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  1. J

    Gamebird's Gameplan (or 'Sleeping's Cheating')

    Gamebird - I've tagged V in the video of Piske so she can see how he's progressing!!!
  2. J

    Who's at Oasby?

    I'm going as owner - my coloured boy is competing in Open 90 on saturday. Will be quite relaxing not having to take horse etc. Time to take lots of pictures I hope
  3. J


    Greenvale Audacity is competing at Oasby & Norton Disney BE over the next 2 weekends if you wanted to see him in the flesh.
  4. J

    Askham Bryan report. Not the best day on paper but..............

    Well done to both charliemouse & muddyboots - I can say that the course walk with Gamebird definately helped my daughter as although we didnt run our 100 horse XC (he didnt feel right in the SJ) we got 10th place in the 90 with not the greatest dressage score (daughter had a slight memory block...
  5. J

    HHO Askern Bryan Course walk

    My daughter would love to join you - we will be there so I dont have to walk on dodgy ankle.
  6. J

    HHO Askern Bryan Course walk

    My daughter may be up for this - will see what times we get. She needs to walk 90 & 100 and needs someone who can tell her she can do it!!! I'm injured at moment so cant walk the course so it would be nice for her to have someone to walk it with.
  7. J

    Bishop Burton roll call!!!

    We are there Saturday for 100 and Sunday for 90. XC at lunchtime on Sunday so hopefully earlier enough re the ground.
  8. J

    Cribbing Foal

    I have advised her to look down the route of investigating ulcers and she's going to look at that next week! Thanks for all advise.
  9. J

    Cribbing Foal

    My thoughts exactly - there are some really nice foals out there without problems available at very reasonable prices with someone thinking of spending a lot on a foal with a problem - the figure she's come up as a value even with the cribbing is quite laughable!!!!
  10. J

    Cribbing Foal

    The foal is definately cribbing well established at it now!!! I saw mare & foal at 4 weeks old & no sign of cribbing a month later it was cribbing. Not sure if being an only mare & foal hasnt helped. They were at stud for a few weeks running with others (foal was cribbing before going to stud)...
  11. J

    Cribbing Foal

    A friend has just rung me to ask how much she should sell her foal for. I couldnt put a value on it as it cribs. It's a very correct foal out of a TB mare by a Donnerhall line dressage stallion. As far as I'm aware the foal has cribbed since at least 8 weeks of age - for whatever reason - the...
  12. J

    Askham Bryan ballot list up!

    Oasby has closed at ballot time (except Open Intermediate) - will we survive that ballot!!!!
  13. J

    Askham Bryan ballot list up!

    We survived - last run of the season for us.
  14. J

    Ditch schooling in the North!

    I havent been for years but what about Horses for Courses at Stamford Bridge
  15. J

    BE Frickley Park ? Doncaster anybody?

    The photographer was Julie Sherwood We had a good day improving on our last outing at Richmond - both horses completed with odd jockey errors!!!! Very good event and would certainly go back.
  16. J

    Frickley Park - Fantastic New (For BE) Venue

    We are there tomorrow as well for both 90 & 100.
  17. J

    Frickley roll call!

    We are there Sunday - 1 in 90 & 1 in 100 - again hoping for good weather as we got drenched at Richmond a few weeks ago and withdrew from 90 before XC.
  18. J

    Richmond BE Update and Times??

    Our friend has been today and she says the ground is good and the weather was sunny there today. Doesnt look like the rain has reached there at the moment.
  19. J

    ODE in Yorkshire or surrounding counties

    Bramham Moor Pony Club has 1 at Frickley Park, near Doncaster bank holiday weekend.
  20. J

    Stallion insurance

    My older stallion (21) is with SEIB and he has been for quite some years. He's moved onto a veteran policy but he is still insured for covering mares.
  21. J

    Northallerton ODE?

    We've just entered for Sunday and really hope it runs before our next BE event at Thornton Watlass.
  22. J

    The gary parsonage xc training sessions - anyone been?

    My daughter has done 1 and although the ground was a bit dodgy in areas (where isnt this summer!!!!) the clinic was great. The training ground is limited but it does have water, steps, ditch & corner so most things covered. We will definately booked onto another one over the summer to get the...
  23. J

    Has anyone had refunds from any of the cancelled events yet?

    Mine came back very quickly from Northallerton - was very impressed with speed of it.
  24. J

    Richmond Abandoned

    Hey Ho - another trip show jumping instead of Richmond - horse may not be too impressed!!! But at least its not going to dressage like Fugly!!!
  25. J

    Richmond sat / sun

    Think we are all keeping our fingers crossed - especially as it will be my coloured stalliion's first run.
  26. J

    King George V for Cleveland Bay Stallions

    Both stallions have their own good points and they would be suited to different mares. Heather's is at present not ridden as his rider has just had twins so is maybe carrying a little bit more weight than usual. I myself prefer using the Cleveland on a TB mare to produce an even more...
  27. J

    King George V for Cleveland Bay Stallions

    I can vouch for the temperament of Heather's stallion - he is a lovely horse to deal with - in my opinion I think it was maybe the chifney he objected to and why he reared as normally at home he doesnt wear one - not even when covering. Conformation wise I think the photo isnt at the most...
  28. J

    King George V for Cleveland Bay Stallions

    Picture of Kirkmoor Elderberry Flower yesterday winning the King George V Cup. A very proud moment for all concerned.
  29. J

    On behalf of an acquaintance... spare event horse anyone?!?!

    I know of 1 in East Yorkshire if you want to message me some contact details.
  30. J

    question for other trade-stands at badminton...

    1 company I know that is trading at Badminton is travelling down on Tuesday for a Wednesday set up - knowing them that wont stop them trading if people want to buy anything!!!