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    Teaching children to ride in other countries

    I know someone, in the UK, who took her children to he Pony Club riding her 15.2 Morgan, which was a big show winner, beautifully schooled, and and a very kind mare. Pony Club had a fit and insisted that Mother (who was a Morgan trainer too) had to get a pony - she remarked to me that her...
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    Teaching children to ride in other countries

    From the thread from the lady with the pony on working livery and asking how her child should progress ........... How is riding taught to children in other countries. In Germany do they put 5 year olds on a large horse and lunge them until they develop "a seat" and then progress to very well...
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    It depends on what you actually want to do. Help at a show - contact the secretary and offer to help, as a beginner you could ask to do it with someone more experienced. For RDA just contact the local branch. For fence judging you need a bit more experience, but again, ask to do it with...
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    Buying youngster for pro to produce

    Yes, you are correct. Never do business with friends ...................... In fact the vendor can't be that anxious as they haven't sent any details about breeding or even the price they want yet. My first thought was to help them both, as well as the youngster being a nice looking horse...
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    Sleeping in a pickup for overnight stays?

    Rather cramped and cold, how are you going to manage if there is rain? Making a trailer into a camper isn't so much trouble, some Trec people who are camping well into autumn use one of those pop up tents for extra insulation. Put a rug down over the trailer floor to cover the hay. You can...
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    Blenheim Horse Trials

    I was a grateful recipient of a freebie pass, thanks Lexi, but you are correct, really it was a bit overgenerous if you could give them away like that. I hope that the event is a success for everyone.
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    Buying youngster for pro to produce

    That's a sensible reply, thanks. The owner/breeder is fairly desperate to sell, as they are loosing grazing and has the mare, dam of the youngster, that he has had for a long time and doesn't want to sell, a young horse that had an injury and is not actually lame at the moment but not great...
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    Buying youngster for pro to produce

    I know this has been discussed before, but the youngster is currently quite desperate for a new home. It is very well bred dressage horse (aren't they all) with relations with nationally known riders and competing right now. I don't know why the current owner/breeder hasn't just advertised in...
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    Hunt coming through yard

    Last autumn I was out on a hack and went slap into the hunt emerging from a bridlepath. There was nothing for it but to do a brisk trot to keep up and hope horse didn't buck, holding him back was obviously a waste of time and effort and much more likely to lead to injury to me and horse. Once...
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    Hunt coming through yard

    If they have permission from the land owner they can use the footpath.
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    How much is a reasonable rent for field and stables?

    I poo pick my small paddock daily in the summer, but in the autumn/winter they go out into an orchard and I do not poo pick that, but it gets harrowed in the spring.
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    How much is a reasonable rent for field and stables?

    Yes, or she might sub-let to cover the rent. I have known of people who used to have double the number of horses and one was in the field while the other was in the stable!
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    Bicton 5*.

    AH, OK. I didn't see it, just from the comments after the round.
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    After flu and tet

    That's what I have been told, not to let them get hot and sweaty for 3 days. I give mine the day off after the jab.
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    Bicton 5*.

    Think I'm agreeing with Oli about the frangible pins though. Cross country horses do learn to put their hind legs on a drop fence.
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    That is so sad.. A terrible shock for you. Sending hugs.
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    Aggressive horse dilema

    Yes, I certainly agree that its a good idea to get him checked out by a vet since his behaviour has changed so much. But I wouldn't be that surprised if nothing was found. A horse without leadership is a worried horse and will try to take over, which sounds as if this has happened, also cobs...
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    What's happened on the M1?

    How sad for the owners. I know someone who lives next to the M1 with cattle and horses and I never think the roadside fencing looks very high. After all, fences that high are jumped out hunting.
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    6yr old - just been backed - would you buy?

    The backing is the easy bit, it is the next couple of years schooling that is the hard work. Being a bit older might make her more mature in attitude, but find out if she has been out to any shows, or seen anything of life so far because it might be a bit of a shock to her system. The age...
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    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    Shouldn't the competitors be able to watch "their" horse being show jumped over 1 round by its usual rider, and then let the competitor get on after 10 minutes or so of rest, let them get to know the horse, as done now, and then go in to jump. So they would have the confidence to know that the...
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    Nightmare situation. Recurrent impaction/pelvic issues

    So you didn't see what caused the leg injury? I'm afraid that it sounds as though he had a fall where he got a cut on his leg, but also injured his pelvis at the same time, but this wasn't obvious at first. How many times do we see a horse fall, but they get up and look completely fine and...
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    Have I left it too late?

    Long, long ago, the August Bank Holiday used to be at the beginning of August - can't remember if it was the first or second Monday. Tradition was to get the hunters in after that Bank Holiday, or at least start walking them in preparation for the next season. And then at the end of the...
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    drill rides

    That's amazing, where did you find that!
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    drill rides

    Isn't something like "Ride. Prepare to trot - and trot on." Our Pony Club did a few years of musical rides and I expect that they originated from army displays, but it is so long ago I can't remember in detail.
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    Live streaming from Bicton 5*…..would you pay £25?!

    I suppose they think that anyone watching has not paid for an entrance ticket or travel. We sit and watch racing on the TV! I wondered how the ERM competitions were making money, as it was all available for free to watch.
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    Safe cob or flashy purebred?!

    It is a big shame as their is certainly a niche for them, a sensible horse that can turn its hoof to anything and the most vital thing, they are as a breed, co-operative and, as an American said "Very forgiving of their riders." They are not rocking horses, they can be very spirited but their...
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    Safe cob or flashy purebred?!

    This is why I wish Morgans were much better known, there are very few being bred in the UK. They are small horses, will do anything, usually sensible even if they are spirited. They are co-operative horses, you might fall off, but they (mostly) won't want you to. Mine sometimes looks as...
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    Safe cob or flashy purebred?!

    I have never owned a cob, but they seem to me to be very prone to bucking, is is their short back? The often seem to have a "playful" buck when going into canter, or when spooking. Not necessarily unseating, but annoying all the same. As above, get something that is doing what you want it to...
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    Please please sign

    Get the Ramblers on board, and read their website as there is masses of information, including how to serve Notice on a Council. What does the Local Access Forum think about this matter?
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    There are lots of stallions living and competing perfectly OK, but they are usually kept by people with their own land, who can manage the living arrangements. Just because they are stallions doesn't mean they are difficult or dangerous, it depends on how they were brought up and educated. My...