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    where to advertise yard to rent without spending a fortune?

    I need to advertise yard to rent but i am doing it as a favour as its the yard im moving out of, therefore i dont want to pay ad fees. Any good free sites?
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    Farriers in Aylesbury area?

    Any suggestions for farriers that cover the Aylesbury area, mine appears to have gone AWOL and the horses are getting desperate! :mad: Thanks :)
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    Does anyone know of any yards around the Aylesbury area?

    Im looking around for livery yards or even more ideally a small yard to rent. Currently considering all options grass/diy/part etc! Any suggestions welcome!! Thanks
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    I need a photographer!!

    As title really! I am getting married in September and need to find a photographer so any suggestions welcome pretty please?! I am beginning to realise that its a very expensive business so in an ideal world would love to find someone thats maybe just starting up or trying to build a...
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    what to do with a sore paw?

    My little JRT caught his back paw when chasing the cat (!) a few days ago. Ive had a good look and it looks as tho he has just caught the claws on his two middle toes. Odd because his nails are actually quite short but i think he slid across the concrete funny. Anyway it bled quite a bit to...
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    School surface has really got to go! Any offers?!

    I posted a while back about my yard closing and selling up (thank you to all those who replied) But i still have the school surface to sell and im getting desperate for it to go now so will take an offer if anyone knows someone that might be interested or can tell me where i should try one last...
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    Bombproof 13.2 coloured cob...why no interest??!!

    As title, we have a super little coloured for sale who is safe as houses and we have pretty much had no interest at all. He's been put up for 3150, but offers will be considered as he really has to go! Its getting frustrating because hes so safe he will make a super pony for someone! Any...
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    A how much pretty please...coloured cob

    How much do you think we should advertise a 13.2hh 11yr old Piebald cob gelding, traditional chunky type with feathers, currently hogged. Safe as houses on the road and in the school. Will jump nicely. Can be kick along for novice or school nicely in an outline for more experienced rider...
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    Where should i advertise Jumps wings/Poles for sale?

    As title really. Where should i advertise them? Would prefer they went all went together as its easier for me! Thanks
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    Where can i sell second hand school surface???

    As title really...havent a clue where i would advertise it?!
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    has anyone ever sold an Equissage? where and how etc.....

    As title...where did you advertise it? How much did you get for it? Any info muchly appreciated!
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    Help!! Buds got sore paws :(

    Any suggestions welcome. Buddy has been going mental in the snow today, had some friends round playing footbal with him etc. He just scared the life out of me, because suddenyl there was red snow! Its actually coming from his his worn them down too much Anything i can do for...
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    My 3 in the snow...apologies if there are loads!

    Actually braved outside long enough to get some recent piccys of my guys. I shall re-introduce them So first up we have JJ (for anyone who might remember, he is the JRT pup i got from RSPCA last year and turned out he has cataracts) And then Meggy the princess BC. Shes had a worrying time...
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    Calling all cat experts...some advice please...

    Apologies i know this isnt horsy but i thought i might get a better response from here. Now the problem lies with my littlest cat. Hes approx 18months and was meant to be the yard cat but has wangled his little feet firmly through the front door Anyway hes not well, hes sneezing alot, got...
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    Free sites to advertise pony for sale on???

    As title really, got a lovely pony thats not going to be able to stay with us and want to find him a nice any ideas?
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    Equissage...Would you...Do you??

    As above really... Does anyone here have one and if so how do you find it? If not would you use one if you had the chance? Ta
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    Relieved to have the girly back home...

    Meggy has been in and been speyed today, shes back home now and is very quiet and sleepy as i expected. Im just relieved everything went ok.... I hate leaving them at the vets...she was in all day and i have thought of nothing else and all the what if' that normal?? Anyway pointless...
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    What do you all think of the new RS gang???

    Firstly apologies for really poor piccys, was only a quick job and will get some better full body shots when i get a mo. So for those that dont know...we are in the final stages of setting up as a riding school and these are the guys we have for the job so far.... Roko - 16.1hh 6yr Slovakian...
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    Bitch going in to be speyed-anything i need to know? and approx cost?

    As title border collie bitch is booked to go in on friday is there anything i should know that i may not get told? How long am i looking at having to convince her to rest (not easy!)? Also roughly how much do you think it will cost? Ive been quoted for a medium sized dog (shes...
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    BARF feeders....turkey wings????

    Can i treat turkey wings the same as chicken wings? Are the bones as soft as chicken ones?? Thanks
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    Anyone know of a good equine dentist in Bucks area??

    I need to find an EDT, had one guy out 6 months ago but wasnt hugely keen. Have got a whole yard full need doing this time so was hoping to find someone that may do me a deal for doing lots of horses. Any names and numbers would be greatly appreciated! Thanksies
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    Where would be best to look for riding school ponies?

    Where would you guys look for suitable ponies? We are just starting up and need a couple more but as expected some people are funny about selling ponies to a school. I understand completly but were not about to hammer the little things into the ground, believe me. At a absolute max they will do...
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    When are you switching to winter grazing??

    So have had a couple of the liveries 'mention' that there is now no grass in the summer fields and asking if they can move onto the grassy winter fields. Im of the opinion that although they are grassy now, it really wont take them that long to eat it and we have got a long way to go till its...
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    Bionic Biotic

    Has anyone used this before??? Any feedback good or bad would like to know if its worth the money although im willing to try anything right now! Thanks
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    Where to get clippers serviced and blades sharpened?

    As above really. Just wondered where people normally take theirs and how much does it cost roughly? Thanks
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    Dutch Trekpaard...any info good or bad??

    As title really, looking at a mare that looks suitable for one of our liveries but i dont know anything about the breed really. Have googled a little bit and found that most dont have tails....would this put you off if the horse ticked all other boxes?? Any info would be fab Thanks
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    Looking for a nice in-hand bridle, any ideas??

    I am looking for a black (seems to be alot of brown around! ) cob size in hand bridle. Ive been googling and looked on ebay but can seem to find much that takes my fancy......does anyone know of any good sites i should check out? thanks
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    Rock Sulphur...advice please....

    I have been recommended rock sulphur to put in the dogs water as an aid for coat and condition in the hope that it may help my itchy lab... Has anyone else used it, good/bad reports??? Also my cats drink out of the dog bowl (even tho they have their own!) so would this have any bad effects on...
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    If you did this, would you expect to still have a job????

    A friend of mine runs a yard and last week took on a lady that was going to work for her in return for DIY livery. She was due to start on monday and didnt rock up until 10.30 then faffed with her own horse including riding it, she left at 1 and managed to fill a couple of haynets (badly i might...
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    If your yard was being broken into, what would you do?

    It has occured to me that i honestly dont know what i would do if i heard someone breaking in the yard. I live on site and my OH is a chef so often at work till fairly late. What would you do........stay inside (with dogs barking) and call the police possibly by which time theives have got off...