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    where to advertise yard to rent without spending a fortune?

    Its in Whitchurch Aylesbury. 3 stables, 4 acres with field shelter.
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    where to advertise yard to rent without spending a fortune?

    its in Bucks. will google when i get a sec! thanks!
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    where to advertise yard to rent without spending a fortune?

    I need to advertise yard to rent but i am doing it as a favour as its the yard im moving out of, therefore i dont want to pay ad fees. Any good free sites?
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    Farriers in Aylesbury area?

    Any suggestions for farriers that cover the Aylesbury area, mine appears to have gone AWOL and the horses are getting desperate! :mad: Thanks :)
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    Does anyone know of any yards around the Aylesbury area?

    Im looking around for livery yards or even more ideally a small yard to rent. Currently considering all options grass/diy/part etc! Any suggestions welcome!! Thanks
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    I need a photographer!!

    south bucks. hp22
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    I need a photographer!!

    see i havent been on for a while and ive done it all wrong already!!
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    what to do with a sore paw?

    kiddies socks....genious! I will keep an eye on it for sure, it had crossed my mind he might need it looking at.
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    I need a photographer!!

    As title really! I am getting married in September and need to find a photographer so any suggestions welcome pretty please?! I am beginning to realise that its a very expensive business so in an ideal world would love to find someone thats maybe just starting up or trying to build a...
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    what to do with a sore paw?

    My little JRT caught his back paw when chasing the cat (!) a few days ago. Ive had a good look and it looks as tho he has just caught the claws on his two middle toes. Odd because his nails are actually quite short but i think he slid across the concrete funny. Anyway it bled quite a bit to...
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    School surface has really got to go! Any offers?!

    Surface is located in Stoke Mandeville
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    School surface has really got to go! Any offers?!

    I posted a while back about my yard closing and selling up (thank you to all those who replied) But i still have the school surface to sell and im getting desperate for it to go now so will take an offer if anyone knows someone that might be interested or can tell me where i should try one last...
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    Garry Draper - Equine Dentist

    Yes i have used him before, thought he was good.
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    Puppy Power(baby spangeys) nearly 2 weeks on!!

    they are too cute!!
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    Just had first worm count done... what now?

    No eggs seen means no worming needed. But as above that doesnt test for tape worms.
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    Bombproof 13.2 coloured cob...why no interest??!!

    ok thanks for all the replys. Will def do that....i did put a how much post on last week and pretty much all the replies said 3k+ will obviously have to re-assess. It has been considered putting him on loan, wheres best to advertise for loans?
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    Bombproof 13.2 coloured cob...why no interest??!!

    As title, we have a super little coloured for sale who is safe as houses and we have pretty much had no interest at all. He's been put up for 3150, but offers will be considered as he really has to go! Its getting frustrating because hes so safe he will make a super pony for someone! Any...
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    Best way to use woodchips in a gateway?

    ive had both on my yard, woodchips from local tree surgeon cost 20/30quid a load but rot and squish down pretty quickly. And plannings, i also agree that this would be your best option, we just put it straight on, and witht he amount of foot traffic ours has recieved its squashed down on its...
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    equimat or mayo mats

    yeah i too love my equimats
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    A how much pretty please...coloured cob

    Wish i had known he was going to be up for sale M, otherwise i would have let you know while you were still looking, though i think T might think hes too chunky x
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    A how much pretty please...coloured cob

    How much do you think we should advertise a 13.2hh 11yr old Piebald cob gelding, traditional chunky type with feathers, currently hogged. Safe as houses on the road and in the school. Will jump nicely. Can be kick along for novice or school nicely in an outline for more experienced rider...
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    help me find a horse!....please!

    Ive got the perfect boy for you but just cant let him go for less than 1500
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    Derby House rugs

    I love them, great value for money and have lasted better on my horse than some of the more expensive brands. They are quite adjustable round the front and fit well.
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    Worm count kits???

    I use abbey diagnostics, they are brilliant. You just email them with the amounts of kits your require and bobs your uncle!
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    Fedding the underweight dog?!?!

    Tripe, if you cant stand the smell of the fresh stuff, Butchers do a tinned version that has veg etc in it. All mine love it and has done wonders for my JRT.
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    Can I have some vibes that the op goes ok please

    I had the same with my collie bitch who does nothing but run all day long. I found she was quite happy to sit quietly for that evening and the next day or 2, then she felt fine and thats where she began to hate me having to take her out on a lead to even go to the toilet etc. It was hard work...
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    Ditto ^^ how did they have his passport that just seems odd?
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    Lycetts Insurance

    Ive only had the yard insured with them but found them very good, although never claimed. they were the cheapest quote by far.
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    Bitchspay help

    I found my bitch didnt worry her scar at all, just keep an eye and see how she goes.