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  1. nikicb

    Straightness training

    I have had a few ST lessons with my previous mare, and also a few with Diane T-B with both my previous mare and current mare. I did enjoy the ST work, and it definitely helped with getting my previous mare to slow down a bit and start to use her body correctly. When I then had my first session...
  2. nikicb


    I found the following via a quick Google search.... Puffa is undergoing something of a renaissance. The British outerwear brand, which describes itself as “the original duvet clothing company”, has been around...
  3. nikicb

    Mare kicking out when leg is used

    Vet for a lameness/loss of performance work up would be my next step. Good luck.
  4. nikicb

    New neddie in waiting

    Good luck for the vetting!! Fingers crossed your husband will have his own horse soon. :)
  5. nikicb

    Canter Transitions

    I've replied on your thread in C&T as have several others. Good luck.
  6. nikicb

    Canter transitions

    Every now and then I lose my canter transitions too. I did with my previous mare occasionally and it also happens occasionally with my current one. If I fluff a transition, I get a bit flustered and then I definitely overthink it the next time I ask, and it becomes a bit of a vicious circle...
  7. nikicb

    Going medieval

    What amazing hacking you have around you! It's also lovely to see you having fun after a few stressful months. xx
  8. nikicb

    Early September weekend plans

    Hope all goes well, always a stressful time. xx
  9. nikicb

    In at the deep end... Lottie goes to camp!

    What a fab post! I think you and Lottie are going to have a ball together. :) x
  10. nikicb

    Early September weekend plans

    Nothing for us over the weekend. Maddie is still only hand grazing until her rescan next Wednesday. Thankfully the swelling seems to be almost gone, although I know I will worry about it for a while. I am considering getting her some boots to wear in the field at least in the short term -...
  11. nikicb

    Just a happy post!

    What a lovely post!!
  12. nikicb

    Update on Rose

    I am so sorry to read your latest update. It's such a shame after all the work you put into her when you first got her, and how great she was looking. Keeping everything crossed for you that time and mooching about for a few months in a field is all she needs. Hope she settles well with her...
  13. nikicb


    So sorry. Losing a horse unexpectedly and suddenly is just so hard. Take care of yourself. Big hugs. xxx
  14. nikicb

    August Bank Holiday Weekend Plans

    Thank you both! I love that picture of Amber and Lottie plotting AE. Well done j1ffy for your first test with Chilli - he looks fab and I can't wait to meet him soon. Some great reports from lots of others as well! Generally it's been a rubbish week. Eldest son had Covid symptoms on Monday...
  15. nikicb

    Equimins advance pellets feeding tips pls

    All three of mine eat the pellets quite happily, mixed in a variety of other feed, and they have all turned their noses up at other things in the past. And my little welshie who I lost last year ate them as well no problem, and he could be really fussy - he refused to eat polos full stop for...
  16. nikicb

    Is this pot hunting??

    I have just gone in again and it has now managed to find Maddie, but says her owner details do not match. The passport is in my name, but using the shortened form of my first name as that is how I refer to myself (for all 'official' stuff in the horse world). My driving licence which I used...
  17. nikicb

    Is this pot hunting??

    I have just tried with 5 different UELNs - 3 current horses and 2 I lost last year. It doesn't recognise a single one - 2 Pet-ID passports, 1 Irish horse register, 1 Arab Horse Society and 1 WPCS. Hmmmm..... not really sure what I am meant to do/need to do next.
  18. nikicb

    August Bank Holiday Weekend Plans

    Maddie and I should have been at the Midway Championships at Hartpury this weekend. Instead we ended up at our local equine hospital. Last weekend she managed to knock herself in the field and came in with a puffy hot leg. Although a lot of the swelling had gone down with cold hosing, cooling...
  19. nikicb

    Oops, spur of the moment DD purchase…

    Oh what a lovely expression he has! Looking forward to following your progress together.
  20. nikicb

    Have We Lost the Plot? Springer

    I am so happy to read this!! We love having a Spaniel in the house, albeit a cocker. Can't wait to see more Ziggy pictures!! 😍 😍 😍
  21. nikicb

    Livery - near Guildford

    Southlands Equestrian in Bramley. Plenty of turnout and never gets muddy as on sandy soil. :)
  22. nikicb

    Adult with ponies

    Another pony rider here..... I'm 5'4" On Maddie 14.2 On my previous mare Cassie 14.1
  23. nikicb

    Dummy foal-and recovery

    He's lovely, as is mum! Thank you for updating. :) x
  24. nikicb

    Dentist recommendations - West Berks

    I was also going to say Bee May. She’s lovely with the horses as is her colleague. Appointments always booked well in advance and reliable. I could write more but I really would just be repeating what Mavandkaz said. Would happily recommend.
  25. nikicb

    And phew!

    So happy to read this update!! Great news. :) x
  26. nikicb

    Weekend plans :D

    See my post above!!! Ten months in (although the first 4.5 were in lock down so slightly different) and we still have wobbly sessions. Don't forget the change is big for them as well as us. You're doing great. :) x
  27. nikicb

    Weekend plans :D

    I dropped Maddie off at our trainer's yard this morning for a mini bootcamp, as I am away with family/friends at a music festival for the weekend. I will pop back though on Saturday as my saddler is coming out to check her saddle. I don't think it's that bad, but it hasn't been checked for 2.5...
  28. nikicb

    Nightmare situation. Recurrent impaction/pelvic issues

    So sad, far too young. Take care of yourself Poppy. xx
  29. nikicb

    Remedial Farriers Berkshire

    Berkshire Farriers/Luke Silcock - has been my farrier for 11 years and works closely with Donnington Grove as one of their recommended farriers. Reliable, knowledgeable and good to deal with. x
  30. nikicb

    Second weekend in August plans.....

    You both look absolutely stunning GG! Beautiful pictures.