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    show rugs

    I'm planning to get my best friend a new show rug for her mare, any recommendations? Im going to get her name and mares name put on it but want a decent one.
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    is it just me or...

    are the bhs stages extremly anal and up themselves???
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    i know this isnt the right place but no one goes in the careers bit. NOw my question is, what is a more reognisied qualification, SVQ level 2 or BHS stage 2??
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    harry hill hat

    just bought one, what do you guys think of them?
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    new riding hat?

    any recommendations?? nothing to expensive just for general riding and hacking...but as its me i has to look good!
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    horse racing...

    hi guys, i dont usually venture in here but hey ho. do any of you happen to know the name of the race in america thats taking place tonight @ 10:15 our time? just want to know as local horse running in it, "big timer"
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    2" eggbutt snaffle??

    where on earth do you get them??
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    i have just wormed a 200kg shetland with 550kg dose of equimax wormer. will it be ok. phoned work they seem to think it might be just wanted 2ndopinion from you guys. oh not my shetland and it was accidently by the way!