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    Mid-sold pony PLEASE HELP!

    Was/is the sellers name on the passport, how long have they owned it, have you contacted the previous owner to her owner?
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    Anyone want a thread for the Olympic dressage live?

    Lotti is from Scarborough, North Yorkshire
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    Anyone want a thread for the Olympic dressage live?

    Lotti on 601 BBC now
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    Anyone want a thread for the Olympic dressage live?

    BBC supposedly showing dressage on 601 red button at11-55 ?
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    Anyone want a thread for the Olympic dressage live?

    Now on BBC1 Carl just when Lotti will be live
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    Livery near derby/Notts border?

    Can't recommend anything but have a look on and
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    Should I get a shetland?

    Could you have him on a couple of weeks trial before you buy him to see how much of an escape artist he is?
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    Livery yard

    Ask blacksmith vet equestrian shops trainers etc
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    Livery yard

    Have a look on and
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    Chessington Equestrian Centre Livery Prices?

    Ring, call in or e-mail them, they won't bite you. No prices show but have a look on and
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    BE membership card 2021

    Ring or send them an e-mail.
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    Beginner showjumping advice

    Well done, look forward to your next update.
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    Yard or horse? and Another saying it's time to move.
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    hho news page

    We buy it locally every week and read it all. It niggles me that various issues are dearer, hoys badminton Olympics (3 weeks) etc they add up over a year, they all contain more adverts so they are making a bigger profit already without goosing readers for more money, yes I know I ought to...
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    Saturday dressage times Olympics

    Looks like the PDF hasn't put the right dates on for d-e-and f. Thanks mp .
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    Saturday dressage times Olympics

    Entry number 133 5th to go in group F. But if Charlotte says Sunday it must be Sunday (on the PDF page it says it was revised 23 July 13-48 guess we will have to watch Saturday and Sunday.)
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    Saturday dressage times Olympics

    Yes the H&H forum page says Sunday but if you scroll further it say "times in the order in which the riders go" [ PDF Download ] if you click on that it shows every rider and every horse, Charlotte is on Saturday.
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    Saturday dressage times Olympics

    British riders competition times for Saturday 24th Lotti 10-03am Carl 12-30pm Charlotte 1-06pm
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    Would you cover their vet bill?

    A definite NO, that's 29 to nil, you have made the right decision.
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    Best place to buy electric fencing?

    Screwfix there will be one near you. They sell energiser tape and posts, when buying tape make sure you read carefully how many wire conductors there are, the more the better. ( they vary between 4 and 12 strands)
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    Livery yards in and around Bridgnorth

    Its a bit quite on recommendations, have a look on and
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    Livery in and around Sunningdale/Ascot/Chobham/Windsor

    Have a look on and
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    Fence battery doesn't seem to work?

    Dont throw the old broken one away, unscrew the knob on the energiser where it has broken making a note of where it fits, then unscrew the other one and see how they have prepared the cable, prepare the broken cable to match the good one refit to the correct terminal refit the other one and hey...
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    Fence battery doesn't seem to work?

    Check it is switched on, the switch is usually underneath the energiser it's easy to catch it and turn it off, red to + terminal on battery, black to - on battery , green to earth spike that must be well into the ground (as above pour water to soften the ground and make a good contact, ) pink...
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    How old is too old to be a working student?

    Have a look on they have various courses up and down the country .
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    Riding Schools Edinburgh is the official website of the British Horse Society scroll to "find a place to ride" click it and put a postcode or location in and it will show you the local BHS registered schools with the best instructors safe horses and insurance cover.
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    Beach times cornwall

    E-mail the appropriate county councils and ask them.
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    Livery near Ivybridge

    These might help, and plus ask you farrier vet local saddle shop feed merchant pony club instructor for recommendations.
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    Has Tekna saddlery gone out of business? is still showing with a phone number and an e-mail address.
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    Would you stay at a yard if

    HM have a look on and there might be one on there you dont know about. Personally I would move to have less stress, go and have a look at the cut and shut one it might be better than you've heard.