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  1. Dave's Mam

    Because You Like a Dave pic.

    Posing for the Spring Breed Show,
  2. Dave's Mam

    That belly.

    Did some school work, a little hack & a bath. That tummy gets me every time.
  3. Dave's Mam

    Just Because I Am So Proud

    A few months back, a yard mate suggested I enter Dave in the Your Horse Live Search for a Star. I wasn't particularly hopeful, but went for it, expecting to be overshadowed by lots of pretty ponies in the small breeds. BUT The judges liked Exmoor Ponies & picked 2 in the top 6. So here he...
  4. Dave's Mam

    Ears up!

    Finally got a decent photo! The ponies in the next field were having bouncy, farty zoomies & Dave was fascinated!
  5. Dave's Mam

    Just to cheer everyone up

    The Newton thread has made my blood run cold, so here's Dave & me out for a little hack in the sun. First in a while, I think I'm getting my mojo back.
  6. Dave's Mam

    Just in case you need cheering up.

    Here's a smoochie from Dave.
  7. Dave's Mam

    Random Injury!

    On Saturday morning we were having a great mini jumping session with friends. Going over one of the littlest jumps in the field, I clipped Dave's shoulder with my knuckle & heard the snap. Off to A & E as little finger looked a bit iffy. Outcome? Broken finger just above the knuckle &...
  8. Dave's Mam

    Pole Clinic Pics

    Not posted here for a while, so thought I'd show some pics of our pole clinic with Hannah Dury the other week. It was really hot, excuse my tomato face & both our Lockdown bellies, we are work in progress! He still has winter coat! Not sure how! It was a great day & we have another...
  9. Dave's Mam

    Merry Christmas to all

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & New Year.
  10. Dave's Mam

    Mini Cross Country!

    Probably the highlight of Camp at Somerford this year, we ventured to the new mini XC course. It was brilliant. Tentative steps over, then some actual jumping & then feeling rather proud of ourselves after.
  11. Dave's Mam

    Another Just Because......

    He's gorgeous. Lot's to work on, but we are getting there!
  12. Dave's Mam

    Got enough mane?

    Possible navigational issue for the future! Maybe it's Neighbelline!
  13. Dave's Mam

    First Photoshoot pics

    I've not got them all yet, but I am so pleased with these. My handsome boy. Excuse the saggy handler, it was so hot, my makeup ran off in seconds. He's such a star. Hoping to have the ridden photos soon!
  14. Dave's Mam

    Could this be the one?

    Finally. My Heather Moffett FlexEE saddle all fitted & ready to go. Sorry FatBoy, the holiday is over.
  15. Dave's Mam

    Happy 7th Birthday Darshill Banshee!

    Happy Birthday Dave. I doubt I need to tell you how much this pony means to me. We've had our ups & downs, but we're a team. From Baby Dave... To big Grown Up Dave..... For his birthday, he got told he has a new saddle & went for a hack with his best mate Shire horse.
  16. Dave's Mam

    Bumped into some HHOers today!

    Went to Lambley RC Show today & bumped into Elleskywaker & Daveskywalker. How lovely to meet you both & your absolutely stunning cob! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day!
  17. Dave's Mam

    I'm Not Popular

    We got caught in the rain tonight. Can you tell how impressed he is?
  18. Dave's Mam

    This Pony Melts My Heart

    Out solo hacking on a bit of the land he's not done on his own before. Foot perfect, called a bit, but that's normal. My wonderful Brave Dave.
  19. Dave's Mam

    Winter Woollies

    Whilst I can't wait for his summer coat to come, I really love the colours in his winter coat.
  20. Dave's Mam

    I Think He Might Be Tired.

    Poor pony. Overworked & can't keep his eyes open.
  21. Dave's Mam

    Happy New Year

    Have a wonderful 2019 all. May you reap the rewards of your efforts & always remember to sit back & enjoy too! Happy New Year from Darshill Banshee & me!
  22. Dave's Mam

    Just a happy post.

    It's a good day when you have your saddle checked & it's fine. Even better when your fitter comments on how well your pony is going & how smart & forward he is. Even better when you attempt a canter & you get it & are told that it was a "Beautiful transition." Dave, I love you.
  23. Dave's Mam

    Those Mornings When You Really Needed to be Early

    Usual routine. Give Dave breakfast, muck out round him (my stable is mahoosive, so plenty of room to manoever), have a cuddle, turn pony out. This morning, when I need to get to work early as I need to leave early for the dentist for Dave. Give Dave breakfast, muck out round him, pony is...
  24. Dave's Mam

    Lest we Forget

    Dave wore his poppy to remember the soldiers & horses in all conflicts.
  25. Dave's Mam

    We Left the Ground!

    As title. This morning we actually JUMPED!
  26. Dave's Mam

    Just Because He's Gorgeous

    & I love the bones of him.
  27. Dave's Mam

    Nothing to See Here

    Just an Exmoor Pony, chilling, watching the world go by, sitting on his bum.
  28. Dave's Mam

    A Shambles WEG Endurance Chef D'Equipe for France Speaks As usual, I am only the messenger.
  29. Dave's Mam


    Today we really went solo. We went solo & we cantered! We cantered up here, avoiding that huge jump, of course! I have the biggest stupid grin stuck on my face.
  30. Dave's Mam

    Silly Pony

    So, I have had a catastrophic car failure & a planned long weekend. I went to see Dave yesterday when I got home & Oh My, he was not pleased to see me! The headcollar is gone & he was having none of me. Now. He forgets that I know every trick in the book. So today....... He caught...