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    Straw is the best bedding

    I have found straw definately encourages a horse to lie down. A clean well made bed with the sides banked up..Ive nearly fallen asleep in it myself.!
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    Am I ready for a horse?

    You havent mentioned one of the most important aspects, being knowledgeable enough to look after one.! If you do and are just nervous about the expense of looking after a horse or if something goes wrong I am sure that will pass in a few months if you are confident everything is in place to...
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    Straw is the best bedding

    Nothing nicer than a fresh springy straw bed.Its easier to handle and lighter than shavings without the dust. My liverey make their own straw and its easy to tell a good year as the bale opens to nice bright yellow long straws.
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    As you get older what is the most important thing you have learnt

    That you are in charge,know your own mind and what feels right and have the confidence to act on it whether others think it isnt. Dont ignore your instincts,horses never do.!
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    Your Horse Ghost Stories.

    When we moved house we took our beautiful tabby cat with us and decided to keep him inside for a few weeks as it was the city and until he was used to his surroundings. My dog was recovering from hepatitis at the time and got a bit more extra care than the cat I suppose. One day as I was...
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    Your Horse Ghost Stories.

    It is comforting to know animals can still visit us on earth and I am sure they were helping you. I occasionally see my deceased terriers.The most recent was on wakening in the morning my oldie who was a very devoted dog was sitting on the armchair opposite my bed and was staring intently at...
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    Do terriers wear coats?

    Mine has the Equifleece outfits .They keep him dry and absorb most of the muddy wetness around the belly.
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    Low calorie dog food for just spade spaniel

    If you choose a dry dog food the carbs are all tied in with the meat content. I f you want to lower weight you would need to lower the carb content. I dont like dry food for dogs personally, my dog eats 90% meat content top quality tinned meat and no biscuits. His weight is fine and healthy and...
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    PTS needle phobic horse

    Whatever was wrong with him I for one dont like your comments on him.Your comments are not helpful to anyone.End of.
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    PTS needle phobic horse

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    PTS needle phobic horse

    Hopefully it was a rare case.
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    PTS needle phobic horse

    I chose the needle over shooting as I was worried things might go wrong with that method and the whole experience too violent. If you choose an experienced vet who treats horses only things should be ok.I am reassured my horse went peacefully.
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    PTS needle phobic horse

    That must have been very upsetting. I changed from a regular vet.teaching hospital because of their practise on using young vets in training not specialised in horse care to come out on their own and often not even examining the horse just giving advice and charging full rates, waste of time ...
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    PTS needle phobic horse

    I had a small treat in my hand he could smell which switched the mind from the needle going in.The sedation is heavy and very quickly took effect.
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    PTS needle phobic horse

    Its up to the owner to decide.I personally wouldnt dream of shooting although as others have desrcibed it may not be as awful as I imagined .My oldie was sedated and p.t.s without stress or drama by a horse vet.You can be there all the time stroking and saying goodbyes although I held it all...
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    Horse ok to be stabled alone?

    Not an ideal situation and it will be in a new environment for him,so he may complain. If he has been on his own in the field he might be more accepting of it. A stable mirror could help and some hanging licks to keep him occupied.A light left on at night if you are allowed too.
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    First horse silly questions!!!

    Apart from the financial burden of owning a horse the main thing is you do need is good knowledge of how to look after one properly.Read as many books as you can and get as much information as you can to find out the answers you re looking for. Then I would get in touch with a horse charity...
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    Supportive, cushioned, waterproof wellies or boots?

    I love Barbour wellies great foot support and suit my slim foot and leg but were a devil to get off.I see they now have shorter length wellies since I complained.! Lol .Found Aglie Victorienne good for dog walking the long and short are easy to get off and very comfy.I am always on the lookout...
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    Rug, no rug- yes... I know...

    Yes I agree no rug is best,but thinking about the possibility of rainscald.I have seen it on even thick coats due to constantly wet skin so suggest a light rain sheet maybe.?
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    Dog hates all male animals!

    My neighbour has B/T on next doors smallholding.Its a bit the same as yours I think.It tries to attack my dog and hunts my cat and lets itself in the garden.They usually confine themselves to small furry things but no point it in it frightening your horse.Keep it on a lead.
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    Companion ponderings

    I think youngsters will need a fair bit of time and handling and can get themselves into mischief and possibly annoying your older horse.I agree with others the Blue Cross would be my first choice to find a companion.They are a well set up organisation and the reassuring thing is if you find are...
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    Box walking!

    Its still early days and will take a bit of time to get used to for her the new coming and goings around her yard.I had a horse that almost bolted on seeing a sheep unexpectedly in the yard even though he had a flock them in his field! Ive heard a stainless steel horse mirror in their stable can...
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    Tips to keep horses happy whilst living out all through winter

    Sounds like they will be very happy ! .Ad lib hay will generate its own warmth inside their bodies so they wont need excessive rugging. Keeping the water trough free of ice will be something to keep any eye on as they will be drinking more with eating hay. You seem well prepared.:)
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    Dream pony

    My daughter bought a pony a number of years ago.A rather neglegted 12.2 Welsh B chestnut gelding with blaze.He was very skinny with a tail matted in mud and stressed as he was missing his field companion and had been kept short of food. We gradually got him into condition and he turned into a...
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    Home or livery

    I think most horse owners at the yard I was at on dreamt of having their horse at home.
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    War Horse

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    War Horse

    Anybody else watching the film.? The horrors the poor beasts went through during the War is something I couldnt watch.
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    Probiotic for horse with colic tendency

    Hilton Herbs have Gastric X Plus for digestive support. Is her teeth possibly needing checked.? A sharp tooth can affect her eating without it being noticed too much. I think being on her own must be causing some stress whether she shows it outwardly,it may be affecting her digestive...
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    Yearly dog vaccinations

    The British Vetinary Assc. recommends the vacs. NOT LESS than every three years. Many practising vets choose to ignore this and persist in yearly vacs.A great money spinner.I get the yearly reminder but ignore it.Another ploy is vet saying they have to start the whole series of vaccs again if...
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    Dogs with short legs, harnesses and mud...

    I have two which I can wash and dry by the time he needs them again.. harnesss that is.!