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    Expecting an exciting delivery...

    Shazza 😁
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    best products to strengthen horses hooves!!

    I had a horse with brittle hooves prone to splitting and poor horn growth. The most effective course of action is to feed a quality hoof supplement long term. With targeted nutrition and good farriery and husbandry you should see an improvement in 90 days or so
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    Dealer Question for Irish peeps…

    Suppose. Bong…And now we have Amber’s Echo riding her new mare errr, umm, Saucy!
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    Dealer Question for Irish peeps…

    Yay! What about Saoirse? It means freedom.
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    Good Evening

    Hello and welcome
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    Poor Peter Pumpkin - what is wrong with the youths of today?

    Do you think there is an association between excessively violent and gory computer games and deeply disturbing real life videos on YouTube and other channels and sadistic violence against defenceless animals? Does spending hours gaming cause some sort of disassociation between virtual and real life?
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    I am so very sorry for your loss x
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    Dealer Question for Irish peeps…

    Good luck 🍀
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    Dealer Question for Irish peeps…

    So I’m told John is a gentleman and always the first to offer advice or a helping hand. He sells quality horses which are carefully and sympathetically produced and proudly showcased. His horses all have soft mouths. Defo not one to avoid.
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    Dealer Question for Irish peeps…

    My CI confirms your opinion. Awaiting response from further unimpeachable source who is on her weary way back from a qualifier at Ower in Galway.
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    Dealer Question for Irish peeps…

    OK. I’ll put out some feelers. Everybody knows everybody in Ireland - especially in the west.
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    Dealer Question for Irish peeps…

    What do you want checked out AE?
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    Dealer Question for Irish peeps…

    I don’t know them but would be happy to reccy on your behalf as I’m not too far away.
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    Strange comment from an instructor

    Pretty sure Mark Todd and his staff cleaned and checked his stirrup leathers before Badminton. I bought my son a piece of kit as he often rides other people’s horses. It is simply a neatly coiled leather strap with a roller buckle at one end and a clip at the other which can be used as an...
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    Fly repellent - amazing!

    We use Butox here. Only licenced for cattle and sheep but routinely used on equines too. I have a field of bull calves here and none of them are experiencing any fly worry. All I can see of them at the moment is their yellow ear tags as they are all lying down under the trees but the tags aren’t...
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    Not one but three corgis today!

    Awww he looks like my late mother’s corgi not very originally named Taff. He was entire all his life because he wasn’t very sexy but when the gardener’s springer bitch was on heat he would do anything to get at her. His idea of mating though was to flip her ear over her head and stick his nose...
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    Cruel vanity parades?

    Before I had wash down facilities on my box I took a backpack sprayer with a peppermint or cucumber wash in it and a large bucket of sloppy sugar beet with electrolytes. I would also arrive early to get the best shady spot. On pleasure rides I would often be first out to beat the heat. If...
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    Hiring own trailer out

    I’ve never done hire and reward but anytime I took friends somewhere in my lovely, new Kevin Parker 7.5 they would treat it like a bin and never once offered to come over to help with cleaning up their spilt drinks, discarded food, used crockery, rubbish, general detritus and horse’s dung after...
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    Panorama tonight - racing industry and slaughterhouses

    Ireland Dispatch. A government select committee was already due to sit today to discuss doping in the horse racing industry; specifically Jim Bolger who is currently banned for four years for this offence. The committee will now also discuss the Panorama documentary because, and I imagine only...
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    Horse Abuse Fetish. Help!

    I’ve signed. Your petition is rather short on facts and information so I assume you will submit it with a covering letter? I’m also not sure what the embassy can/will do but I agree that you don’t know unless you try. Have you contacted World Horse Welfare, The Brooke or SPANA for advice? Is...
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    A year since I lost my boy

    Bittersweet memories. Sending you a virtual hug from across the Irish Sea. ❤️
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    Racehorse slaughter

    I read about the Panorama documentary being aired tonight on the BBC online news this morning. It states the UK abattoir had on occasion breached welfare guidelines by shooting from a distance and in sight of other equines. The abattoir stated it deals appropriately with infractions...
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    Outside arena - Riding Surface - mistakes to avoid. Any comments or suggestions appreciated

    My 20 x 40 metre arena has just been completed. Just 330 tonnes/9” of sand at the mo. I’m going to see how it beds in and rides before thinking about additives.
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    I use a pour on solution called SWITCH once a week and have Lincoln Itchy Switchy Summer SOS cream on hand for any spot treatment needed. I do find my itchy horse benefits from a weekly mane and tail wash too or he gets very scurfy which I think contributes to the itch/scratch cycle. A Sweetitch...
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    Yay. No surrender!
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    Euthanasia c*ck up!

    I am so sorry you had this distressing experience which no horse owner should have to endure. I would be writing to the practice manager because this vet may need some additional training and I don’t think you should be paying the bill.
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    Frustrated with my riding - going backwards

    This happens to us all at some stage. I don’t think this horse is for you. You are having a miserable time and that is not what it is supposed to be like. A riding school horse for a more “advanced” rider should be responsive to the aids and be one on which you can be taught walk to canter...
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    Side saddle lesson - any tips?

    For a taster session you just need to be safe and comfortable but we would normally wear shirt, tie, waistcoat and gloves for a training session. You might feel cooler and get a better feel if you wear just your jodhpur boot on your right foot. The saddle might not have a doe skin seat in which...
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    Dressage Glock's Zonik dies unexpectedly

    What a tragedy. I feel very sorry for all his connections and the attending veterinary staff.
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    Goodbye Bob

    So sorry for your sorrows. Your beautiful, sincere and loving tribute has made me weep. X