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  1. criso

    Aldi have Jods for sale online
  2. criso

    Latest statement from BHS

    Seems like a bit of a copout, pushing it back to yard managers We fully appreciate – and understand – the current challenges faced by all our members, to include Approved Centres (ACs) and Accredited Professional Coaches...
  3. criso

    Catastrophe insurance

    I'm considering this and wanted to get some thoughts. Renewal time and getting quotes which are really high and this is now an option offered by the likes of KBIS and Shearwater. It's coming in at about half saving me at least £300 a year. Taking an example Cover is for Accidental External...
  4. criso

    Dressage/combined training - choice of tests

    So I am looking at doing some combined training. There are a few offered around here but they seem to do a choice of test and I wondered how the scoring would work. So class 2 offers the choice of an intro, prelim, novice or ele test with jumps at 65cm. Then a class with the same test options...
  5. criso

    Equilab - any users out there?

    I downloaded it recently, I already had an app I use for hacking which does route and speed but was interested in how Equilab would work with schooling as tracks different gaits. So I downloaded, started it and headed to the school to do some pole work. Other that my warm up in walk and a...
  6. criso

    Martsnets and sizing

    Has anyone had an issue with Martsnets coming up ridiculously small. I ordered 2 of the small mesh martsnet as I really liked the look of them and heard good things. I emailed rather than just ordering as I also wanted a custom large mesh ones. The colour I wanted was not in stock but...
  7. criso

    45% off Yumove Joint and Active Joint

    It is a good idea For anyone that uses Yumove Joint or Active v i o vet have 45% off till 30th Sept. Can't put a link that works in as for some reason HHO online blocks that name but should be legible from my post and once on their main site...
  8. criso

    Help needed finding neck cover

    So bay Tb v2.0 has a current score of horse 4 rugs 0 and the latest victim is a neck for his Weatherbeeta taka contour which is damaged beyond repair. So I'm looking for a cheap and cheerful replacement and were hoping you helpful people could suggest possible replacements. Doesn't have...
  9. criso

    horses and weighbridges

    Had an interesting experience with getting my horse weighed. During the summer he was put on one of those portable weighbridges that feed companies use. He was quite underweight at the time so useful to see where I was. I use a weightape but just to track changes. 6 months on and weight...
  10. criso

    Rug Weight Question

    My washing machine broke down before Christmas so I have become very familiar with my local laundrette. I'm thinking about taking the occasional stable rug in to wash there as they are too big to do at home but wondered how much they weight. Laundrette has a variety of machines from 6kg to a...
  11. criso

    Horse eating Sweet Chestnuts

    Are these problematic? One of mine yesterday picked one up off the floor and ate it, didn't seem bothered by the prickles. Do I need to start raking these up as well as the acorns.
  12. criso

    Another insurance thread

    I am just in process of ringing round and comparing pricing, are there any other reputable companies that I can try. KBIS SEIB NFU Petplan Shearwater Currently coming in much of a muchness apart from Petplan who were much more than everyone else. I know to avoid E and L and anyone they...
  13. criso

    Vet recommendations Crewe/Stoke area

    I need to get a horse vetted which is based between Crewe and Stoke on Trent and was hoping for some recommendations. Also what would the average price for a 5 stage vetting be in the area? Hoping a little cheaper than round here.
  14. criso

    Rant - Bute's gone missing in the post.

    I got a prescription for bute recently to try and save some money by buying online. The best price I got was from Pet Drugs Online There was the usual banner saying free delivery if you spent more than a certain amount which I had factored in when comparing prices. When I ordered free postage...
  15. criso

    Cheapest place for Bute online

    Best I've found so far is £56.24 for a box of 100. Does anyone know of a better price than that? ETA that price includes VAT Also how long or how many do your vets prescribe for? Mine said they will give a prescription for 3 months supply.
  16. criso

    Strangles in North London/South Herts

    Strangles has been confirmed in 4 yards in North London, Elstree and Brickett Wood area so be careful and keep an eye on your horses for symptoms.
  17. criso

    Livery Yards can't bill wormers??

    I was looking on the Intelligent worming site and saw the following statement •It is against the law for yard owners to sell or rebill wormers to liveries. Intelligent Worming will ensure that your yard does not break this restriction. Is this true, I have been on 4 livery yards who all...
  18. criso

    LEZ Lorry question

    I may need to get a lorry that can go into the LEZ so what I am wondering is how much the most basic 7.5 LEZ compliant lorry would cost. I love my current lorry. It's an 1995 DAF, bit scruffy round the edges but ultra reliable. Payload of about 1.9t so can carry two big horses, actually...
  19. criso

    Recommendations for Horsebox Insurance

    So my renewal came through from NFU today and it has gone up from just over £300 to over £500 Haven't claimed and nothing has changed as far as I can tell so I am looking for alternatives. The insurance included their breakdown cover so I am especially interested making sure that any...
  20. criso

    Need Lots of Vibes for Tomorrow

    Frankie is being operated on. He has a bone cyst in his shoulder and is very lame with it. Not even comfortable enough to turn away so this was the only option. So can everyone keep fingers and toes and hooves crossed that he makes it through the anaesthetic and that they can make him...
  21. criso

    Good h & H vibes needed and thoughts on shoulder injury

    Not an area I know much about as used to focusing lower down. My horse has been off work recently with a mild suspensory injury, he was box rested and turned out in a very small pens and walked in hand and all seemed to be going well but then a couple of months in he seemed to be getting...
  22. criso

    Recommend me some Hunter Trials in Hertfordshire

    I'm hoping to do some Hunter Trials with my tb this autumn, we've made our showjumping debut over the summer and that's all gone quite well and went up to Gt Westwood for a little play round their course which he really seemed to enjoy. He's quite a clever brave horse and finds jumping easy...
  23. criso

    Can hooves be too hard?

    Following on from a discussion I had with my farrier. Frankie used to have horrible crumbly feet but since taking him barefoot and sorting out his diet that's all changed. He was trimmed the other day and I was chatting to the farrier and we were talking about how much his feet had improved...
  24. criso

    Road and Bridleway Access question

    We were on our way home tonight and came along a way we normally use and got challenged. We came off a bridleway onto a residential road which we usually take, ride along for about 100 yards before turning into a coded gate onto a private track with which takes us on to the land owned by the...
  25. criso

    pedigree Query for French TB

    Read a couple of these threads and so impressed with all your knowledge and wondered if someone fancied looking at my boy's lines. Hope the link works as I'm on my Blackberry, if it doesn't he's Saint Francois. Thanks.
  26. criso

    Killer Squirrel Attack

    I was hacking out with a friend today, just quietly walking along the edge of a field when Frankie suddenly leapt into the air - very out of character for the racehorse. He then pawed and I thought maybe a fly had bitten him and I saw something grey and furry on his foot. I thought it was a...
  27. criso

    horsebox mechanic recommendations

    I am looking at buying a horsebox but don't have a mechanic I use to take with me. I know nothing about these things so beyond checking it has 4 wheels and no obvious holes won't be much use. So has anyone gone someone they can recommend. Would I be better using someone local to where the box...
  28. criso

    Horsebox questions - opinions please,

    I'm in the process of looking for a horsebox and was looking at preloved this morning and came across this one. Is this something worth looking at? I am looking for something compact but can carry 2 horses and this or something like this fits the bill. I know nothing about horseboxes and...
  29. criso

    suggestions for beaches to ride on.

    So at the yard today we were saying how nice it would be to box our horses to the beach. So canm anyone suggest good beaches you are allowed to ride on within reach of Herts, near Radlett. Also what restrictions there are with when you can ride and if there is somewhere to park lorries.
  30. criso

    Frankie's back from rehab

    I got my baby back yesterday. For those who haven't seen my previous threads, about 2 years ago Frankie went lame with what turned out to be soft tissue damage in the back of the foot (DSIL, DDFT and collateral ligaments in both feet) Well we spent 18 months trying various traditional...