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  1. Meowy Catkin

    Pictures Update on my oops moment...

    With the yearling that I am looking after, it was easier because I own the other three horses in the herd so I had full control of how things were for the introduction. I put an electric fence across a paddock and made sure that there was more than one water source the side that the yearling...
  2. Meowy Catkin

    Will he won't he ........

    He's really smashing YCBM. You've definitely found a goodun there. :D :D :D
  3. Meowy Catkin

    What do YOU want in a livery yard?

    I might as well add what facilities I want for the horses. 1. Good, group turnout every day, ideally 24/7 when possible. I have more than one horse, so I would be happy with being able to have mine as a group. I have also been on yards with separate mare and gelding turnout and this worked...
  4. Meowy Catkin

    Pictures Update on my oops moment...

    Good luck with finding some friends for her. It really will be the best thing for your lovely filly. :)
  5. Meowy Catkin

    What do YOU want in a livery yard?

    A toilet. I know it's not for the horses but I don't think it's been mentioned and it makes a huge difference to human comfort.
  6. Meowy Catkin

    Pictures Update on my oops moment...

    What a shame that no-one will buddy up. Maybe see if there is an IH trainer that covers your area? I did find the one who came to me helpful. Being shown the techniques in person by someone who's seen it all before and knows how to time any correction definitely worked.
  7. Meowy Catkin

    Pictures Update on my oops moment...

    I know that this is probably really unhelpful advice due to your yard rule about individual turnout, but the best thing that is helping the yearling I am looking after with her manners is my grey mare. She really will take no nonsense from the filly and despite having a trainer out to help me...
  8. Meowy Catkin

    Shoppers - spare wheel cover for IW horse trailer

    I am failing at google again. :( I'm trying to find a replacement cover for the spare wheel on an Ifor Williams HB505R. Plain rather than branded is fine. The tyre is marked 165 80 R13.
  9. Meowy Catkin

    Should I?

    Cheeky wotsit! I hope the wounds aren't too painful and heal up quickly.
  10. Meowy Catkin

    Should I?

    The joys of kittens LOL! :D :D :D DB was dreadful for climbing up people, leaping on them from above or attacking their ankles. Just when you think he's grown out of it, he reminds you that in fact he still can if he wants to... naughty so and so! ;) :p
  11. Meowy Catkin

    Tanat Valley riding?

    I know someone who used to have a horse at Nantmawr. IIRC she hacked around the little lanes and enjoyed it. Another person I know used to ride on the Long Mind, so not the Tanat Valley area, but she said it was amazing hacking. It's too far from me so I don't know about parking there.
  12. Meowy Catkin

    Need an "S" name by Wednesday!

    Sir Sondheim Sounds suitably Germanic although I think he was an American composer (Sondheim).
  13. Meowy Catkin

    Perfect Timing?

    This one won't be one euro either. It is essentially saying POA I think.
  14. Meowy Catkin

    Perfect Timing?

    I suspect that when someone rings/contacts them for more info, that 1 euro is not the real price.
  15. Meowy Catkin

    Perfect Timing?

    Well I'd be going to see this one if I was you (sorry my biases are showing again ;) ). What an amazing pedigree, she's going to be so lovely. Arabs just make the most wonderful leisure horses and...
  16. Meowy Catkin

    Diy livery wanted

    As a new user you may not be able to PM (start a conversation) until you have made a few more posts. Birker might be able to PM you though which you should be able to reply to.
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    Pictures Emaciated Horse!

    Heartbreaking. :( The chestnut is a much better weight, it does make me wonder if the grey has an untreated issue, maybe poor teeth?
  18. Meowy Catkin

    Think my youngster has a sarcoid

    My grey had sarcoids in her armpits. They started off just looking like areas of dry skin but then quickly changed to this. She had the Liverpool cream treatment.
  19. Meowy Catkin

    Should I?

    Too cute! Do you have any ideas for a name yet?
  20. Meowy Catkin

    Should I?

    Gorgeous! :D :D :D
  21. Meowy Catkin

    Fascinating film from 1902

    Keith - I don't know if this will help you but I recently stumbled across a way that makes FB links work for me... mostly. Usually when I click on a FB link it takes me straight to a login page. However if I check that my browser isn't blocking the link, click on the forum 'Reply' button and...
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    Should I?

    Oh yes! Another vote for kitten photos too. I hope that she has two left for you. :D :D :D
  23. Meowy Catkin

    Rant - The Current Dog 'Pandemic'

    That wouldn't be a hybrid though, it would just be a crossbreed dog so no hybrid vigour. Wolf x dog would be hybrid biologically speaking as you need different species within the same genus. The other issue with breeding hybrid animals is that you can get a different result depending on which...
  24. Meowy Catkin

    Pictures Mimosa and those that ride seasonally with canines

    I think this might be exactly why my girl got herself in a tizzy when I tried stabling her as you can't see where the seasonal group ride goes from the stable block. From the field however she could see. Makes sense. I'm so glad that everything went OK for you today LG. Now you know what works...
  25. Meowy Catkin

    butt lift/scrunch jods/breeches.

    Plus no bras... because horse riding is the ideal time to go braless(!)
  26. Meowy Catkin

    Burgundy red saddlepad on chestnut

    Yes I would, even on the bright orange one. :)
  27. Meowy Catkin

    Are more expensive hats worth the money?

    PAS015 was revised in 2011.
  28. Meowy Catkin

    Are more expensive hats worth the money?

    I don't think that any of the cheap, basic hats have MIPS yet. A PAS015 of any make will have passed that same test, but one that also has MIPS is better IMO. RE expensive hats being 'safer', read the long KEP thread on this forum.
  29. Meowy Catkin

    Are more expensive hats worth the money?