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    Finadyne paste

    Has anyone ever been given this by the vet for their horse. My MIL has just been given it for her lami pony, and I have never come across it before. Sadly I think we are talking last chance saloon for the pony, but was hoping for some positive stories on it! Thanks
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    Girth suggestions

    I am having problems with one of my horses getting what looks like a golf ball on both sides from the girth. These don't hurt at all, and trust me she would let you know if they did. They appear when I do longer rides, she did 40k on sunday, and they were back. They will probably now not go at...
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    Humane girths.

    Has anyone else been told they are not allowed for competing? One of my clients was told this last week, and I had never heard of this before!
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    Arc Equine, thoughts please

    I have been thinking about getting an arc equine machine, as one of mine has damaged a check ligament, as well as the superficial, and before I spend what is quite a lot of money, I thought I would ask for experiences in using one day to day. So has anyone got one, and how did your horses react...
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    Pontispool this weekend

    Is anyone going? I'm off for an outing on one of the horses I ride this weekend. First ever dressage test she will have done. Fingers crossed all goes well, but as I can't find the times on the website, its looking like its going to be one of those days!
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    Driver CPC and horse attendant courses

    I am about to take my lorry license so that I can drive my bosses lorry to take their horses out schooling and competing. I have looked on the government website and am still confused! (currently that doesn't take much!) So do I have to take the CPC, and has anyone taken it? I also need to look...
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    Cantering out hacking

    Out hacking with a friend the other day, we were talking about standing or sitting in canter out hacking. We both mainly stand, in a cross country position, but she hacked out with another lady who is very nervous who said she was cantering slowly so that she could do it properly, ie sitting...
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    Working Pupils and Training.

    Out of interest how much training would you say is reasonable for a working pupil. Should it be a mixture of stable management and riding? Do you think the working pupil should ask for their training, or should it follow some sort of schedule? Would it vary given the level of experience of...
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    Increase in value post backing

    Having a discussion with a friend recently, who for her own health related issues (not horse related) has decided that she is unable to keep a horse that she bred. He has yet to be started and we were weighing up the pro's and con's of backing before sale. He is nearly 7, and well bred for...
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    Farrier recomendation in the Berkeley area of Gloucestershire.

    Has anyone got a good farrier who is patient and happy doing barefoot horses. They aren't in work so no shoes, but two have had cushings related laminitis. The horses in question belong to my boyfriends mother, and she seems to be having problems finding the right person. Much remedial work has...
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    Working Pupil supervision

    A quick question, should working pupils under the age of 18 be left unsupervised with no adult on the yard at all. In the situation in question there is a 16 and a 17 year old being left while the other members of staff go off schooling. What do you think?
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    Those with horsey OH's

    Do you ever consider what happens with the horses if you split up? For instance if you share one of them. What happens with transport you own between you and who stays at the yard if you don't own where you keep them? Would you expect horses to struggle at being separated from long term...