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  1. deb_l222

    What an insulting report!!

    What a thoroughly patronising, sarcastic and just horrid report!! You just have to hope that none of the GB team actually read it. If you didn’t know better and just went off the report, you would assume the GB team had disgraced themselves when nothing could be further from that assumption.
  2. deb_l222

    Sorry, another question IOHC in English Springer Spaniels

    None of my dogs have had IOHC, not that I’ve known about anyway but we’ve had a few through springer rescue over the years. My friend has been unfortunate to have two. The first, undiagnosed and totally shattered her leg chasing a ball. Major surgery to put back together. Her second was...
  3. deb_l222

    Sorry, another question IOHC in English Springer Spaniels

    Hundreds (if not thousands) of springers have queen anne legs but this alone isn't indicative of IOHC. In fact the one that I personally 'broke' with IOHC, throwing a tennis ball, had the straightest legs you've ever seen. The one and only way to fully diagnose IOHC is with an x-ray, although...
  4. deb_l222

    where do you

    Bum bag or runners arm holder thingy. If you go on eBay (other suppliers are available) and search for runner’s phone holder, there’s a whole world of options, in many colours :) I always found running equipment pretty good for the horses, without the equestrian price tag!
  5. deb_l222

    Puss cat update

    Oh noooooo, what a nightmare for you. For what my opinion is worth, I think you're doing the right thing not going down the surgical route - I don't think it would buy you a massive amount of extra time. He will let you know when the time is right to say goodbye and it will be horrendous but...
  6. deb_l222

    Does Speying change dogs?

    Nope, none of my girls changed in any way.
  7. deb_l222

    Dog cant miss a walk

    I used to be very OCD about regular walks but I've chilled out a bit in recent years and it's not so much of a worry these days. Last week for instance, Willow was having a morning walk as normal but then we were spending the day visiting my step dad in hospital which consisted of driving 20...
  8. deb_l222

    Do you think your horse loves you?

    Of course not - love is a human emotion. What I do need to ask is where you have been to see so many unhappy horses????
  9. deb_l222


    Awww so sorry you lost Cooper. It’s the hardest thing isn’t it. I’ve been looking for a pal for Willow for a while now, ever since she became an only dog in February but I haven’t had much success. I’ve always had springers but there’s a distinct lack of them coming into rescue so I’ve...
  10. deb_l222

    Patellar Luxation experiences?

    My springer has terrible knees so I might not be the best person to respond ;) Both Willow’s patellas luxate but her left is worse that right and this was the one she has surgery on. The surgery was successful but it still dislocates if she does too much so she’s not allowed to do too much...
  11. deb_l222

    Tick prevention

    Rufus had Bravecto but it wasn’t a pill, it was a kind of stock pot type chewy lump that he just ate. In fact he wolfed it down. I think the normal nose is every three months but he just had one dose at the start of spring and didn’t need another one until the next year. In fact, after he...
  12. deb_l222

    Communication from a vet: don’t know what to make of it!

    My conversations, following anaesthetic, have gone along the lines of: Hiya it's me - just ringing to see how [insert name here] is getting on Oh [he/she] is fine and has come around from the anaesthetic and is now causing havoc. Can you please come and pick up [insert name here] ASAP!! Never...
  13. deb_l222

    Suggestions for (human) insect repellents and bite remedies please

    Back in the day when I used to go abroad for hols, I used to take vitamin B1 and it did seem to have some effect with mozzie bites. I'm not sure it works the same with the UK mozzies and midges though. I've found aloe vera gel to be quite soothing on bites. I had lots of ant bites recently -...
  14. deb_l222

    Horse damages lorry who’s should pay the bill

    Present them will a counter-invoice of 'hire of horse for competition' and make sure it comes to £450!! Anyway, seriously I know you say you don't want to fall out with people but do you really want to stay friends with people like this either? I was expecting you to say your horse had kicked...
  15. deb_l222

    Feel inadequate having cob?

    Well, I had a cart horse!! Other people called him that not me I hasten to add :) What that cart horse could do however was turn his hoof to anything that was asked of him; jumping, dressage, cross country etc. He was ultimately a rock steady chap and that's what I wanted - you could take him...
  16. deb_l222

    Upset Tummy

    I still starve for 24 hours, although I know there's a school of thought that doesn't particularly agree with this method these days. Tinned Chappie is a good starter food but mine get fed Chappie anyway so I usually start off again on rice or pasta for a couple of days, then back to normal.
  17. deb_l222

    Ban On Import Of Dogs With Cropped Ears..

    Personally I think we need to get our own house in order first before we start criticising the practices of other countries. This article states there will also be a ban on importing dogs with docked tails but the UK happily allows this practice (mutilation) to continue unchecked on the...
  18. deb_l222

    Breed recommendations.

    This is what immediately popped into my mind. Spaniels maybe but they’re an already highly strung breed that don’t usually benefit from being wound up further (just going on what you’ve said about your mum). I also thought of the setter group, if you can manage to source one or golden...
  19. deb_l222

    Shocked and heartbroken

    Oh gosh, what a terrible shock for you. Take care of yourself xx
  20. deb_l222

    Would you consider buying this horse?

    Yep, two words in your original post, ‘instantly safe’. How many horses give you that feeling? I would bite their hand off but my requirement for any horse, even when I was young and stupid, was to aim to stay safe. Riding should be fun (in my opinion) and not hard work.
  21. deb_l222

    A Very Sad Day In The Life Of A Work Rider 😭

    So very sad, you must be devastated but what a beautiful tribute to him. Take care xx
  22. deb_l222

    Unexpected arrival

    Oh my days!! It's a real life My Little Pony :) Very, very cute
  23. deb_l222

    How do you manage to have your dog..?

    I’ve always worked full time and always had dogs. I’m currently working from home constantly so not a problem but when I was going in to work, they were just left at home. I did however make sure they had at least an hour’s walk before work and we went out for a walk immediately on my return...
  24. deb_l222

    Taking my lurcher on holiday!

    Should have added, Parkdean (as above) are usually dog friendly as are Hoseasons.
  25. deb_l222

    Taking my lurcher on holiday!

    When I've taken my dogs away (in other people's property), I've discouraged them from jumping on furniture but as it's allowed at home, accidents happen!! The way I've gotten around messing up other people's furniture is to take my own throws for the lounge furniture and take a kingsize quilt...
  26. deb_l222

    Horses sleeping

    This is one of my favourite photos ever taken. Three mares and they always used to rest in a group but in various states of repose!! Sophie (the one stood up in this instance) I guess is technically on guard but lord knows how quickly she would have raised the alarm should a lion have appeared...
  27. deb_l222

    Cut paw.

    I have these for Willow They're fairly robust, even by her standards but she does sometimes put her solitary nail through the end and I have to start a new one :) I have them because they stay on remarkably well...
  28. deb_l222

    "5* home"

    The adverts where a 5* forever home is insisted upon really wind me up. No, you don't have the right to demand a forever home for your horse. If you REALLY wanted that, you would keep it yourself :mad:
  29. deb_l222

    Poor old girl, anybody interested??

    Awwww RIP Coco. How wonderful she had the last years of her life living a good life with you.
  30. deb_l222

    Anyone tow with a hybrid?

    Sorry should have said the 3500kg is the top spec vehicle