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  1. JanetGeorge

    For Facebook Users who are members of Pro-hunting Group Tally Ho!

    The FB Group - Tally Ho! (with the exclamation mark - not the Group without it) has been hijacked by the original 'anti' Admin using a fake profile. Of course, the FB algorithm police take a long time (and a LOT of reports' to wake up to it. The Group is being archived and then set 'live' for...
  2. JanetGeorge

    Wow - the truth is out (FEI etc)

    Read a great article last night - no surprise it was written by Pippa Cuckson! I understand why many people do NOt complete Polls - no matter how strongly the feel on a subject. Almost a surprise to find that FEI was honest about the disinterest shown in the subject. I doubt it will see it as...
  3. JanetGeorge

    Prince Charles the latest potential victim - anyone else see similarity with strangles?

    We don't know if HRH Prince Charles actually HAS coronavirus - or 'just' returned a +ve test. It strikes me that there could be close similarity between this virus and strangles: I have a 25yo boy in the field who nearly died of strangles 17 years ago because he 'met' a carrier when his...
  4. JanetGeorge

    Who is a the top of the Countryside Alliance now?

    We know Simon Hart had to step down as made a mini Minister by Boris - although CA website still shows him as Chairman. And it appears Lord Mancroft has been removed too - be interesting to know what's going on but seems to be a reasonably well kept secret.
  5. JanetGeorge

    Thank you Pammy Hutton - and Horse & Hound. You're a great team!

    I confess I'm the mingy sort who has a quick look at a magazine I follow before I take it to the till. If nothing catches my eye, I tend not to buy. Spotted the Comment bit - Pammy Hutton this week - always a good read. I was VERY glad my local newsagent hadn't run out - as he had by Thursday...
  6. JanetGeorge

    Here it all is for BHS Members

    This letter has already been sent to the Chairman today by many of the signatories to the petition for a Vote of No Confidence. Any members of the who are happy with and support its content, might like to sign and send to There has been a LOT of work go into its...
  7. JanetGeorge

    Relaquine - is my vet ripping me off (again, lol)

    Needed to pick up some Relaquine the other day (for a weanling tavelling the first time.) Ages since I bought any - as I buy it 10 tubes at a time, usually - and can't find the latest bill.) But - one tube of Relaquine - £33!! Online I found it between £13 and £22 - but of course need a...
  8. JanetGeorge

    BHS Update

    The first hint of success for our campaign: an e-mail sent to BHS Members today - some members do not get e-mails so read it here: Dear Member, As you may know, the Board recently proposed some amendments to the British Horse Society’s Articles of Association, and these were scheduled to...
  9. JanetGeorge

    BHS News - in the Telegraph

    HHO forum has led the way to the story in today's Telegraph it's been a long road since my post in Tack Room last September. It is a Premium article so you'll hve to register (no cost) - and it's worth it. Missing quite a bit of details but it's been stuck on theEditor's desk for several...
  10. JanetGeorge

    Shropshire Riders:

    Bridleways can be the bane of our lives and I confess Shropshire 'officials' appear to take much more notice of Ramblers than of horse riders. A chance to open their eyes - a survey that will take 5 minutes and MIGHTget a bit more action...
  11. JanetGeorge

    What do we want to TELL the BHS - in no uncertain terms!!

    Obviously not all members will be able to get to the BHS EGM on Saturday 5th January. Hopefully you have all put your proxies in good hands. But lets get clear on the messages the BHS needs to hear - and that will be repeated ad finitum until they take notice!! Obviously, the FIRST priority...
  12. JanetGeorge

    Equine Solicitor Required

    Ideally, one who has experience taking on a Vet and the Veterinary Defense Society.
  13. JanetGeorge

    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    I thought that after Sheila Hardy won her unfair dismissal case, there MIGHT have been an improvement in employer/employee relations. But now - Wendy Suddess - who has worked her backside off for the BHS for 17 years - has been sacked. I'm slowly gathering facts - but far too many people seem...
  14. JanetGeorge

    Vets who CAN't scan!

    It's been a while since I posted here, so I don't know if I can get up the pic of my latest foal. He's very cute, and 'normal' and gee - he has a heartbeat. Mare was scanned SIX times after covering by my new (and now EX) vet - because of her gloom and doom. Fist the foetus was malformed, had...
  15. JanetGeorge

    Vet cock-ups - Veterinary Defence Society

    Has anyone fallen out with vets so badly that the matter was passed to these insurers. I got a letter from them the other day, asking a lot of questions - signed by a 'consultant' vet. Vet has already offered a 'goodwill' payment of £1,200 - which I declined - and vets have declined to take...
  16. JanetGeorge

    Veterinary error - ?negligence

    I have a nice young mare about to go to the specialists to have a rear tooth removed. She had her mouth seen 4 times by my vet in the last 12 months - 1st when we were about to back her. She wouldn't settle in her mouth and was quidding badly - another check. Then another - oh gee, she has a...
  17. JanetGeorge

    Anyone with experience of Temporomandibular Dysfunction?

    It's a new one on me, but it looks like one of my 5yos has it. She's been fussy about her mouth for months, vet did teeth (again!) and said she had a ramp on the near side. Did what he could with it - no improvement - still quidding more haylage than she swallows. So explored again and found...
  18. JanetGeorge

    More song titles for horses' names

    I found this old thread in the HHO archives from 2011 and thought it would be fun to have an update. But of course you can't update Archives. Since then, Indigo Three Times a...
  19. JanetGeorge

    Equine Action Group on Facebook - anyone ripped off

    The Equine auction Group on FB is of course run by a couple of crooks. A friend just lost a deposit paid to a fake profile using that group - anyone else had any experiences with it?
  20. JanetGeorge

    Stolen cocker spaniel bitch and 5 puppies

    Don't have full details but they were stolen from Farlow (near Kidderminster) - the pups probably as Xmas profits!! For more information, see
  21. JanetGeorge

    Lame - where, why, what to do

    A nice 6yo gelding, brought on quietly. Been 2/10ths lame for about 8 weeks now. Has had 2 weeks box rest on bute, no change. Been seen by own vets - plus 2 days wih the consultants. Nerve blocked, x-rayed etc. Nothing! Physio has checked him out thoroughly - couldn't find anything. So...
  22. JanetGeorge

    RIGHT HORSE RIGHT HOME - anyone used it?

    Question as in the title. Has anyone used RIGHT HORSE RIGHT HOME to help sell a horse? I made the mistake of trying it - listed 2 horses. 6 months went by without a word from them ad the horses were sold by other means. THEN they sent me one enquiry - and hit me for the subscription. (I'd...
  23. JanetGeorge

    Any other ideas on why a backer won't tolerate a roller?

    He's a 4yo - we've backed 5 full siblings (all easy-peasy.) 3 of his full siblings ended up with kissing spines - so had him x-rayed before we started - all clear. When he refused to accept a roller - slowly and carefully introduced - I had a guess at ulcers. Two weeks treatment to date and...
  24. JanetGeorge

    4x4 for towing

    Have to replace my 2.8 auto pajero - it's finished. Didn't get driven while I was ill, and RATS finished off the electrics! I'd love to find another just like it - but working - but they seem to be few and far between - and I just don't have the time to travel very far. So trying to look at...
  25. JanetGeorge

    Facebook Members - URGENT

    PLEASE rush to and vote for Prince Fluffy Kareem! They have a small margin over a FAR less deserving cause. Tonight is the night!
  26. JanetGeorge

    Update on Kissing Spines

    Well - we had a day of it yesterday. Snoopy had steroids injected into the relevant areas - and will restart working - using Visconte Simon Cocozza's ideas - in a week. Didn't have time to have another look at Lucy (who had surgery last year.) But Linus ..... (4 year old we had JUST started...
  27. JanetGeorge

    Kissing Spines - is there any current research?

    I've become far more familiar with Kissing Spines than I have ever wanted to be! 3 full siblings - from the same 3/4 TB mare have developed it - between 5 and 8. That says to me - possibly conformation caused - but more likely hereditary. Is there any current research going on??
  28. JanetGeorge

    Tack room clearout - I'm still in shock!

    I spent yesterday sorting the aftermath of a total clear-out of my tack room - by clever thieves who accessed through the fields - so didn't have to tackle the heavy chain and padlock on the gate across the drive (which definitely would have woken the dogs.) Brute force used on the padlock on...
  29. JanetGeorge

    Separation anxiety - ideas??

    I have a nice 6yo coming back today - as his first 3 weeks at his fist new home has turned him into a monster. I've only had this problem once before - with a lot of horses sold - and the 1st one had some excuses. He was 11, never been off the place before, the original Mr. Laidback. He came...
  30. JanetGeorge

    Auto Pajero 2.8 - would anything else suit me.

    I've had a 2.8 SWB Pajero for about 8 years and it was minimal cost to maintain, very reliable etc - until it stood out-of-use for more than 3 months! Rats got into the electronics and ATE them - apparently that would cost £1500++ to fix. It's also developed a wierd leak somewhere - and it's...