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    Horse planting in hand

    The usual techniques of turning circles and/or asking to backup thus far have not worked Doesnt matter if horse is handled in a head collar or dually, the same planty thing will happen Any other bright ideas for unlocking a planty horse?
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    Abler products

    I know there been loads of discussion on this in the past but did we ever resolve the issue of whether or not these products contain …. 1. Nothing nefarious 2. Enough omeprazole to be therapeutic 3. In a form that will make it through to the stomach to work Thoughts?
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    Nappy, swishy, reluctant to go forwards, planting…..

    ….sounds like tummy ache of some description right? Vet et al think ulcers unlikely at this stage but possibly hind gut acidosis or gut flora imbalance…. Oily herbs in progress Equibiome general supplement on order Coopers on order What else can I do?
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    Stridefree saddles

    Does anybody know what the particular appeal is of these saddles? Are they really a superior level of comfort and fit? What is special/different about the design?
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    Antares saddles

    From what i can see from their website Antares saddles are on a wooden tree, which means the head is made of steel...? And therefore adjustable a small amount on a saddle devil?? Anyone done this ?
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    Has anybody had a later life change of mind on having children....?

    Like 35-45 How did it work out? Could you still keep and afford your horses?
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    Facebook footage of welsh stud delivering youngstock to abattoir

    Did any one else see this? It was on the BSJA page until it was pulled I will admit to being very, very disturbed...😢
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    Full grass livery - Midlands

    Does it exist anywhere or is anybody thinking of providing it? As in decentish grass, reasonably well draining land, herd turnout, post and rail or mains electric fencing, daily checks/feeds and hay given when necessary? I know a few places but all full at present
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    Saddle wanted - does this exist?

    Looking for a foam or felt type panel jump saddle, very forward cut with big, big (!!!) or Velcro knee rolls Budget is not massive, think Benidorm all inclusive rather than World Cruise type numbers Horse doesn't mind Clair so was looking at the Bates but the Caprilli jump isn't forward cut...
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    Byways Open to All Traffic

    ...essentially a road that crosses a field that motorbikes and 4x4's can legally use...…. Anybody have any experience of these?
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    French/Italian style close contact saddles

    I'm thinking of the Prestige/CWD/Amerigo/Equipe/Devoucoux style saddles For years I've dismissed these an an overpriced gimmick designed to appeal to riders but ignores the comfort of the horse So imagine my astonishment to find one of my horses much prefers this style to the traditional...
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    New horse - ex racer?

    Tentatively looking about for a new horse to add to my collection ... I've googled all the main charities and rehoming places but there doesn't seem to be many about at the moment, maybe its the time of year? Any ideas on better places to look? Videos I've had so far indicate a lot of lame...
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    Seem to be really bad this year! Deosect isn't deterring the blighters and they are really targeting my poor little black horse Any suggestions? Coopers has gone out of production hasn't it?
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    Dark beige breeches

    I've seen some girls at competitions wearing what look like very dark beige breeches...they look very smart Does anyone know what make they are? I can only seem to find the cream/vanilla shade of beige
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    Equine transport service towing with an American dodge

    Anyone know/use this service? Passed them on the M1 on Wednesday doing in excess of 65mph and hogging the middle lane, horse looked very uncomfortable in trailer....
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    Stallion Livery

    As title really, just wondered if there were any particular recommendations for stallion Livery in Warks/Staffs/south Derby sort of area...maybe a stud that takes liveries? Crucially staff must be calm and experienced in handling stallions
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    What really hardens hooves

    As title really, horse cannot keep shoes on and each time he loses one a chunk of hoof comes away too so that now we cannot shoe him at all and there is precious little left so we are trying shoeless....not by choice but necessity Horse is crippled but we have to persevere for now We have...
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    Max weight an 11hh pony can take

    Seeking opinions really I have a very green 11hh pony that would benefit from some schooling but no kids of my own and no kids experienced enough on yard I tape measured her yesterday at 230kg, so if we apply the 20% rule that means 46kg is her working max I'm starting to think the 20%...
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    History lesson - All creatures great and small

    Was hoping for a lesson from those who might know how things used to be done. There was an episode of All Creatures Great and Small in earlier tonight set in 1951 where a horse was put down by vet with a shot But the huntsman turned up on horseback beforehand with the hounds and blew the...
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    SWB vs LWB for towing

    Just wondered if ROG or anybody else had any views on the merits of swb v LWB for towing My car will prob need changing at some point in the new year and I've been told that swb is easier for towing, especially if nervous like me However I wondered if they had the same fuel consumption and...
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    Lightweight tweed

    What lightweight tweed do folks recommend for this hot weather? Hoping to get in some hound exercises but current jackets will possibly become a sweat fest....
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    Treatments for fetlock arthritis

    As above really just throwing this out there to see what new treatments there might be for arthritis of hind fetlocks Also any ideas of current cost for bone scan? I've been quoted £1400 by three counties, just wondered if anywhere was cheaper
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    Market for Barrie swain saddles

    As above really? Just wondering if there is a market for second hand saddles or if it's too niche? Also the price seems to vary wildly, any thoughts?
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    Best place to advertise cheap trailer?

    As title really...there's h&h obviously but it'll look a bit out of place amongst the luxury hgv's.... I've tried eBay and preloved with no serious interest I'm not keen on horsequest as a buyer, the scrolling format is tedious.... Where else? Maybe it's just the time of year but it...
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    Back injuries in horses

    Does anybody have any experience of these coming right?
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    Overpriced horseboxes...a whinge....

    Following on from the thread about overpriced horses....I felt a whinge coming on about overpriced lorries.... Been looking for a lorry for what seems like forever but I genuinely think a lot of sellers are deluded about what their 25-30 year old rot box is worth....
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    Horse panics in open spaces....

    So I've got the vet booked for Wednesday but in the meantime I am doing a lot of fretting.... One of my lot simply refuses to be turned out and will go into a blind panic if we try to do this, she will stand at the gate pacing, go through electric fencing and will size a gate up to come over...
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    Trailer suggestions - bigger than an Ifor 510

    Wondered what folks suggestions were for a trailer taller and wider than an Ifor 510/511, ideally not backward facing? was wondering about the Richardons treble but as they've now gone out of business I thought parts might be harder to get Or should I give up and look at a lorry instead?
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    2 recent trailer crashes where horses survived....

    What make were the trailer....does anybody know??? I want one whatever it was.....
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    Tow car for full up 3500kg trailer

    Is rog about? Wondered what cars are recommended to pull a full 3500 trailer, my Pajero is just not heavy enough so need something beefier. Was thinking landcruiser amazon, but would the Colorado do it?