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  1. BlackRider

    Boy bunny neutering

    Pippin is booked in for his op soon (he's 6 months old now) I've got a few questions - if anyone can help please? He has a 2 storey hutch - is this ok or should he be on one level? (there is a 3 inch drop from the hutch into the run too). I've been asked to take a packed lunch for him - he...
  2. BlackRider

    Rabbits and Stasis

    I took Pippin for his vaccinations last night - we went to a different practice as the previous one wasn't very disabled friendly. I asked the vet how much metaclopromide he should have in the event of stasis, I was quite surprised when he said if they get stasis just to bring them inside and...
  3. BlackRider

    Feeding younger rabbits

    At what age can a young rabbit be given fresh greens? I've also read conflicting advice on how much hard feed to give - some say ad lib pellets until 6 months? He has plenty of hay and is eating lots of that. (I've only ever had older rabbits before)
  4. BlackRider

    Carrier for Rabbit Recommendations

    I'd like to get Paddington a new carrier - the one i've got at the moment (Catit) is too heavy. I'd ideally prefer a fabric one (and even better a back pack style) - but have concerns about the mesh being secure? He's generally good in the carrier - its just for the occasional vet trips.
  5. BlackRider

    Flir One Thermal Imaging attachment for iPhone - for Sale

    Brilliant for monitoring soft tissue injuries and checking the fit of your saddle etc. Used condition, includes travel case etc. You just download the Flir app, and attach to your iPhone then you can use this. £150 collection Appley Bridge, WN6
  6. BlackRider

    Various Items for Sale

    Having a clear out - items can be collected from Appley Bridge or posted for extra charge Thorowgood T8 Cob Saddle GP - black 17" has white gullet fitted, I've owned from new, its been used for about 6 months in excellent condition - £400 Barefoot London Treeless Saddle - black Size 1 with VPS...
  7. BlackRider

    Haworth Arabian Stud - neglect case

    Sorry if this has already been discussed (did a quick search but can't find a thread) Just seen a post from HAPPA about a neglect case near Blackpool: I looked as I had arabs for...
  8. BlackRider

    Anyone do horse agility?

    I was looking at the website and thought the on line competitions looked like fun, but wondered how easy it was to make the equipment? I've got access to poles, already got cones, and have ordered a tarpaulin, but things like the arch etc looked rather more challenging. I've found some old...
  9. BlackRider

    Has anyone found ay good sales for Le Mieux?

    Am after some of the blackcurrant range (gp numnah and nice top for me) anyone know of any offers? Thanks :)
  10. BlackRider

    Winter riding tights for tall people - recommendations

    I need some new winter riding tights, my must snugs are getting rather ancient. I did order the dublin warm it tights but they're about 3 inches too short, so I had to return them. I have some noble outfitter ones which are also too short -although only about an inch so marginally better...
  11. BlackRider - wormer not in packaging

    i've used these before - but this time I ordered 2 equimax and when they arrived, they weren't in the card packaging that they usually are. They were loose in a small box, which did contain the information leaflet etc. They are serial numbered etc, I was just surprised they didn't come in their...
  12. BlackRider

    Selling a Barefoot saddle

    I've found face book quite good for selling saddles in the past, and decided I really don't need the barefoot saddle anymore, but can't seems to find a uk group for selling these or treeless saddles in general - any help? thanks :)
  13. BlackRider

    Running cctv camera off a dongle

    Was looking at a wireless cctv camera for the stable, but I need it connected to wifi then I can spy on him munching his net :) Does anyone use a dongle and does it use loads of data? Thanks (this is just for one horse in over night).
  14. BlackRider

    Op for Locking Stifles - any experience?

    Has anyone had the op done for locking stifles? From what I've read if it done under local anaesthetic, and is minimally invasive. I've done the controlled exercise program, which did improve it, but its back locking again, which I why I'd like to hear about peoples experience of the op...
  15. BlackRider

    Would you muzzle?

    My lovely (normally chilled) pony has become really hyper now the summer grazing has been opened. I've got to keep him our as much as possible as he had a locking stifle (which has thankfully gone away after a controlled exercise program and keeping him working). I'm on a livery yard and...
  16. BlackRider

    Premier Equine £10 discount code?

    has anyone got the current code? i went to place an order but mine has expired. thanks :)
  17. BlackRider

    Livery wanted - standish / parbold / mawdesley area

    I'm looking for full or part livery for one gelding - prefably a small quite yard. I really need all year grass turnout (individual), half a day is fine. flood lit school (off road hacking woud be a nice bonus) thanks
  18. BlackRider

    Introducing Talisman

    I thought it was about time I belatedly introduced my new pony Talisman. I'd said I'd not get another horse, as it could never live up to Apache. Unfortunately Apache started loosing weight in the summer, he had a raft of tests done and I was told he had stomach cancer. I kept him...
  19. BlackRider

    Recommendations for wrapped big bale hay Lancashire

    I want to source some wrapped big bale hay, I'm near jct 26/27 of the M6. Can anyone help? thanks
  20. BlackRider

    Turnout Rugs for Sale (M6 jct 27)

    Having a clearout :- All need to be cleaned. Rambo heavyweight turnout wug+ - 6'3 brick red, was used for one winter after being professionally cleaned and reproofed £40 Rambo heavyweight turnout wug+ - 6'3 purple was used a couple of times after being professionally cleaned and...
  21. BlackRider

    Best make of rugs for Fell ponies

    Which makes of rugs are best suited to chunky fell ponies? I bought some DH ones, but they're too deep and the poor chap looks a bit like he's wearing a dress.. I've got an amigo which is a better fit - but I don't think their quality is a good as it used to be. thanks :) PS He's...
  22. BlackRider

    Dealing with native bushy mane and tails

    I've recently got a fell pony, and he's got a lovely (and very think) mane and tail. What is best to put on it to keep it tangle free? (and preferably unscented - as he doesn't seem to like products with scent). I did try some eqyss but could do with something a bit more heavy duty - plus he...
  23. BlackRider

    horses for sale POA

    Browsing the adverts at the moment :) I can understand if selling a top eventer /showjumper / HOYS qualified etc poa, but for a 4 year old native? He is not cheap so don't contact me unless you have a large budget (I will say he looks really nice in the advert and will probably make a...
  24. BlackRider

    Vet recommendations - Colne Lancashire

    I need a horse vetting (2 stage), any recommendations for vets in the area? The seller uses one in Keithley so I need a different one from that. thanks
  25. BlackRider

    Looking for a Highland pony

    Can anyone recommend the bast places to find a highland? I'm based in Lancashire I'm not looking to show, just want a happy hacker.
  26. BlackRider

    AW Jenkinson Shavings - how much?

    Does anyone have a rough idea how much it is for 50 bales of either the natural or small flake shavings? they don't have a price on the website, and don't want to be inundated with people calling me if I make an enquiry LOL!
  27. BlackRider

    Anyone got a rideaway discount code?

    thanks :)
  28. BlackRider

    Anyone bought a rambo heavyweight turnout this winter?

    I don't know if I'm exceptionally unlucky! I bought a heavyweight supreme for Apache for Christmas, and it leaked around the tail flap. Rideaway where great and swapped it, been using the replacement, today its rained, and leaked in exactly the same place! Again, rideaway have offered a...
  29. BlackRider

    Premier Equine Brushing boots size help

    My arab has a size 2 woof wear boots for front and size 3 for his back legs. Looking at the PE size guide I should have the medium size for both - which doesn't sound quite right to me. How do you find these are sized? thanks
  30. BlackRider

    New Rambo Supreme heavyweight turnout leaking

    I decided Apache needed a new turnout for Christmas, so got one in the black friday sales, but it leaks around the seam on the tail flap. At first I thought perhaps it had blown up, but definitely not. I've contacted rideaway, and they've asked me to send it back. Has anyone else had this...