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    Collie bitch looking for home, Yorkshire

    Older dogs pay back in so many ways. We will get one again when our circumstances allow. Wishing you many happy years together
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    Shetland yes or no

    I adore them and if I had land I would have at least 2 or 3 for fun BUT.... they are funny, sometimes affectionate, strong willed stubborn and feisty. My daughters first pony was an older shitland on loan. He taught her lots and she learned to have a sticky bum and to persevere. We loved him and...
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    Has anyone seen my little colt?

    gorgeous boy I might need him in my shed :-)
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    Puss cat update

    That is rotten so sorry. Wishes for a long summer for you all x
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    Sleep startles

    Bless her she looks a lovely girl.
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    One week on

    The picture is beautiful but also beautifully presented/framed. It won't stop you missing him but it will give you pleasure for a long time to come x
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    Big grins during individual shows

    My daughter used to show for a family and they were big on the "SMILE" . I found the showing world a bit off putting if I'm honest it seemed to be all about who you knew and in the childrens classes it was not unusual to see stewards and judges "ignore" ? bits that were not within the rules when...
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    New puppy post

    Oh my goodness she is just scrummy. She will give you soooo much love
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    Little Miss Weimy is here!

    What a beautiful girl and so adorable with the ktties. Vibes to Mr P x
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    Windsor shetland

    That is so sad. My daughter rode for her instructor who had a couple of racing shetlands many years ago. It is always such a fun thing and safety was taken very very seriously. You could not just rock up and join in you had to show competence and obey strict rules. The ponies are such little...
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    Breeding new Frenchies

    Oddly enough I met a Frenchie x JRT today on our walk. 6 months old and very smart little dog - huge Frenchie ears, a lovely face with a Frenchie look to it but with a longer muzzle and then a smooth coated Tri coloured JRT type body. Super friendly and played for a while with my JRT. Was sold...
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    Aggressive to dead horse

    Our youngster had lived with our old mare and was very attached, he tried to lift her legs with his mouth, pulled her ears and actually stood on her torso. We left for half an hour as couldn't bear to watch.We had a cup of tea and a cry and went back - he was grazing quietly away from her. When...
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    Tick prevention

    Another vote for Nexguard - ticks everywhere here and none on the dogs (removed one from me though this week!). We also have a lot of lungworm around here. Mine eat it no problem at all.
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    Breeding new Frenchies

    Flint looks rather handsome to me. He is not unlike one I see on my walks who is a pedigree Frenchie but has a longer muzzle than you might expect. He runs and plays with my little JRT and does not make any breathing/breathless noises. I thought he was a cross breed initially as he is not so...
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    Back on board!

    That is fabulous - good for you! And the rocker - my daughter bought my granddaughter the same one - she loves it and spends a lot of time brushing it!
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    Too much or okay now 6 months on

    She looks fab
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    Calmers for travelling - help!

    Just a thought but he may just be uncomfortable in your set up? Have you checked the floor ? Is he facing a different direction eg backwards/forwards than last time? No offense but are you taking things slowly round the corners? Sometimes they just don't like the ride in certain vehicles...
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    Breed recommendations.

    Not read every reply but there are a few standard poodles round here all owned by people over 60. All well behaved dogs - fun, active, well mannered and sociable. I would love one having met the local ones - and I am a terrier person. I cannot find fault with them and I love to watch them move.
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    Kate Greenhalgh petition

    Done I read about this earlier today and was horrified - those poor horses and that lady and her daughter must be going through hell.
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    Post lockdown head funk

    I think it is the stop start of everything. Getting hopes up then dashed down again - not just horse related, but weddings, holidays, family stuff. I'm not feeling anything. I also think we spent last year saying "when this is over I will do x y z" - but it is kind of never over - so when do we...
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    Car sick dog

    My JRT was very sick as a pup and still becomes reluctant to get in the car. Windows open, careful driving, short journeys to fun places help as she now seems to be less reluctant. She recently was in the car for almost one hour without throwing up - she is 19 months now. I'm sure your little...
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    Lameness update

    I'm so pleased you have found something and that long term it will be ok. Just shows sometimes you just need to follow your gut and keep looking. Sorry it has spoiled you plans though - horses are so frustrating
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    Mother trying to find fault in dog 🐶

    Whose house is it? If it is your mums house and she doesn't want a dog/this dog then send him back. Her house her rules I am quite picky about the dogs I want in my house on a regular basis. My daughters dog is great and causes no problems. A very good friends dog drives me mad. She adores him...
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    Cecil pup, collection planned!

    I love collecting a new puppy - it doesn't happen very often of course but it is so special. Have a lovely day
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    Tipping vets?

    Nope never ever tipped a vet - never entered my head to do it! But I have dropped off chocolates/biscuits after a PTS and I have written thank you cards. As a nurse I never get tips and am not allowed to accept them. I think of vets in a similar way. However I do accept thank you and edibles :-)...
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    If not horses then what?

    Dogs, grandchild (yes I know I'm old :) ) travel. I only work part time and so have lots of free time in theory. I look now and wonder how I fitted horses in. I did not have dogs until the last couple of years when horses were retiring and I didn't have a grandchild. The freedom is nice. I...
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    Pictures Someone has a very important birthday tomorrow!

    How can she be 4??!! Beautiful girl. She has a lovely expression I'm sure she will be a lovely ridden horse :-) I have never thought about manes before! We had a native pony and some TBs and they had shaggy manes in the field and nicely pulled manes when competing (The TBs not the native). Your...
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    Mini update

    Very cute :-) also he looks very calm but I bet that is just a front!
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    I collected my pup on Saturday

    How have I missed this. Beautiful beautiful little one :) congratulations
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    Dog walking is dangerous!

    That is amazing news :-). I know nothing about Reki except that I was totally sceptical (coming from traditional medicine/nursing background). I had an incredibly painful thumb a few years ago - a good friend who is a Reki practitioner did me some Reki on it. I was totally "well ok if you must"...