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    Second piercing

    My ears are double pierced - never had a problem though.
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    Do you think horses find humans annoying?

    Definitely! The ginger ninja barely tolerates humans!
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    Donating a horse to science

    It may differ from area to area, (I'm in NE Somerset/Bristol area), but when I had my old boy PTS 3 years ago, I asked the vet if I could donate his body to a vet school. Upshot was - I could, but I would have to transport him to the facility, and he would be PTS there. I couldn't bear that...
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    Thin Gilet - purchase update

    It was the Requisite one. One of he cheaper makes I know, but looked OK for a lightweight summer extra layer. Didn't match the picture on the website which really annoyed me. I really want a double ended zip, or poppers, so you can loosen at the bottom when sitting down. All the gilets I've had...
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    Thin Gilet - purchase update

    Well it came yesterday - and it's going straight back! Doesn't fit ( and I went up a size as advised), didn't have a double ended zip either (it did in the picture!). Seriously miffed. Oh well - I had to try. Just seen a collar-less button up one by Freemans, might look closer at that. Looks...
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    Shopping help, thin gilet

    I've been needing a new thin gilet - just bought one on Sports Direct - 17.99, requisite make, double ended zip, 2 pockets, read the reviews and recommend buying a size up, colour black, (not the navy one which doesn't appear to have the double ended zip). Might be cheap tat - I'll find out when...
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    Tackroom security

    Would the YO be willing to buy an old shipping container? The ones with the recessed padlock are impossible to break into.
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    Diy livery Frome

    Some local FB sites for you Ellie - Wiltshire Horse Riders. Shepton Equine. Livery and Stable Yards South West. Bath Bristol and Somerset Horse Group. The "New" Bristol and South West Equestrian Site.
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    Non horsey other halves?

    I think the relationship can work, provided that the non-horsey half of the partnership is a genuinely kind, respectful and non-controlling kind of person. It's also extremely important that finances are not an issue - nothing causes more rows and resentment than money! Horse keeping is time...
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    Dry skin on belly

    Sure it's dry skin and not dried sweat?
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    Summer sores

    Warble fly? Never seen one, but they lay eggs under the skin don't they?
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    Would you buy a field...

    I now keep my ned on a track livery yard, with a campsite next door. There is a dry stone wall boundary, and electric fencing about a metre inside of that. A few trees, but no hedges. The site is very quiet, clean and tidy. Obviously, only used for a few months of the year. To the best of my...
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    Keeping horses on wet land

    The ponies of the Carmargue (not sure of spelling!) in France live on marshland.
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    How to convince friend a stallion is a bad idea?

    Some of the nicest, most respectful and well mannered horses I've worked with in the past have been stallions. The most dangerous one I've ever had to deal with was a gelding.
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    Rosie Margerson and Bean, campaign to educate drivers

    Signed. Fingers tightly crossed.
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    Sorry, but I don't completely agree with your Vet. I don't think it's hereditary as such - but I had a pony with COPD for many years - and it was common in his family line. Don't know if it was passed on by the female or male side of the family, so can't help there, but there certainly seemed to...
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    Would you take offence at this?

    I am just wondering - why is she calling out a nutritionist? Could it be anything to do with her lack of knowledge/experience? Whatever the reason - I think I'd love to be earwigging the conversation! Sometimes comments from others can be extremely irritating, however well intentioned they may...
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    Corneal Ulcer

    My old boy got one of these years back - never did find out how - Vet thought he may have got jabbed by a twig or something. Anyway, he was treated with drops, and I put a mask on him as he lived out and couldn't be stabled. The condition completely cleared up, but took a while. Hope your pony...
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    At my wits end with possible allergies

    Have any fields in the area been sprayed with weed killer or fertilised? This kind of thing used to turn my old boy into a wheezing mess.
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    Rented land.

    Do you have any kind of written agreement with the landlord? Emails, texts, anything at all?
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    Wide saddle - hip saver?

    Barefoot do one.
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    Cost of 5 stage vetting

    In that case Debsflo, I'd say that was about the going rate. Still painful though!
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    Used Turnout Rugs for Sale - Wash or Not?

    Thanks all - that's decided then - no washing. Seemed daft when I'm only asking £30, and wash/re-proof would add another £17! It's a good rug and doesn't pong, so I'll just give it a quick spruce up.
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    Cost of 5 stage vetting

    Did that quote include VAT?
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    Used Turnout Rugs for Sale - Wash or Not?

    Pretty sure this has been done before but - if you were looking to buy a 2nd hand turnout rug - would you want it washed and re-proofed first? A part of me says yes - but several people I've spoken to say no. I've got one for sale, it's grubby on the outside - no thick mud, and a bit greasy on...
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    Long distance horse transporter recs please!

    Another for Gillies. Took my baby Dales from West Sussex to Penrith years ago. She did have a stop over though. Arrived at her new home happy and well.
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    Can anyone help before it’s too late..

    That's great news about the painkillers helping her! Keep us posted Starburst.
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    University Study