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    Expecting an exciting delivery...

    So sorry to read this. But horses in fields, well we want them to be free don't we? And with children too, it is the sporty ones who get injuries.
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    pic of my other share horse Miss F

    Glad you have good horses to ride. But a bit surprised to see such a young woman. I thought you were a fellow oldie, born in 1948.
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    Strong horse

    When my old share became too eager and spookey, the YO (the owner of the mare) cut her food. Not saying this is right in your case. But I do school as I hack. Lots of transitions, and where there is space, turns and backing up. The idea is to keep the horse thinking about you and not taking...
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    Are more expensive hats worth the money?

    Thank you for this thread and the info. I wear a large HS1. It looks odd just for hacking but years ago I asked a senior RI at the hacking yard about something lighter and vented for summer and he told me that he couldn't advise any client to reduce the protection they were using. Now things...
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    Health and safety (specifically arm over horse's head)

    I learned to ride as an older adult and did the BHS Stage I stable management course at my RS. I was taught to take the long strap on the head collar, put it under the horses chin and up the other side of her neck and reach over the neck to take it in my other hand. This sorted out the circle...
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    Remember this is what we enjoy the most

    Tik Maynard taught me this. To do nothing. And the mare noses me between mouthfuls of haynet. And if I think of her at night in bed I fall asleep
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    Pic of my new share horse and a lovely session!

    What good news anx sounds a good match
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    Who’s cried in a lesson?

    Cried after every lesson my first year. Till an observer reported it as bullying. The RI said I would kill myself hacking. May be but I still hack 20 years later.
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    Helmet struggles

    I wear my hair in a plait. So does ym. It hangs down my back . About your hat , one should try them a bit longer, but the foam does compress over time and they get looser.
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    Do you get used to riding in back protectors

    Air vests over a bp are definitely safer than a bp on its own because they can cover lower down the spine and further up the neck. But as Amber said, there is a chance of mechanical failure and so they should always be worn over a bp. My OH who was frail and round shouldered wore an air jacket...
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    Insurance - liability if at a livery yard!

    At my present yard it is compulsory to have liability insurance. Which I have in BHS gold, being a member. However BHS liabiity is insurance of last resort. Many people will already have liability as part of their household insurance (or, if living with parents, their parents). We also have to...
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    Stirrup leather recommendations

    I am horrified to see what my leathers now cost. They are Amerigo, Italian leather. Bought on impulse at Olympia in 2011. Used only once a week for 10 years but still in good shape. They replaced a pair of unbranded Italian leathers from Martin Wilkinson, saddlery. One of them had stretched a...
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    Packing list for riding holiday in Crete - 10kg limit

    We had no trouble with hold baggage in Crete. The airport is small. Not like landing at Heathrow.
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    Just a happy post!

    I am so pleased. It is riding that keeps me going too.
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    New bridle recommendations

    I rode for years in a sabre bridle. I am not at all expert but I liked it so much I just bought some similar sabre leather reins for my current share and it has transformed our relationship. I would have bought her Albion but decided to stick with what I already knew.
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    Selling an unused riding hat

    Riding hats have a sell by date. After that, the foam lining can harden and degrade. I know because I bought a replacement Gatehouse HS1 from the shop of a reputable saddler. The maker asked me to return it to the shop and posted me a replacement. I remember it clearly as the shop I relied on...
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    Packing list for riding holiday in Crete - 10kg limit

    It maybe hotter than you think. We went to Crete on 9 October 2019 and a week later in Knossos my pics show tourists in shorts and strappy tops. We were on an archeology trip but my pics show both men and women in shorts and trecking type sandals. I bought an extra T shirt while there as it was...
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    Sports Bra

    I too use shock absorber. I was a novice adult hacker who liked to canter and was told to get a sports bra by the young RS escort with whom I rode for three or four years. Being entirely un athletic I had never heard of a sports bra. She also told me to put on face cream before hacking. Her...
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    Recommend some riding gloves!

    Do we all stick with what we were told when we started to ride? Posh saddlery kitted me out for winter hacking with Roekl gloves. But I also had woofwear fingerless for grooming. So one can feel every inch of skin. They seem to have gone out of existence.
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    Amber is in foal!!

    Of course she does. I was lucky to see them together.
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    Channeling your inner hoarder and overattachment to sentimental but useless tack

    If you are still friends, could you ask for it back? I "gave" my mane and tail brush to an experienced groom who looked after my old share and when the horse eventually died, she returned the brush to me. It had come top choice in a H&H list I think and she liked it, but I never needed to...
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    Horses v ponies

    My long term 15h Connie is excluded from this. I regarded her as a horse. As a RS rider I found horses far easier than the ponies. More compliant for a start: ponies were used for child riders and became accustomed to taking many decisions for themselves. And physically ponies were less easy to...
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    Channeling your inner hoarder and overattachment to sentimental but useless tack

    Me too. And OP keep the bridle. And keep it in good condition.
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    Young horse and novice rider

    It might be a good idea for you to read a bit about horses? Horses are prey animals and need to be ready to run. But they live in herds and the herd as a whole needs to minimise energy output and maximise food intake. If you sit on the horse, it is very likely just to stand there and do nothing...
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    Young horse and novice rider

    I was a new rider in my 60s when I met the Connie mare who was the love of my life. She was 6. I was too ignorant to know that this was young. I always wore a bp. But being realistic I know no one who has learned to ride without falling off at some point, even with the most careful of teachers...
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    Do you get used to riding in back protectors

    I have worn a bp since my very first hack about 20years ago and have never since ridden without one. I even took it to the USA and wore it there when trail riding. My OH did the same. It softens after you put it on and I dont realise I am wearig it.
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    Champion body protectors

    No but I had a problem with a new hat, notified them and they replaced it.
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    Stretch marks after riding

    You sound to be in USA? Were you riding in jeans? If so, the seams can rub or the jeans wrinkle as you describe. To ride, one needs USA jeans designed for riding, which have softer seams inside the leg. And if you are not used to riding, a pair of thin women's nylon tights worn under the jeans...
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    After 11 riding lessons

    About the constant leg aid needed. This is normal. My current (solo) hack similarly needs a leg aid to continue in trot or canter. RS horses are trained this way for safety. I could teach her not to need leg when I am riding her, but decided against it. A safe horse is a treasure when canterng...
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    Hip pain when riding - solutions?

    Moderation in all things is the answer for me. Narrow horse, different saddle but above all moderation. My RI advised me not to hack and canter extensively on two consecutive days. So I never have and both my cantering and my hips remain fine. The only day there was pain was after I misguidedly...