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  1. Lexi_

    European eventing squad announced - thoughts?

    Rosalind Canter & Allstar B Tina Cook & Billy The Red (direct reserve horse: Calvino II ) Piggy French & Quarrycrest Echo Gemma Tattersall & Quicklook V Oliver Townend & Cooley SRS Nicola Wilson & Bulana Reserves Sarah Cohen & Treason and Alexander Bragg & Zagreb What do you all...
  2. Lexi_

    Two free tickets for Chatsworth Horse Trials on Saturday

    One of the guys at work won a Dodson & Horrell competition and as he's got no interest in horses, he's very generously given the prize to me! It's 4 tickets for Saturday 13 May plus a course walk with Willa Newton (time TBC) - I'm only using two of the tickets so the other two are going spare...
  3. Lexi_

    Blenheim 2016

    We're volunteering at Blenheim again this year and the packs arrived today (very organised, aren't they?!). As usual, they've given us an extra two passes for the whole event but, having no family or friends in that part of the world, we have no use for them. Shout up if you want them! :)
  4. Lexi_

    Eye-catching ad title over there! -------------------------->

    Surely they didn't really mean to advertise their horse as 'arsey'? :D
  5. Lexi_

    Cheap but decent hat cam - do they exist?

    As the title says really! I'm lost in a loop of conflicting Amazon reviews and old threads on here and getting nowhere. The cheap ones all seem to be terrible in terms of quality and recording time and the good ones are megabucks - I'm in search of a happy medium. I don't need anything...
  6. Lexi_


    Is anyone going? And if not, can anyone on here make use of a couple of wristbands for the whole event? I'm fence judging Sat & Sun and they always send a couple of spare passes to volunteers as an extra thank you. I live too far away to have any horsey friends who can make use of them but...
  7. Lexi_

    Top horses changing riders

    Just a bit of idle speculation I know lots of you are well in the know when it comes to horsey gossip and might be able to enlighten me a bit :) It's mostly prompted by the fact I saw recently in either H&H or Eventing magazine that Aoife Clark had sent Fenyas Elegance back to...
  8. Lexi_

    Bit advice/suggestions please

    My share horse is currently ridden in a plain eggbutt snaffle. In the school and out hacking (mainly roadwork), he's absolutely fine with this and goes really nicely in it. When riding him around the fields, not so much! He gets very excited and strong, head up in the air and it's difficult to...
  9. Lexi_


    Who's going this year? If you're not, would you like to? I'm volunteering there again this year and the organising team, being super generous types, have given us a couple of spare wristbands as an extra thank you. The only problem is that all my horsey friends are in Liverpool or Newcastle...
  10. Lexi_

    Historical horsey question

    This is probably a very dim question but when were haynets invented? We're writing some interpretation for the old stables at work (built in the 1880s) and our curator, usually the most knowledgable man in the world, says he's not sure if the rings in the walls were for tying up horses or...
  11. Lexi_

    Woof Wear long yard boots

    If you own a pair, would you mind letting me know if: a) they're good in the mud b) they're suitable for those of us with wide calves I'm not looking for something to ride in, just for yard work and the muddy trek up to the field and am pondering getting a pair of these rather than another...
  12. Lexi_


    So then, Cheshire types... I've spotted a new NW event in the BE calendar for 2014. There don't seem to be any details other than Knutsford so I thought I'd see if anyone was familiar with the area and might know where it's being held. I'm sure I'll be signing up to volunteer anyway but am just...
  13. Lexi_

    Meet Monty

    I decided earlier this year that a 10 year break from horses was just too long. After getting some v. helpful replies to my rather wibbly thread in New Owners/Riders about riding after a long break, I started lessons again (we won’t mention the terrible one at the terrible yard which nearly put...
  14. Lexi_

    Riding again after a long break

    Hi all Today I took the plunge and booked a riding lesson. It'll be my first one in about 12 years and I was stupidly nervous about even making the phone call! As a bit of background, I started riding when I was 7 and then worked weekends and summer hols at a good riding school until I was...