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    My next equine project horse

    He looks amazing. Such a handsome horse. The change from that little scrap you first brought home! Can't wait to see pictures of him competing.
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    Wouldn't think he was a naughty boy

    What gorgeous faces! Both of them look like butter wouldn't melt... :)
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    Rory is almost 14 weeks old!

    He is so cute!!
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    Horse therapy at it's best!

    She looks so happy!
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    6 months angry and upset.

    I can't see a picture but so glad to hear he is doing so well.
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    Valuing a horse for a claim

    Again, so sorry for your loss. My friend had to do the same after her horse dropped dead in the field one day. We got her instructor and the vet to do a valuation. As others have said, they listed his attributes and quoted current prices for horses advertised with equal abilities.
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    Recovering from the worst day of my life

    So very very sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful boy. Xx
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    My next equine project horse

    Congratulations AA. I hope 2014 will be a fantastic year for you, Alice and Ted. Looking forward to continued updates on this wonderful thread.
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    My next equine project horse

    Can you post him to America? :)
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    Honest opinions required!!

    I have a lamp base made out of shoes. It was made from my Uncle's horses shoes. My Uncle died of cancer 7 years ago, so it is a lovely reminder of him.
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    Rest in peace Hot Stepper

    So sad. The poem was beautiful. RIP Hot Stepper.
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    Introducing Missy!

    Ooh! So pretty!
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    HOVIS's Friday Diary

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    A Very Sad Update but a Great Big 'Thank you' to all HHO'ers

    So very sorry for your loss. xx
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    I lose my boy today

    So sorry. Sounds like you were lucky to find each other. Hugs. Xxx
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    My stallion has friends

    He's lovely! And that ball is awesome! Is it actually a horse toy or something you found he likes? My TB used to kick his snack ball around like a football, but that thing is great!
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    What horse you dreamt of and what you actually ended up with...a bit of fun.

    I wanted a medium weight colored cob. I got a chestnut thoroughbred!
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    I said goodbye to my best friend last night

    So sorry for your loss.
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    Hovis' Friday Diary

    Ah, Hovis' Friday Diary... My week is complete!!! THANKYOU!
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    Welcome to the world

    "Well, I have one passport that says I can be in here and one that doesn't. Technically I am "overseas" . . .depending on how you define you terms." Me too! Currently living in the USA. Can't see us returning to the UK though. Unfortunately left my horse in the UK and haven't ridden here for...
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    A sheepish hello and who wants Hovis back?!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! That is all...
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    Deposit Paid!!!!!

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    Please, please pray for my boy :-'(

    All things crossed for your big boy
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    Can I have a hug please

    Hugs xx
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    In shock... I can't believe my pony's gone.

    So very sorry. He was a truly stunning horse. Take care if yourself xx
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    can i be just a little tiny bit excited?

    I think you could be A LOT excited!
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    I am seriously cross.

    Oh no!
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    How exciting! Have fun!
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    What a day but she is here!