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    Insurance emporium

    Evening, I think I possibly know the answer to this question but .......... I know the company is underwritten by E&L which is not ideal. Normal I do not insure but with a new loan horse I need to insure him. I have looked at a few different options but a couple of insurers would require a...
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    Evening, If you feed spirulina, where do you get yours from? There seem to be 100s of different sources, it also seems as though if it is marketed for horses then it costs a lot more versus human marketed ones, does this make a difference? Thanks
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    Vets South Wales- for vetting?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone could help with vets in South Wales along the M4. I am hopefully having a mare vetted next week, the seller has suggested B&W, Cotts equine and Dyffryn Tywi equine clinic. I am looking for a very thorough vet especially with regards to lameness, I would also want...
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    Any one willing to assess a horse movement?

    Evening, Would anyone be willing to watch a video of a horse for me to look at how they move? I've been offered a horse (for me to hunt/ jump- when we are allowed back out) at a very good price who has recently passed a 5 stage vet but would really appreciate a second pair of eyes on her...
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    Shoppers I need your help- winter coats

    Evening I would really really like one of the Weatherbeeta Kyla winter coats however they are out of stock everywhere unless you are XXS (which sadly I am not). Does anyone have any recommendations for similar style of coat, ideally mid thigh length, want to be able to ride in it - so not too...
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    Feeding - thoughts?

    So I have been having a bit of a rethink about feeding in general. I know feeding has lots of different variables from the horse; age, work load, condition score, fizzy, lazy etc. There are so many different brands and advise on what to feed, as well as the same feed dressed up in different...
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    Vetting conundrum - WWYD?

    Evening, In a bit of a conundrum about vetting findings and would really appreciate some opinions. Horse in question is a 7yo ID type unrecorded breeding to be used to event (100s) and hunt in winter, priced in the mid 7k bracket. Vet was really fab about taking through everything and...
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    Dropping fetlocks - thoughts

    Just looking for some thoughts. Recently I've seen quite a few sales videos with horses (window shopping due to the very buoyant market) that have very flexible fetlocks behind similar to hyper flexibility. These horses have ranged from 4 years to 12 years old with even drop in each fetlock, and...
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    7.5t Horseboxes

    Afternoon, Thankfully I managed to sell my 3.5t just before lockdown as I need to be able to travel 2 horses within a legal payload. I am now on the lookout for 7.5t but just wondered if anyone could help with things to look out for when looking for 7.5t and any vital questions to ask when...
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    Opinion on an advert

    Afternoon, I have started looking for my next horse for riding club, low level eventing, bit of dressage/showjumping etc, general allrounder. I have seen a mare I quite like on HQ. Would anyone be willing to just have a look at the ad and video for me. I would just like an opinion on movement/...
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    Evening, Does anyone have any suggestion for equine/horsey podcasts. I have listened to Olivia Towers Tackroom Tales and really enjoyed them (just waiting for some more). So just wondered if there were any similar suggestions? Thanks
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    With a little more spare time I managed to.......

    Today I managed to construct a track system for my older ponies who are possibly going to have expanding waistlines in the coming months, hoping this may help a bit. I have water up the top end and can then extend the area at the bottom to give a bit more grass and hopefully get them to walk a...
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    Conformation explanation

    Prompted by another thread. Can anyone explain hind limb conformation and the link to PSD and other hind limb issues. Having had a horse with PSD would love to be more educated when looking for another horse. Thanks evening musings
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    WWYD - Lameness and PSD

    Evening, Just looking for some opinions from people not emotionally attached. For a bit of background I have a lovely 16hh ISH 11 year old by Ghareeb who I have owned for 3 years. Pretty much for the whole of the 3 years except the very beginning (she had a five stage vetting) she has had...
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    Trade prices

    I keep seeing a lot of dealers advertising for horses. Quite often they put 'trade prices' at the bottom of the add. Just wondered what sort of price trade prices they would pay for an average riding club horse. I'm not in the market for a horse at the moment just curious to know how much...
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    WWYD - part exchange? sales livery?

    Evening, Just looking for a couple of opinions. I have a cracking 9yo 14.2/3 cobnemara (unregistered chunky connie) who I bought as a bit of a project but she has turned out to be a superstar and has not put a foot wrong. My current horse is off with suspensory issues which doesn't look that...
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    Strange marks on horses muzzle

    Just looking for some thoughts on the cause of the strange marks on my ponies muzzle. When I came down to the yard in the morning, my pony had some red marks on her muzzle which looked at first very much like fresh blood. It looked like three scratch marks, similar to a cat scratch,however the...
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    Horse Scout

    Just looking for some reviews on whether anyone has ever had any success is selling horses, or buying through the site. I was called in response to an ad for my mare essentially a marketing ploy for the site but before I invested just wanted to know whether it was anymore successful than the...
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    24/7 turnout - How would you manage it

    Hello, Looking for some previous experiences of having horses out 24/7 and having them in full work. I am moving my 3 horses back home (one old retired girl, highland and an ISH). We do have a couple of small stables at home but I think they are a bit too small for the ISH therefore I was...
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    New Hat - suggestions

    I'm on the look out for a new hat and would like some recommendations/ suggestions. I currently have the Charles Owen J3 which is really comfy but has probably had its day. I also had the Pro II but I find it so uncomfortable and it digs into the the right side of my head so I revert back to the...
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    Market for a 13.2 Native

    I have a rough idea of the market at the moment but would just like some other opinions on what the rough ballpark figure would be for a 13.2hh 10-year-old highland mare. Pony in question is a traditional type dun highland (stockier type) but well bred. She was shown as a yearling...
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    Advice please - potential new horse

    Hello, I have been a lurker for a couple of years, but would like some of you advice/opinions on a potential new horse. Been looking on and off for about a year for another horse to be able to compete a riding club level (novice, 1m, bit of cross country) since my boy has been off work and...