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    Livery Yard Rules

    yard rules as well as those obvious rules we also have dont pat the farm dog square up the muck heap poo pick fields daily on a rota worm all horses on yard on same day turn off lights when not in use lock tackroom at night keep the yard gates closed
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    Euthanasia cost

    I had my old mare pts by injection last week Vet Bill came to £ 144. Disposall? by. Farm livestock scheme was £ 85 hope this helps
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    Arthritis of the knee

    i have a 21yr old idxtb mare with severe arthritis in both knees she has large visible bony lumps and is unable to flex either knee shes been fully retired for 5 years and doing well with no treatment but this year now she is being stabled at night her legs are swelling up dramatically overnight...
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    Equine mouthwash

    i use corsodyl diluted 50/50 with water on a daily basis with no problems on my mare who has severe diastema
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    Child Friendly Yard Near Great Missenden

    my sister has a small livery yard in speen if thats any good pm me
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    You know your life is sad when....

    you know when your life is sad when the highlight of your week is home delivery by tescos
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    emily kenyon and anton majors

    hi all i,m looking for someone qualified to take a look at my competition horses back down here in cornwall , i,ve come across emily kenyon and anton majors of equine spinal therapy , does anyone know these two or have any other suggestions?
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    hickstead derby

    You're not alone most of horsey Cornwall are ready to cheer her on we regularly compete against her she's very talented and hard to beat!
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    hickstead derby

    lunch eaten , kids banned , glass of wine on tap, ready to watch our friends daughter sammi jo coffin jump in her first derby live on sky sports at 130, anyone watching with me? also posted on competing and training
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    God give me strength!

    boss own the garage , boss makes the rules if theres money lost because of the little blighters it comes out of his pocket so its his choice
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    hickstead derby

    lunch eaten , kids banned , glass of wine on tap, ready to watch our friends daughter sammi jo coffin jump in her first derby live on sky sports at 130, anyone watching with me?
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    Moving to Cornwall, need vet and farrier recommendations!

    welcome to cornwall i,m in bodmin and highly recommend harleigh vets and my farrier megan urall is excellent , the horsey scene here is very good and diverse , st austell bay riding club would be a good place to start
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    The HHO LGV (HGV) Info clinic

    thanks very much rog thats very helpfull another area of confusion is wether my husband has to fill in a log book when he transports his own horses to competitions at weekends and evenings , he works full time and what he needs to do about his tacho
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    The HHO LGV (HGV) Info clinic

    hi rog my son passed his c1 (i think thats right , he can drive any rigid body lorry) he has bought a 7 1/2 tonne recovery lorry (which has a tacho he fills in each time he drives it ) he uses it at weekends to transport his off roader for recreation , his full time job is driving to clients...
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    questions for those with 3.5 horseboxes (box type)

    i,ve ripped the step off ours twice
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    Livery - Mid Cornwall

    whereabouts in midcornwall are you?
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    The cost of lorry repairs!

    we have a 2002 iveco 3 years ago we relaced 3 break hoses and did full service cost approx £300 in parts,2nd year replaced two abs sensors and master cylinder cost £250 , third year new wood on ramp and one tyre , cost £240 all of the work was done by my husband if we were using a garage i...
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    Being thoroughbred.... Drives me mad!!!

    i,ve got one
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    Sarcoids help

    not a lot you can do its not a welfare issue as many vets still advocate leaving well alone as treatment can be very expensive and are not always effective(that said i,m currently having my gelding treated with liverpool cream and it seems to be working so far ). as for supplements sarc x has...
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    Tragic accident RIP Loki

    i lost my boy to a tragic accident whilst tied in the yard , my heart goes out to you x
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    Ladies of a certain age.....

    loved watching that , the good old days !
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    selling at an auction?

    you need to enter the horse a few weeks ahead of sale so that it can be included in the catalogue.on the day arrive at least 2 hours before sale starts so that people can view the horse , be there to answer any question , dont forget to take a haynet and bucket of water which i leave with the...
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    DIY Livery- what's included in the price at your yard?

    diy we have 3 horses there they each have stable shared grazing own feed room use of new rubber 60 x 40m school , floodlights , no roadwork , cross country course , summer schooling and jumping paddock ,summer 24/7 turnout , daytime in winter without restriction , haylage and straw provided by...
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    liverpool cream update 3

    dannys treatment with liverpool cream for a single large sarcoid on the side of his sheath is progressing well. the area around the sarcoid is sloughing off and looks horrible , theres still quite a lot of swelling and his inner thigh has lost some skin where it has come into contact with his...
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    liverpool cream update 2

    I hope so too
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    Waterproof turnout boots?

    i have premier equine turnout boots on my three 1 tb 1 tb x 1 holsteiner , they go out daily for between 5 and 8 hours in a pretty muddy paddock , legs are completly dry underneath when they come in and no mudfever at all
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    liverpool cream update 2

    did you use the liverpool cream with his mum?
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    liverpool cream update 2

    danny had his third and last treatment with liverpool cream on tuesday , hes been great throughout the vet complimented him on his stoic nature , not bad for a horse who raced for three years. his actual sarcoid has reduced in size by about a third , theres a patch around it making up about an...
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    liverpool treatment update

    Had his third treatment at lunch today and have just left him he's really uncomfortable lots of stamping and kicking he's on Bute twice a day I just hope he's more comfortable in the morning
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    liverpool treatment update

    oh no you must be gutted!