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  1. wkiwi

    tongue choking and BD legal bit 'guaranteed' to work

    Ok here goes, please don't take initial comments the wrong way but i don't want a list of dozens of bits :) -please don't post unless you know your suggested bit has been used on more than one horse with dorsal displacement of the soft palate. -Also please skip all the posts about...
  2. wkiwi

    badminton 3DE - non OT comments

    Had enough of trying to find comments about badminton that aren't related to a certain rider, so starting a different thread before badminton disappears over the horizon. So here is some new topics to discuss. Feel free to add more, but nothing about any particular rider PLEASE !! Was...
  3. wkiwi

    "Shoulder-in is the 'medicine pill' of schooling" - Discuss

    Thought I'd start a discussion thread, rather than an advice one for a change of scene Shoulder-in is the 'medicine pill' of schooling Discuss
  4. wkiwi

    First show in a year, after putting on weight (funny, i hope)

    When you haven’t been out to a competition for a year and have put on weight… Day before = firstly be organised: get jacket, breeches, and boots and chaps out of cupboard, dust off, and take downstairs to hang in a prominent place. Try on jacket. Suck in gut to get done up. Reassure...
  5. wkiwi

    Seeking equestrian info lampeter area

    My landlady is looking at a property near Lampeter (llangybi), and we would love recommendations for farrier, equine vet, hay/straw supplies and any horse feed/tack shops in area. Would be looking to move early to mid January, so supply of hay and bedding would be needed mid-winter, or...
  6. wkiwi

    Tracing Louise Williams and "Boveno", out of Nordic Doll

    Looking for info on the offspring of a mare that we have in our yard "Nordic Doll" Help us track Lexi's 'daughter'....who will now be 5 years old. Bay mare 148cm. Registered with SPSS as "BAVENO" Owner "LOUISE WILLIAMS" Dam = Nordic Doll, Sire = Bernwode Benedict. Breeder Caroline...
  7. wkiwi

    Seeking narrow bridlepath near Lewes E.sussex with good footing

    As per title really. Am looking for a bridlepath that is within half an hour or so of BN8 -5NQ that can be cantered on during winter. Ideally needs to have hedges/fences or be through woods etc. with an enclosed feeling. REason for this is twofold - horse needs to canter in a straightish line...
  8. wkiwi

    H&H article p.21, observational learning: pre-empting the debate

    I just read with interest an article in this weeks horse and hound that suggested Danish behavioural scientists had shown that horses demonstrated observational learning. However, note that observational learning has not been demonstrated in horses, and the actual article abstract refers to...
  9. wkiwi

    Dressage mare meets 'wolves' this morning

    Rider - they aren't wolves, they're hounds Mare - if they look like wolves and act like wolves then they must be wolves. I think we should go home now. Rider - no, we're only just starting. Trust me, its perfectly safe. Anyway they're in a paddock and can't get to you. Hounds -...
  10. wkiwi

    energy companies south east

    Not totally non-horsey, as stables need lights and pump for water etc (then later on their will be clippers ...). But, my landlady is having severe problems with current company and trying to find a new one with accurate billing and great customer service. Any recommendations? PS Don't...
  11. wkiwi

    Carl Hester's 'trick'

    Actually, not a trick at all. I was lucky enough to watch Carl compete at Hickstead recently and noticed how chilled his horse was compared to some others in the class. Watching carefully, it seemed that every time he checked the horse he then also gave immediately afterward i.e. 'ask and...
  12. wkiwi

    asthma - South Wales ammanford to fishguard (or M4 to the coast)

    A friend of mine formerly lived mid wales and is thinking of moving back from SE england to mid-wales, but this time South Wales. Just wondering if anyone out there has asthma and what the conditions are like in areas like the coast (Fishguard) or near the mountains of Brecon/ammanford area...
  13. wkiwi

    Persevere with Complaints for poor products/service

    Just have to boast about a couple of successes i have had (on behalf of someone else). First was a horse trailer company that charged someone over £200 for something that should have been under warranty - they were very insistent that the items concerned were not covered. I eventually quoted...
  14. wkiwi

    Schooling poems

    Just wondered how many people still read poetry, and if so what their favourite is? Do you also use poetry when schooling? I recite a poem when schooling a nervous horse and my favourite is The Man From Snowy River by Banjo Patterson. Particularly like this section (from memory so wording may...
  15. wkiwi

    Wanting brand name for adjustable leather halter

    Sick of googling and finding the wrong thing! Can anyone point me in the direction of an old-fashioned (but reasonably priced) leather halter. Must have single strap over the head (not double leather stitched), noseband adjustable at the front of the nose (not underneath i.e. if you under...