The hay shortage isn't a myth..

    Today I went to a farm sale and there were lots of people bidding for silage/haylage and hay. The big bales made £30 upwards for hay, £28 to £34 for silage/haylage. We bought 35 at £28 so by the time it's delivered well over a thousand pounds for 35 bales of hay that last year would have cost...
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    Varicous vein op in mares?

    One of our mares started bleeding a little last year a few weeks prior to foaling but then stopped. This year she started earlier on, it was more profuse then it stopped when she foaled a couple of weeks ago. It's now started again with her season and the vet has suggested laser treatment, but...
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    Trainer deliberately dehydrates horse fined

    I was speechless when I read this in today's Western Morning News, "Laura Young of Bridgewater Somerset has been baned for 6 months and fined £1000 for restricting her horse's water intake for 52 hours in the hope it would not have a bleed in a sellers race at Plumpton" The gelding received...
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    DIY worm count? Is it possible?

    When one son was doing work experience at a Vet prcatice he was checking worm counts (eggs) under a microscope. Now as it costs me £8 a go to send each sample off to Westgate and we have a microscope here, where would I find the relevant info telling me how to do it? Son seems to think he...
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    health and safety livery yards

    It's 17 years since we had DIY liveries so am rather out of touch with what's now required. Would a few of you mind telling what's on the notice at your yard? I would normally have fire equipment, vet and yard owner's numbers, where nearest phone is and where the first aid box is located...
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    Saddle fitting charges

    Also in comp forum, but would anyone mind telling what they were charged for refitting a saddle if you bought it and asked the manufacturer's rep to fit it to a new horse? Their arguement for charging us double the previous price is because we didn't buy direct from them (previously bought 3 of...
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    Fitting Sue carson saddles

    Would anyone mind telling me what they paid to have one refitted to their horse? Having just bought another one (not from them) I'm wondering if their price is a bit over the top....
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    Posting in here because I know quite a few comp. people use him. Does anyone know if he is working or on holiday as he isn't answering either of his phone numbers. We need him urgently. If anyone knows could you tell me and I will try someone else.
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    Mud rash (the stubborn sort!)

    Having always managed to cure the above many times in the past I was puzzled when I couldn't fix a gelding we own. He has had it on one leg for over a year despite umpteen attempts to fix it, I used cream under clingfim to remove the scabs, tried most things you could buy over the counter, three...
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    Strangles isolation time

    Our vet was here earlier today to a foal who appears bruised after a knock or fall, and also warned me to make sure we isolate completely any new horses arriving here for at least 4 weeks. He said it's spreading fast and especially from anything bought from the sales. I had heard of a few...
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    Search for a Star?

    Daughter took her horse to a show in I think Somerset today, won several classes and apparently qualified for the above, we know B*** all about that sort of showing but he's qualified for London 2010 whatever that is? Can anyone enlighten me please? He normally does BD and BE so this is a whole...