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    Feeding advice for ponies that live out for the winter

    I am looking for some advice on what/if anything I should be thinking about adding to my ponies diet. They are living out in Scotland, one native 2yr unrugged, the other 12yr old PBA (rugged) (who has had laminits in the past due to steroid injections) so have them both on a low sugar diet...
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    Now its raining on such parched land, what to look out for e.g. GS and Lami?

    OK so we've had no rain for a good 3/4 weeks, lots of sun so the ground is totally dry. Now its going to rain (well its already raining up here in Scotland) so I am concerned abuot the effect the rain is going to have on both the amount of grass (problem for my Laminitic) and also the danger...
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    History Wanted - Riversdale Sparky Dew (Sparky) - History wanted

    My Mum has a Connemara called Riversdale Sparky Dew (Sparks), she is 60 in January of next year and for her birthday I am trying to get his history together for an album with a picture of every owner Sparks has had and any stories about his past. I was wondering if anyone had heard of him...
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    'Footy' lame (prev Laminitis) - thoughts?

    I was wondering if you coudl have a think about the current situation with my horse is a bit long so please bear with me...I am looking for advce and opinions as I feel a bit lost just now.... I have a horse who reacted last autumn (Oct) to steroid injections to his hocks for...
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    Molineux Livery & Competition Yard nr Driffield - Good/Bad?

    I was wondering if anyone had any good/bad experiences of this place. I am looking at a youngster bred from there and wanted a bit of background info.
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    Advice please - Why would he tense in trot out hacking? So Fed Up.....

    I am at the end of my tether with this so please can anyone else help me...... I am having problems with my horse, he is relaxed walking out on a hack stretching long and low, when I pick up into trot his head shoots up, he spooks at evertything, he blocks through his neck and his trot is very...
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    How to improve concentration and submission whilst hacking - help pls

    Can I have some help pelase..... I hack out about 4/5 times a week and try to use some of it as schooling for my horse, this is great for walk, I can get him to stretch long and low no problem, he is very relaxed. All I am after is the same in trot to really get his muscles stretching...
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    Has anyone else had a Weatherbeeta Orican Freestyle T/O Rug leak?

    I bought a Weatherbeeta Orican Detacha-Neck Heavyweight Turnout rug last week. However in the first rain we had yesterday the seam joining the Tail Flap to the main part of the rug has let water in cue me having a horse with a wet backside last night. The saddlery are being great about it, I...
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    How long does a foot abcess take to clear up? :(

    I posted about a month ago about my horse who had come in very lame and it turned out he had an abcess in his foot, the vet came out and dug it out on day 5 (I didn't realise it was an abcess), then a few days after that he went sound and no pus was coming out so I started to turn him out again...
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    Land wanted for livery near Dunblane

    I'm on the look out for some land and a stable or two to rent near Dunblane as I think I am coming to the end of my time as a livery. So the natural thing is to look for some private land to rent around my area that has at least 1 or 2 stables, a storage shed and at least 2/3 acres of land...
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    Oh Great...also in Vet...he's come in lame this evening..advice needed horse came in lame this evening, its very hard ground, lots of snow too today so I think he has been for a hoolie. He's not wanting to weight bear on his right hind leg, theres no swelling on the leg from the top of it down to the bottom, there is what I would call a spongy bubble...
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    Oh Great....He's come in lame this evenign, advice needed.... horse came in lame this evening, its very hard ground, lots of snow too today so I think he has been for a hoolie. He's not wanting to weight bear on his right hind leg, theres no swelling on the leg from the top of it down to the bottom, there is what I would call a spongy bubble...
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    Not sure if its allowed....Loan Pony wanted Central Scotland

    Not sure if I'm allowed to do this here so srry admin if I'm not.... I have been asked to look out for a first pony for a 14 year old girl, sturdy type roughly 14hh for loan. She is super keen and currently is being 'had' with a loan pony that is turning out to be too green itself to be of any...
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    Rice Europa Trialer Respray

    Does anyone have a rough idea of how much it would cost to have a Rice Europa double horse trailer resprayed?
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    Bantam Chicken Homes Needed

    The yard I keep my horse at has lots of bantam chickens and a new brood were hatched yesterday, there are 11 of the cutest chicks wandering about, but their future is not certain due to the overstocking so I have suggested that I might be able to find homes for them, they are in Central...
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    Potential Pony Confirmation Crit

    Hi Would it be ok to post a picture of a pony for sale from a website and ask people to have a look at her confirmation? We are considering going to see her and wondered people's opinions but I'm not sure on the etiquette for this.
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    Riding after Annual Injections

    I have the vet coming this afternoon to give my horse his annual injections, can I ride him straight after? THanks very much
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    Myler Bits for Dressage

    Hi I have a snaffle Myler bit that is the same as the permitted one for BD, but does not have fixed rings, it has loose rings. Is this ok to use? Pic of permitted Myler
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    Slightly swollen side of fetlock - advice needed

    Hi My horse has been in today due to the awful weather, so I popped him out into a tiny paddock to stretch his legs, he wandered about and I brought him back in 5/10 minutes later. He wasn't lame and trotted back to the stable with me. On grooming him I noticed his front right outside of his...
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    Conjuctivitus in one eye

    Hi Can anyone help me? My horse seems to have picked up an eye infection from a new horse in the field which has had it since arriving about 3 weeks ago. Now my boy had a gungy eye last night, kind of yellow and a bit crusty. At the moment it is getting bathed with warm water and tiacil put...
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    Livery near Dunblane Scotland?

    Calling all Scottish peeps.... Do any of you guys know of livery yards around the Dunblane area? Even if you know of someone who just has a spare stable, that would be cool. I would need hacking, arena (or access to one) stable for winter, 24 hour turnout in the summer, and thats about it...
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    Dressage Girth Sizes ...Help....

    HI Can you help me please. I have bought my first dressage saddle, an Ideal sort 17inch and need to buy a girth for it, the saddler leant me a 22inch one. I haven't fitted a dressage girth before and have no idea how to, he is a 15hh PBA gelding, what size would you guys suggest? A saddlery I...
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    Collected Trot - Help

    Can someone find me a video of some collected trot please as I have read all the theory on it but just can't visualise it. I have tried Google and You Tube with little success. I understand it is a more energetic trot, more upright in frame but not losing energy or stride size. I have my first...
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    Strange lumps

    HI all Again I ask for your advice before I phone the Vet this afternoon My horse has had lumps about 2cms size on his sides for just under 2 weeks,they appeared as a large fist sized raised area on his neck and travelled down it to both sides of his belly, they are not painful for me to touch...
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    Nov 39 - vague idea needed

    Hi Can anyone give the (very) vague contents of Novice 39, I've not done it before and just wondered what was in it? It is in 20x60 and thats all I know, don't worry I will be buying it from BD, just wanted a heads up before taking the plunge and entering. Thanks very much
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    Novice 38 ...basics please

    Hi Can someone give me the basics of what is in Nov 38, am just trying to decide which test to do and haven't done it before or got a copy of the test. Lots of thanks
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    Weatherbeeta Taka Rant.......Rambling Sorry

    Hi all Right, I have a 5'6 WB Arion combo which fits my boy perfectly, so I thought..........I'd get him the Taka Contour as its the same but with a bit more filling...................oh how wrong was I!!!! First off the 5'6 didn't fit him at all sooooo sent it back and had a 5'9 arrive...
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    Poorly Horse - advice needed

    Hi all My horse has a virus, the vet has been out last night and is currently running the bloods he took, he also gave him an injection to bring his temp down which worked in the short term. Has anyone else's horse had a virus, so that they become really stiff and don't want to walk about, his...
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    For those whose horses won't load.............

    My Mum has just found an article about loading which I think you may enjoy reading, I was nearly crying at the end as I have one of these 'bad' loaders, he does exactly what AC does. and follow the link 'AC gets Monty'd'. I'm not Monty's...
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    Wanted - Jeffries Pony Bridle - Please help

    Hi I don't know if this is allowed but I am looking for a second hand Jeffries Pony Bridle for everyday use, it doesn't have to have reins. I already have a new one for competing in but want one for everyday use, have tried Ebay etc and wondered if anyone on here has one they don't want...