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    Equitop Myoplast

    Cronkmooar I cannot speak highly enough of this product and I think for your purposes it would he perfect. I am a welfare inspector and last winter I seized many emaciated ponies. Due to their body condition they could barely hold their body weight up so pumping food in to gain weight was...
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    Totilas sold???

    I think if it were true there would be a massive influx of messages, it was anounced that he would stay on to breed so the speaker may have miss spoken ....... hopefully!
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    Totilas sold???

    I thought he was staying in the states to breed it was announced last week
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    saddle reccomendations

    try a lovell and rickets saddle, they fit cobs really well and one of their gp models is like an armchair to sit in!
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    Horse Hero

    Here here!
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    Horse Hero

    and you know how i love cider so it must be worth it! Ha Ha
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    Hand held clippers - are they any good

    no they are useless!
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    Horse Hero

    Guys seriously its only 15 quid a year, you get amazing videos like Dr Bectolschimer long reining my personal fave, these videos cannot be seen anywhere else. The website is informative and entertaining the vidoes are incredibly useful, Fiona Price who ok has an amazing time shooting these...
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    Ariat Concord Chaps

    love mine 11 quid on ebay brand new amazingly comfortable!
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    I really don't know what to do ???

    And i totally agree with applecart spend time with her, take her for a walk etc it will help.
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    I really don't know what to do ???

    Hi, Try NAF Pink Powder before you make any rash decisions
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    pig oil and sulphur???

    this is amazing for preventing mud fever and feather burn, the pig oil prevents the mud sticking and really conditions the hair. Top draught and cob producers swear by this potion.
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    I am FURIOUS!!!!

    did you pass?
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    Feather Winter Protection

    If you add Flowers of Sulpher to pig oil this will act as a barrier to prevent the mud from sticking and also prevent mud fever, and those beautiful feathers from snapping with mud burn. It will look yellow to start with but this will fade and you will be left with beautiful white feathers. It...
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    Baby horse help

    lol Nelson mine was a camel the other week! I am going to bring strapping into my grooming routine, anything to help really, she is so lovely if i can help her grow into a swan i will x
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    Baby horse help

    Oh yes she is tucked up cozy over night x I think because this is the first youngster i have owned myself im being too picky?
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    Baby horse help

    Im just looking at the strapping video again. So you top spec rather than blue chip. Yes it is judges opinion but i am aware of how she looks but then again she is only two and out and up out and up every week. Years ago we would turn them away with good hay in the field and hard feed once a...
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    Baby horse help

    You know what i was looking at that the other day on horse hero. I get the theory and would really like someone to show me how or if it is simple to pick up talk me through it.
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    Baby horse help

    She is on blue chip as a feed balancer, i used to use top spec with my other horse but i just cannot seem to get it where i am so i switched to blue chip.
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    Baby horse help

    Yes i am very mindful of excess weight on joints especially young ones! She gets the best feed and is on great quality hay as the various types of haylage i have tried did not agree with her. Her diet is good and well balanced. What i am after really are ideas on how to build her up (muscle...
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    Baby horse help

    I have a beautiful youngster Udo Van Padhuis/Rona Diva, she is two and compared to some two year olds she still looks underdeveloped. I am mindful of over feeding as i do not want excessive weight on young joints, she comes out hacking with my other horse in hand. She has a wonderful attitude...
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    Travelling an emaciated horse

    I think you will be suprised at how resilliant horses can be. I wouldn't stop every half hour as this will increase journey length, perhaps stop half way to check and offer water. Leave her loose and no partitions obviously shut top doors incase she tries to jump out unlikely I know but i...
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    And i can vouch they are all good for the farrier too!!!! ha ha , yes chris is in the very fortunate position of being the proud owner of 3 incredibly moving horses very sweet temperments even the stallion, who is turned out with his gelding brother led by chris who is about 5ft on a good day...
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    yippee pink feed stirrer

    Theres always one! Who cares! u get a pink stirrer!!!! lol
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    Peeling frog, could it be making him footsore?

    please dont apply oil based products on your horses feet, water is the best way to keep the foot moisturised as it is easily absorbed and oil prevents the foot from regulating the moisture content, waterbased products are ok and hoof disenfectants are ok but please not oil x
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    Peeling frog, could it be making him footsore?

    the frog is just trying to exfoliate itsself by the sound of it, it will not cause any problems and your farrier will be able to tidy it up next time he is shod
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    Yey! I have finally ordered a haybar...

    I love my haybar its fantstic esp as i got it for £19 on ebay lol sorry guys x
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    Farrier search website

    try you should find all you need to there x hope that helps
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    Jackets for dressage

    Low level dressage tweed is ok, showjumping types are frowned on though persionally i think a plain well cut navy jacket is very classy in the dressage ring with either white or cream stock whatever colour ur breeches are x
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    Foot problems? Highly recommend this website, very informative.

    I use this site alot, it very informative and can chat with collegues and discuss issues and ideas, gain information and use other peoples experiences and view my opinions. I believe its extremely important to be on top and into new products and ideas to provide the best service for my...