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  1. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    Arizona broke her leg in the field today and there was nothing that we could do for her. To say that I am devastated is an understatement. They were all grazing quietly on flat ground, and the other two didn’t appear to move at all but when I turned around after weeding for a few minutes...
  2. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures Feet people - Milagra just over a year on

    My wonderful trimmer took some comparison photos for me today, just over a year on from when Milagra arrived with us. I thought the HHO feet experts would find it interesting. Before and after Before After I’m so pleased for Milagra. She’s the kindest horse, and it’s so nice to see...
  3. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures Showing a palomino Arab type

    I want to get Mimosa (5 year old, 80.3% Arab, palomino, 14.3/15hh) out and about to give her some exposure to other horses, noises, busy atmospheres. She’s not an athletic little horse although we might aim to do some basic dressage down the line. I thought I might show her in-hand. I’ve...
  4. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures One week with little filly

    She is too lovely for words. And is absolutely hilarious. I have no idea what the poor bucket ever did to her. She’s been excellent about having her feet cleaned, and so easy to catch and handle. She leads nicely and will follow me around like a puppy in the field. She also learnt to...
  5. LadyGascoyne

    Worming yearling with high worm egg count

    My new yearling has been with us one week, and I’ve had my own vet do a check and a worm count. Checks all fine, worm count very high. Off the charts high. She was wormed with equest in April (breeder wormed her) but this has obviously had limited success. Vet (who is lovely) will be our...
  6. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures Filly is here!

  7. LadyGascoyne

    New yearling arrives tomorrow

    I cannot wait! I’ve spent the whole weekend re-fencing anything that doesn’t look foal-proof. I’ve reorganized my grazing, split my mares up and taped off about a meter between their fields and the field that the little one will go into. I’m going to let them squeal and throw legs at a bit of...
  8. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures Filly has passed vetting

    Mimosa is going to have to get used to no longer being the baby! Meet Xiviers Arizona, a 14 month old 98% Arab by Versacci and out of Hazira. Versacci is out of Mimosa’s dam Faith so Arizona shares a lot of similarities with Mimosa but, as my husband put it, she is different enough to be her...
  9. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures Mim

    Mim escaped into the resting round pen and then learnt that round pens are magic infinity fields where it’s nearly impossible to be caught. We had all kinds of fun 🤣
  10. LadyGascoyne

    Best headcollar for yearling

    I’m looking at a yearling filly who is high percentage Arab and has a tiny little face. Vetting next week. She leads nicely and has great manners. She wore a fleecy le mieux type headcollar when we viewed her. Happy to get the same but thought I’d find out if anyone had strong recommendations...
  11. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures Super Mim

    I’m so proud of Mim at the moment. Firstly, she’s worked out that she has back legs. She’s five so perhaps it’s overdue but she is really picking them up over raised poles and little jumps. Previously, the front end would go over and the back end would regularly go through. It’s so nice to see...
  12. LadyGascoyne

    Five year old trying to suckle

    Mimosa (5, never been bred) occasionally tries to suckle from Milagra (18, ex broodmare). She isn’t persistent when she realises there is nothing there, and Milagra doesn’t seem to mind but I’d like to get to the bottom of what is motivating it. Mimosa had a normal weaning, and is a very...
  13. LadyGascoyne

    Quick condition check

    Mim has a tendency to be on the “well” side so I am very careful with her weight. She’s looking lighter this year than she has in previous years but is in (light) work now, having been backed. My brain says she needs more muscle rather than more feed but I’m not used to seeing her so light in...
  14. LadyGascoyne

    Horses sleeping

    I couldn’t take a photo because I was too far away and didn’t want to disturb them, but my mares were sleeping next to each other this morning. Mim effectively had her head on Milagra’s rump. Usually one sleeps and the other guards but they appear to be sleeping next to each other more often. I...
  15. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures Day one of the track system is going well...

    We have complaints about the accommodation.
  16. LadyGascoyne

    Baby Mimosa is Facebook Famous

    Nothing more twilight zoney than scrolling through good old Facebook and thinking, hmmm, that looks familiar 😂
  17. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures Mimosa update

    Some of you will know that I managed to injure my neck in early February - slipping on ice whilst carrying a bale of hay- which resulted in a no-riding order for six weeks. Lessons have been learned! Mimosa had the time off having done very little over winter anyway. I started up again at the...
  18. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures My new eventer

    Since Mimosa is showing absolutely zero aptitude for jumping, I’ve resorted to taking Rio around the jumps on the farm. It was hit and miss 😂 Clear! Not a chance! Non-traditional approach Textbook!
  19. LadyGascoyne

    Can someone breed me a...

    Suffolk punch x cremello Andalusian? Stylish but solid, with enough strength to be husband carrying material. Palomino so it matches Mim, of course. Fabulous trot. Long, luxurious mane and tail. Light feather. I shall call it the Spanish Punch - or the Sangria? If you could breed a...
  20. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures Courage is not the absence of fear

    The husband bought me a fire pit for my birthday, and it arrived today on a pallet. The pallet debris, complete with flappy plastic, was still outside the kitchen door when Mimosa and I went for a wander this evening. Photos from my doorbell camera until she settled - I wish I could attach the...
  21. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures Free to a racing home

    Nothing can be done at a walk.
  22. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures Happy birthday Mimosa

    Our lovely little Mim turns five today. We went for a lovely morning hack to celebrate. Where did the gangly, awkward funny-looking little thing that flew off the ramp as a 2yo go? Happy birthday to the loveliest creature in the world. Photos from Silvabak Stud where she was bred...
  23. LadyGascoyne

    Does anyone leave the twine on their hay bales?

    Husband has graciously been doing the evening hay when Super Groom can’t make it, due to my neck not being strong enough to lift bales yet. Unbeknownst to me, Husband just chucks whole bales into hay feeder. His reasoning is that A. It takes them longer B. No, they are not stupid enough to eat...
  24. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures First treed saddle for the young golden one

    Well, I promise it’s actually a gold-ish colour under all the mud. I have bought and Arabian Saddle Company saddle in the hopes that it is more fitted to the dromedary-shaped beast in question. Apologies for the terrible photo, it’s impossible to get her to stand still and away from me. And...
  25. LadyGascoyne

    Back less sway or tummy tighter?

    I am currently deluding myself that Milagra’s back looks less swayed. This is from yesterday evening (bottom) versus the day she arrived (first photo I have of her, the day she arrived.) I’m almost considering riding her. I’ve hopped on a couple of times and bumbled about in the field but...
  26. LadyGascoyne

    Pictures Mimosa broke into the tack room today

    Didn’t enjoy the experience much. Took a while to convince her that she wasn’t stuck 🤣
  27. LadyGascoyne

    How do you keep a blonde occupied...

    Mimosa, absolutely transfixed by the horse in the window for 20 minutes while I groomed her 😂 She stood like a rock.
  28. LadyGascoyne

    Really, Mim!

    Today I took the afternoon off after a few all nighters for urgent work things. I started off with beginning to build the track for the field because I’m deluding myself that spring grass is just around the corner. Mim really enjoyed the fencing activity but clearly mistook field track for...
  29. LadyGascoyne

    Contemplating getting another youngster

    Mim (83% arab mare) will be five this year, and she’s been with me from rising three. She is hacking out nicely and will start schooling properly soon. Our older mare (18yo Spanish mare) is going to do the occasional hack but is effectively retired, and does have health (dental) issues. I’d...
  30. LadyGascoyne

    The regal beauty of the Arabian horse

    The other 17% must have been significantly less regal.