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    New horse anxiety

    This, plus checking you are controlling what you can. Which it sounds like you are. So have someone there the first few times you ride. Give yourself permission to stick to walk for the first few rides and build that up as you gain trust in each other. Spend time on the ground with her...
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    Pictures I finally did it..!!!!

    Looking great together - he has such a kind face. Well done on the weight loss. I found Second Nature is a good programme to try.
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    Viewing a 2nd hand equitrek- what to look for?

    That is a fair point. However, I have a 13 year old trailer, that has been up and down the UK (not with me, I'm too lazy to go that far!) many times. I've had it for 6 years and have spent less on it and the work than I would have spent to buy a Bockmann - assuming of course I could have found...
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    Viewing a 2nd hand equitrek- what to look for?

    I have a 2008 show trekka. And to be fair, for a trailer that’s done a lot (previous owners did a lot with it), it’s not in bad nick. where I (or rather my service person) keep an eye on: chassis and floor in horse part has never been an issue - but the floor in the living is going to need...
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    Breasts the size of footballs!

    As others have said the measuring method of adding inches to your underbust measurements can be awful for fit and support if you have bigger boobs. As a first step I’d agree with all the posters above recommending that you go down a band size or two. You need to go up a cup size for every band...
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    Ideal saddle more info!

    Ooo, maybe I should get my butt in gear and put my Sankey up for sale...
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    Show Treka Wheel Lock

    Apologies. You are right. It is a QD13. I’ve found my original email receipt. I bought mine from this company. In 2015. Time flies! the second pic shows the sizes and confirms that qd13 fits Equitrek. You have to put the yellow part on...
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    Show Treka Wheel Lock

    I use this one on mine been in use for at least five years (outside) now and still works well.
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    How do you choose companies to spend your money with?

    I tend to get ideas for products that I need want from here. I then have a wee look at the company online and if it looks good I’ll buy. I like innovative products and things built to last. I keep things till they fall apart, so I need to really like them. I also tend to stick with the original...
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    Pictures Mimosa and those that ride seasonally with canines

    Such a gorgeous horse. Lavender face is the best :D
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    The new boy, video

    Nice. Hope you both have lots of fun. He looks awesome for 21.
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    Is this pot hunting??

    I support having a central database, but somehow I had missed registering with it. I've just done that and spent a good while updating things (thanks for sharing the link). It's actually a well designed website. However, despite me having updated the PIO when I had my mare put down, she was...
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    Weekend plans

    Good weekend all in. Lovely judge to write for on the Friday - really interesting and must try to do that more. Competition on the Saturday was interesting. Apparently judges boxes do not belong on the side of the arena (it was a championship set up, the first he'd seen) - they are fine at C...
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    Silicone seat breeches and suede saddle combination?

    I found my sticky seat gel breeches marked my saddle. Didn’t feel much more sticky than my (preferred) mccrown seat breeches. But stopped using them as didn’t like what they did to my saddle.
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    I volunteer at BD and Rc events. Selfishly it’s because they wouldn’t exist if there weren’t volunteers, and I enjoy competing so it’s the least I can do. I really enjoy writing, so much to learn. I’d love to help out at RDA (did when I was a teenager) but doesn’t suit my work schedule. Maybe...
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    Remember this is what we enjoy the most

    I love moments like that too. The just standing with your horse, both relaxed and zoned out, is just so special. So, so lucky to have a horse.
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    Weekend plans

    Scottish Dressage champs this weekend. So a lesson tomorrow for a final tune up, then writing at the show, before trying to get the beast presentable. Then competing on Saturday. Then I have a friends memorial on the Sunday, which will be sad, but hopefully chance to remember all the fun...
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    Tipping water buckets

    Mine loves playing with things and water buckets are high on his list. I’ve found a tyre has worked, and I just use a separate bucket to top the water up.
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    Dumb question alert - jumping with two reins

    I’ve used a Velcro loop to attach the rein to my saddle before. For horse archery, where you only pick the rein up at the end of the run. The idea of Velcro is that it can detach easily if needed. I’ve no idea if it would work team chasing though. I’ve never been that brave.
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    Colours on your duns/palominos/buckskins

    Sooty palomino, and all the autumn colours work well - dark red and dark green both really suit him. I don’t like pastel colours on him, but that’s me.
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    For those who use VIP pads

    Another who uses between saddle and pad :)
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    Hacking Routes forum

    I like the idea. Sounds just like info sharing, not arranging to meet or anything like that. I struggle to find good hacking routes here so ideas would be welcome.
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    Just a happy post!

    Lovely update - happy days.
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    Channeling your inner hoarder and overattachment to sentimental but useless tack

    Definitely keep it - it is full of memories and you clearly love it. I've got the first bridle that my Mum was given with her first horse over 20 years ago. Lay unused for years, and I've just dragged it out of retirement. It's a bit like triggers broom as parts have been altered and...
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    Topspec - what are your opinions

    My boy was on top spec when I got him. I transitioned him onto ‘better’ feeds. He lost his shine. Back on his linseed mash (tiny handful in summer, more in winter) and comprehensive balancer. He’s back in super condition. so I’ve stopped trying to change his feed. Feeding is a total minefield...
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    Pictures Five years of Mary and Flower's first time ridden

    Aww awesome update. Can’t believe how grown up Flower is. You have two cracking horses. and how come you’ve not aged at all??? What’s the secret?
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    Quality of PS of Sweden VS schockemohle

    I had a PS bridle (the Nirak). Loved the design, but I thought the leather was poor. It stretched, and a fair bit. I had the brown one, and parts discoloured (the black may be ok). I was super careful with cleaning and treatment. Very disappointing for £200. On plus side managed to sell it!
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    Riding in a Dressage Saddle - help please

    I would definitely try a flatter seat. I had a shallow seat (it was an ideal jessica that had been made to measure with a flatter tree and flatter seat) and it was one of those saddles that most people could sit in and feel comfy. Sadly didn't fit my boy when I got him. I now have a much...
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    Info needed - Livery gone bad

    Just a thought, get her to speak to her employer. Warn them of what has happened. Ask them if he has genuine business with them, and if he does, ask them to put measures in to protect her. As an employer, I’ve been involved that way, and (in Scotland) the police were on board and helped. I’d...
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    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    It was truly shocking. Horse was down for a good few seconds, then got up. They didn't even walk it to check it was sound, just chucked 'rider' back up and off they went. NOT good. Perhaps Red-1 solutions are the most workable - a strong ground jury who can just stop things if horse welfare...