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  1. eekmon

    are you a mare or gelding person?

    I am deffo a gleding person
  2. eekmon

    Top Spec vs Blue Chip??

    I fed my horse it for years with fab results !! He even made it into the 'veteran' section of their brochure
  3. eekmon

    I wonder how many people still have not got....

    I had one for my horse when they first came out, vet never asked for it once in all the years he was seen ( he was operated on once too ) I recently had him pts & thought i would have to send it somewhere but no , nothing Personally if i had just a hack & wasnt going competing ect i...
  4. eekmon

    The Reason I Dislike Post & Rail

    OOh Ive just eaten a pepperoni pizza too !! That looks a good job, hope all goes well for the mare , at least the cold worked in your favour !!
  5. eekmon

    RIP Sir Thomas

    R I P Sir Thomas free
  6. eekmon

    BOSS Black Oil Sunflower Seed

    I used to feed mine ( as recommended on here ) Used to get sunflowers popping up all over the place
  7. eekmon

    Having your horse pts

    I have held two whilst being pts with lethal injection ( one was my own ) I could never decide whether or not to have him shot or pts . had heard horror stories from pts cases. I held a pony i do whilst she was pts. IMO it was quick & dignified ( she still had a big gobful of grass , so it...
  8. eekmon

    Girth rubs

    I used to have the same prob with my horse, old thin skinned & rubbed easily ( small lumps too on occasion ) Was recommended on here a Nuumed girth sleeve , worked a treat Ooops sorry just re read your post
  9. eekmon

    Have the rules on here changed ?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] what was the cheap bedding? !! Please tell [/ QUOTE ] Odd question when one of the posts was yours [/ QUOTE ] LOL
  10. eekmon

    Giving rugs to charity ?

    Thanks for that, will go and check out some of the more local ones, don't really think sending to a big one & them flogging them off cheap would be a good thing for her to do Just wanted to know if they would take rugs as a donation .
  11. eekmon

    Giving rugs to charity ?

    I think she would quite happily wash / re proof them. Its a hassle to sell on e bay so think she wants just to give to some one less fortunate than herself/charity . Said I would ask on here for her. They are 5ft 3 ( i think )
  12. eekmon

    Giving rugs to charity ?

    A friend of mine has recently had her pony pts She has 2 really nice newish stable rugs & 2 turnouts all nice condition. If she has them washed & re proofed is there anywhere that would take them for charity? Either that or she will have wash ect sell & give the money to a good...
  13. eekmon

    Iggy lost his stablemate/ pair bond today

    Thanks everyone again . He was v quiet again today ( apart from when I rode him ) Didn't eat much hay and was 'looking' around today, He did make a fuss at feed time which he didn't do yesterday Lets hope he doesnt miss her too much
  14. eekmon

    What's the most unusual thing you've seen out hacking??

    flashers , shaggers, men in cars having a 'tommy tank' all the ususal stuff you see when on the costal paths we ride on but the strangest thing Ive seen was after the January storms was a dead goat washed up with all the other stuff the storm had dumped on the shore!! How weird ??
  15. eekmon

    3.40am - Just back from Rossdales - vibes needed please!!

    Fingers crossed for him and lots of vibes coming your way !
  16. eekmon

    Iggy lost his stablemate/ pair bond today

    Thanks everybody. I will keep an extra eye on him. I hope that seeing her will help him realise she is gone. He is an old boy anyway & been quite ill recently himself. Lets hope he is ok
  17. eekmon

    Iggy lost his stablemate/ pair bond today

    Well today his 'wife' was pts I was there with her and she went very quickly and quietly. I posted on here a few days ago as to what to do with Iggy when she had gone. After reading your experiences I took him to see her shortly after. He walked up the yard and obviously spotted her in the...
  18. eekmon

    sheath cleaning

    Ive not cleaned my horses in 26 years He IS still standing !! Seen the results of residue left by soap/sheath cleaner.... not nice
  19. eekmon

    My horses stablemate/pair bond being pts on Fri, advice please..

    Oh God you lot have made me cry We will put her in the field nearest the car park so the lorry can pick her up easily. may hand graze my boy with her for half an hour or so before hand. I may get a friend to hold my boy near by, i will be with the mare . Either way I will let him do it in...
  20. eekmon

    My horses stablemate/pair bond being pts on Fri, advice please..

    Thankyou everybody for your replies, the yard will be quiet so as soon as its done ( letal injection ) I will put him on a long line and let him go and see her I take it from all your responses I will know when he s got the message. I just hope he will be ok after thanks again for all your...
  21. eekmon

    My horses stablemate/pair bond being pts on Fri, advice please..

    As title says really I have the unfotunate job of being there as I look after her & her owner is away. I have read on numerous occasions of people letting the remaining pair bond/stable mate see the body of the other horse as a way of accepting they are dead. My horse is old himself &amp...
  22. eekmon

    Katie Price at Olympia

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] noooooo! giving our sport the wrong image she just doesn look right! [/ QUOTE ] Its comments like that, that confirm to the masses that horsey people are stuck up snobs!! [/ QUOTE ] Hate to say it but, yep have to agree with you on that one
  23. eekmon

    Tara did goooood!! SJ Report!! Extremely Self Indulgent :D

    WELL DONE!! You sound like you are on cloud 9
  24. eekmon

    Does anyone have these? (Woof boots - for rider!)

    I have them for winter too ! Great for general yard work and keeping feet toasty, have to agree about puddles though ! I had mine last Oct and wore them every day in the winter ( I do 5 horses a day ) They are still going strong, I bunged them in the washing machine and they came up lovely.
  25. eekmon

    D7H 16 plus.

    Have my oldie on the nuts as he picks out all the good bits from the mix
  26. eekmon


    [ QUOTE ] is it a lot cheaper ? I was sent a sample when they first launched it and my horse didn't like the taste and she is not normally a fussy horse. [/ QUOTE ] Yes about £5 a bag cheaper! My horse is a fussy eater so may ask if I can have a sample first. Only just got a new bag of TS...
  27. eekmon


    This has probably been done a thousand times before so apologies in advance if you're bored of the subject! I'm a big TopSpec fan and been on it for years.....but with everything going up in price ive been recommended Ultimate Balancer as a cheaper alternative. If anyone has recently...
  28. eekmon

    Badger is a hairy boy already!! Howare yours coming along?

    Clipped mine on Fri! He was getting hairy plus down here we are having some very hot days, fed up with a dripping ned and hosing down so off it came. So much better when I rode yesterday. Luckily its so warm hes gone out naked and only needed a fleece on at night.
  29. eekmon

    Mixing Bedding

    Yes. Before I put my horse on straw a used to have him on chopped straw ( think it was called Belvoir then, but the same as Bliss ) mixed with shavings. It made a very nice bed. .....or maybe I am strange too
  30. eekmon

    At what age would you start winding down a horse in old age

    Well if your just plodding him around hes got years to go !! My oldie is 31 and still hacks 4-5 times a week !! Not a plod either, clipped him today as fed up with the loony sweating!! Just go with what horse tells you P.S The vet thought he was 16 last year