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  1. poiuytrewq

    He turned into a bat….

    Grown up ears! To think at one point I was worried his ears looked a bit small for his head 😳 This week, this happened!
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    Deosect users

    I started using Deosect a few years ago. None of my horses like having it applied but one today really reacted badly. He is fine to wash off etc so sponging the solution on shouldn’t have been a problem. He tried to pull back, lunged biting and cow kicked at me. Then proceeded to be a total arse...
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    Dog surviving on fresh air

    I’ve pretty much taken over the feeding of my daughters dog, simply because I feed our 3 together at set times and now he lives here it’s easier to keep them all the same. He just doesn’t eat. On the odd occasion he has tucked in and eaten a bowl of food but usually seems too interested in...
  4. poiuytrewq

    Following the horse kicked dog post in TR

    How did you horse proof your dog? With Dougal I was lucky, he spent much of his life on a racing yard and never got in the way or near a horse, naturally. He was a bit nervous of them and that suited well. cecil is small, and lively! So I poo pick when they are in and do the yard when they are...
  5. poiuytrewq

    Of course the baler broke!

    Arrggghh This year we have made lots of perfect hay. The weather has been exactly right. The mowing and turning bits have all gone great. It was to be baled at lunch time as it’s so hot and it’s ready so I hadn’t wanted to bake it any further. The bloody baler, which was serviced ready to go...
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    Hypothetical question. What’s he worth

    I saw a wanted ad today and was quite surprised! I have a teeny pony, maybe 10hh He’s absolutely amazing with kids. No exaggeration will stand all day tied up (or untied actually) being brushed and glittered. Never ever bites or kicks, I’d happily put a toddler in a stable, lock the door and...
  7. poiuytrewq

    Anyone know any Rambo offers?

    Particularly looking for a Supreme LW They must come up in sales from time to time and I’d be very grateful if anyone can find any!
  8. poiuytrewq

    Worming kittens

    There are two kittens on the farm. They are nothing to do with me and the plan is to let them free to be mousers. They are currently 16 weeks I believe and it was mentioned that they have never been wormed. I don’t know much about kittens, of course I had my own but at the time was on a vet...
  9. poiuytrewq

    Cecil, he’s still the best.. but

    We have got a few issues! He’s generally brilliant and easily the best accidental kind of decision ive ever made 😂 However, if anyone can advise on the following couple of things. 1. He was house trained. He was the easiest one ive ever had. Dry over night from the second night and text book...
  10. poiuytrewq

    Intense physio

    What would be your definition of intense physio for a horse?
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    My horse was having physio last week and the physio noticed a tick in his armpit. It was skin coloured not dark as I’d expect but she said they got dark over time and that it had probably not been there long at all. So I went out and bought a tick remover, when I went to use it the tick was...
  12. poiuytrewq

    Breeding new Frenchies This is interesting. Hopefully more breeders might follow suit and we could start focussing on health rather than looks, however I have to say I far prefer the healthier dogs looks than the classic “correct”...
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    Does anyone know where’s cheapest currently please?
  14. poiuytrewq

    Mite treatment\avoidance

    What’s best? Would it be better using something as prevention rather than wait til he has them? We have a big grass mite issue in my horses fields, the poor things get bitten to death all summer, so it’s a pretty safe bet they will prey on poor little cecil. He comes poo picking so is out in the...
  15. poiuytrewq

    What would you do?

    We have been treating my elderly dog for a while, trying to find a balance between side effects and helping her out. She started walking with a weird gait, not lame but unco-ordinated and out of sync. She would also fall over. The slightest knock or jumping off the sofa/down steps and she’d...
  16. poiuytrewq

    Horrified at horses size

    I have a 15hh cob x type. He is retired now and started to put weight on, actually before retiring but I suppose he wasn’t doing much towards the end of his working life. He’s 21 I retired him due to arthritis and some weird sweetitch type complaint which being ridden made so much worse. So, I...
  17. poiuytrewq

    Timed auto water filling?!

    Just musing, I soak hay and struggle a bit with time in the mornings so have been soaking the night before, however it’s no good in warm weather. I wondered if there is any way to time a tap to turn on for a set amount of time daily? I figure there must be as people have auto garden watering...
  18. poiuytrewq

    Can anyone give me some food advice

    It’s occurred to me that although I analyse horse food labels I’m not very clued up on dog food. With Doug he had allergies so it was just a case of finding a food that was good for his skin and using it, regardless of how well made it was. Cecil currently eats Royal Canin mini starter food...
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    Humpy puppies 😳

    Basil, daughters puppy is 4.5 months and Cecil is 10 weeks. they are much the same size and play madly which is lovely. Basil is constantly trying to hump Cecil though! I know it’s all normal puppy behaviour but do I just leave them get on with it?! Cecil just tears round play fighting and...
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    He’s here!

    How do I turn photos? Even if I turn before posting they post sideways 🤷‍♀️ So, we had a pretty bad trip. Should have been just over an hour from my mums (she had offered to drive) turned into a 5 hour round trip. Bank holiday, school holidays, accidents, breakdowns. My poor mum will be getting...
  21. poiuytrewq

    Cecil pup, collection planned!

    🎉 Cecils breeder wanted to keep the puppies til 10 weeks so they had had both injections etc. Her son has been a bit poorly recently, nothing serious thank god but enough to be an issue so today she got in touch to say the pups have been chipped, first jabs done and vet checked and could be...
  22. poiuytrewq

    Tipping vets?

    I’ve been on the phone on and off to a vet this eve and commented to my oh how hard they work after she told me her probable work load tonight. He said they earn enough... so of course an argument followed! The vet in question is newly qualified and works her ass off. I looked up vet wages to...
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    I got my old collie at 9 years old. She never barked at her previous home, with the exception of someone at the door etc, the kind of barking that’s useful! When she came to ours the barking was pretty soul destroying! She mainly seemed to be barking at the other dogs, if one of them so much as...
  24. poiuytrewq

    Liver issues causing neuro symptoms

    I’ve read about liver issues causing symptoms that are very neurological. Does anyone have any experience of this? Did you know the horse had liver problems? What was the outcome?
  25. poiuytrewq

    Clipper oil alternatives

    Is there something else I can use to oil my clippers other than proper clipper oil? Ive been holding off but seriously need to clip a little cob out, he has skin issues and seems to be allergic to or at least very irritated by clipping, presume the oil.
  26. poiuytrewq

    Cecil to be pup...

    - the brown one! Latest picture, aged about 4 weeks! Looking like he’s definitely going to be smooth haired but that’s fine! Isn’t he scrummy 😂
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    On the subject of Bellas spay day....

    Yesterday’s post. Bella went to be spayed and is a boy not a girl. I bought “her” from a breeder, we travelled quite a way and I really specified it had to be a girl as I was looking for a wife for my neutered buck after loosing his companion. The breeder was 100% certain female. I can’t tell...
  28. poiuytrewq

    Bella’s spay day....nervous!

    So the day has finally come that Bella the rabbit is old enough to be spayed and the vets are back to routine stuff. Very nervous now we are here. fear no.1 that Bella is a boy 🤦‍♀️ I know lots of smaller animals struggle with GA 🤞 this go’s well and she can be properly introduced to her new...
  29. poiuytrewq

    How do you secure your dog in the car?

    When Doug used to come to work with me I had a hatchback with a dog guard, before that a 4x4 so he used to sit in the boot of both. Now im getting another dog who will come round with me but I no longer have a usable boot space. I had planned on a small crate. Just bought one though and had a...
  30. poiuytrewq

    Anyone have WhatsApp?

    And be willing to give an opinion on bit of a rubbish clip?