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  1. poiuytrewq

    Lending our horsebox ?

    Another no! So easily damaged and so expensive to repair.
  2. poiuytrewq

    Prascend Tablets

    I’m not 100% sure but can you also donate to a horse charity for their residents if there’s one local?
  3. poiuytrewq

    He turned into a bat….

    Yes, I love his hair now. It’s never what I’d have chosen (dad had a similar coat to yours) but I just adore the little chap so wouldn’t change him. It’s also as your say super easy. He gets soaked or dirty, quick towel off and he’s back running round the carpet!
  4. poiuytrewq

    Pony with the dreaded colic..

    Any news? 🤞
  5. poiuytrewq

    He turned into a bat….

    That’s quite a dramatic expression there! 😂
  6. poiuytrewq

    He turned into a bat….

    She’s very much what I planned to one day look for, Cecil was supposed to be scruffier.
  7. poiuytrewq

    Deosect users

    Wow! No I don’t think I’d use it again really. I did my ponies and they were ok actually so maybe on them but I certainly won’t use it on this horse.
  8. poiuytrewq

    He turned into a bat….

    Cecils have both gone from floppy to upright in the space of a week! I read it’s to do with the cartilage not being strong enough at first. What breed is yours Splashgirl?
  9. poiuytrewq

    He turned into a bat….

    Same! I think one flips still if he’s tired, other than that they are upright now all the time.
  10. poiuytrewq

    He turned into a bat….

    Very cute! Did hers start off floppy?
  11. poiuytrewq

    He turned into a bat….

    Grown up ears! To think at one point I was worried his ears looked a bit small for his head 😳 This week, this happened!
  12. poiuytrewq

    Breeches! For the love of god why is it so difficult!

    Mark Todd. Gisbourne I think? I like them, I have a few pairs they have washed and lasted really well. Super simple, no bling.
  13. poiuytrewq

    Prolite girths; are they worth it?

    I was recommended one by my saddle fitter. Every girth I’d used had rubbed and she suggested the Prolite as it sat away a bit at the point he always rubbed. It worked really well for him.
  14. poiuytrewq

    Deosect users

    I wonder if it’s to do with the smell if a lot dislike the apparently easy application.
  15. poiuytrewq

    Deosect users

    fairyclare that sounds horrific, poor thing. There’s nothing to see on mine but I may as well have been sponging acid into him. He’s not keen on spray so I figured rather than upset him spraying all the time and as he’s happy to be sponged off I’d use it.
  16. poiuytrewq

    Deosect users

    I started using Deosect a few years ago. None of my horses like having it applied but one today really reacted badly. He is fine to wash off etc so sponging the solution on shouldn’t have been a problem. He tried to pull back, lunged biting and cow kicked at me. Then proceeded to be a total arse...
  17. poiuytrewq

    Small rider ...big horse

    That wasn’t part of the original question though, it was simply people commenting on riders having big horses.. sorry I reread. I thought you meant I shouldn’t have commented on the original question 😂🤦‍♀️ It’s been a long day!
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    Should I get a shetland?

    Although I said yes, I’m just a Shetland fan. This is obviously the correct answer!
  19. poiuytrewq

    Small rider ...big horse

    I had no intention of getting a big horse, he was my job and I was lucky enough to be given him.
  20. poiuytrewq

    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    I can really sympathise with this story. last summer I looked out my window and little ex racer quietly munching the remains of his hay, had a coffee and went out to get him in. He’d broken his leg in that time. It’s devastating. So sorry for you x
  21. poiuytrewq

    Loaning - what happens to tack?

    Take lots of clear photos and use them as part of your contract.
  22. poiuytrewq

    Should I get a shetland?

    Everyone needs a Shetland yes.
  23. poiuytrewq

    Small rider ...big horse

    Used to with my old horse. Someone said he was a mans hunter and I looked ridiculous 🤬
  24. poiuytrewq

    Best 2-Wheeled Wheelbarrow?

    There is no doubt the big green JFC ones are best I don’t think but I couldn’t justify that much so got one of the basic big 2 wheelers. It’s fine, does the job and was about £140...
  25. poiuytrewq

    Fixing a head problem?

    I think In my case the horse was so sensitive that anything with any movement caused him to duck behind. He hunted in a straight bar rubber snaffle that was bendy and terrifying 😂 however he was braver and accepted the contact so much better. I was surprised as it was never a bit I’d naturally...
  26. poiuytrewq

    Allergic reaction

    Poor chap, that sounds nasty. Glad he’s improving.
  27. poiuytrewq

    Strange comment from an instructor

    I broke my martingale a while ago. Nothing to do with maintenance, I stupidly got too close to a gate and It got caught, horse freaked out, it snapped. It was literally a week or so old. These things happen (annoyingly)
  28. poiuytrewq

    Fixing a head problem?

    This! My old loan horse also put his nose on his chest to evade. I can’t imagine he was ever ridden by anyone heavy handed and he was so good there’d really have been no reason for anyone to do so. His owner told me a big fat rubber snaffle would help and it did.
  29. poiuytrewq

    Do you think horses find humans annoying?

    Some do yes for sure.
  30. poiuytrewq

    Dog surviving on fresh air

    That sounds pretty familiar. I’ll definitely try to feed him separately.