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  1. Gingerwitch

    Pushy parents

    So one of the kids I gave adopted at the yard does not want to canter, gallop or jump. Dad appears to think child is a future professional rider. Kid just wants to plod. Told this morning that she needs pushing out of her comfort zone. I only want to have a relaxed hack I don't mind the kids...
  2. Gingerwitch

    Useless feed bags - wasted half a bag

    Okay, I am a heavy handed oaf at times..... bag if barley rings twice weeks ago, ripped all the way down as I opened, moved it into position in my feed bin. Today got other half to do the replacement and the same thing happens. Splits all the way and you loose most if the contents. I have...
  3. Gingerwitch

    Just giving thread -removed ??

    So was it a scam ? I really hope it was poor horse or has it been moved ? Cant find it ir dud it get nasty and tfc is removing posts?
  4. Gingerwitch

    Wishing all a safe festival

    Hope all the horses come home safe and sound. Hope all the stable lasses and lads have a good but tiring week. Good luck all Xx
  5. Gingerwitch

    Why is shareing woes thread locked?

    As above I cant see any rude posts or nastiness, so why would a thread just get locked ?
  6. Gingerwitch

    Horse breakfast and mice proof covers

    As a above, farm cat looks like has gone AWOL or farm has furloughed her (seriously she has had kittens and yard owners are keeping her in to spay her when the time is right) so I used to give breakie when i went up, i would mix and feed. Now having to leave breakfast for yard to give and they...
  7. Gingerwitch

    Mr tfc "that thread"

    Can we get an update on what is happening please.
  8. Gingerwitch

    Gordon elliot Just why ?

    Why on earth would you even think this was a good idea? Sickening
  9. Gingerwitch

    Tack in for sale ads novice suitable horses

    Do you ever look at horses for sale for novices that have gags on the bottom ring, crank noseband, running martingales and think..... urm.. maybe not
  10. Gingerwitch

    Can anyone recomend a free speech horse forum ?

    As above ?
  11. Gingerwitch

    Myler combination bits.....

    Help, grub understands halter pressure and even neck strap pressure but strongly objects to bit contact.... gets in a total tizzy and panics regardless of seat etc....... so ride on the halter tonight. Fantastic. Do I trust grub hacking out in a halter hell anyone used the combination...
  12. Gingerwitch

    Well done google fire lanterns !

    Have you seen googles stupid thing for today a cow setting off fire lanterns..... thanks Google do you know how much these affect livestock and farms. Rant over !
  13. Gingerwitch

    Are horse shows restarting ?

    Just had a notification that a horse show can go ahead and apply for the schedule.... it's a way out of my area but us this for real?
  14. Gingerwitch

    Ride and lead.....

    Never done it. How do you start to do it? How do you pick who to ride and who to lead ? What to look out for before it goes wrong. Who gets the fittest the ridden one of us there not much in it? Thanks in advance Gw X
  15. Gingerwitch

    2 horse limit on livery yards

    Due to c 19 restrictions and access being limited to a 3 hour slot for 5 horses (which work dependant is more like 2 and a half hours) I am looking elsewhere...... found a fab yard with 2 spaces coming up. 1 due to pts and owner leaving with her other after pts of her old mare. Ideal set up but...
  16. Gingerwitch

    Churchill ad dog

    Is it real ? It does make me smile though xx
  17. Gingerwitch

    Going to see a gsd pup tomorrow what should i know ?

    Okay o.h wants a dog. He has a friend who has a litter of gsd. Pick of litter. They will be with mum til they are 9 to 10 weeks old. Both parents available to see. Not registered which is a flag to me I have never liked or had gsd...... dont really want one but I have horses he wants to walk it...
  18. Gingerwitch

    Normal unbooked access to livery yards when will it return ?

    Just a general musing. When do you think owners will get unrestricted access back to their horses? When will professionals have to stop signing in etc ?
  19. Gingerwitch

    For sale photo omg is it me ?

    Just seen an ad of a horse for sale. A picture is provided of said horse loose in a field..... Tiny baby in pram is positioned next to loose horse in a field. No one holding pram, no one holding horse...... The thoughts of what could happen have made me go cold. Am I too old and just not with it...
  20. Gingerwitch

    Normalizing restricted turnnout ?

    No idea why I have just wasted 5 mins if my life reading what I hope is supposed to be a light hearted article and is has riled me. You look at the weather and it's a black cloud so you know your horse will be in again. Your horse has been in fir 2 days and now you live schooling as he does...
  21. Gingerwitch


    Anyone know how to get your little plastic tugs back to round ? I have one horse who kills these buckets. They are not split they are stood on and now curl up. Anyone got any ideas ?
  22. Gingerwitch

    Bullying instructors

    I did not want to de rail the bullying on livery yard thread with this. So have any of you felt over whelmed by your ri. Eg they tare strips off you about your tack, horses way of going, your commitment, riding ability etc. Then demand you dont do anything other than ride in there presence...
  23. Gingerwitch

    Suing an owner for injury to rider

    So horse rears up, falls over and dies. Rider is injured. Rider is sueing owner for 100k for injuries. Would you ?
  24. Gingerwitch

    Back People - Pelvis out .....

    To me back people are a bit of a dark art...... at the yard yesterday 8 horses had the same back person...... all had different owners, all had their pelvis out. So is this really as common as it appeared? How do you "pop" a pelvis back in so easily ?
  25. Gingerwitch

    Aromatherapy for horses

    My old contact appears to have stopped supplying so where do you buy your oils etc from and what medium do you mix with ,
  26. Gingerwitch

    Leather roller abd side rein recomendations

    Help, someone somewhere has acquired my lunge kit. I doubt I will get it back but that's another story. What happened to leather rollers and well made side reins? All I can find is cheap synthetic stuff, or is this quality no longer about. My stuff was made late 70's and was good old fashioned...
  27. Gingerwitch

    Calmers - what do you use for anxiety and sensitive mares ?

    As above, just looking to break a cycle with a project but have never fed or used calmers. It's to help with ridden work when horse just bubbles and gets her furry knickers in a tangle.
  28. Gingerwitch


    As some if you know I am working on a horse that isn't mine. Has an instructor out tonight who saw the issues first hand, after 45 mins we finally got 2 strides of a slow walk and a halt. We called it a day, I have totally stripped her if tack, no flash, no noseband, larger broadband so no...
  29. Gingerwitch

    Bitting Advice

    Okay due to C-19 i cannot get a fitter out to look at grubs mouth. Thoughts:- She has a small mouth She has a very large tongue She has very thick lips I have taken her out of a gag and put her in a fulmer, fixed cheek with a french link today, i also put one of my others bridles on so there...
  30. Gingerwitch

    Groundwork peeps....forleg behind or in front ?

    Am I mad but do some trainers want the nearest leg to trainer to cross behind the other fore leg, whilst some seem to be happy with the nearest leg crossing in front of the other foreleg. And is there any difference and or reason ?