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  1. RaYandFinn

    The quest for perfect paddocks - using GrazeOn and PastorPro

    Hi All I hope this is ok to post. Six month ago, I started working for Anglian Water as their Media Manager. Recently I've was approached by our farming and catchment teams who were looking to do a piece of work to raise awareness among the horsey community about the use of Clopyralid -...
  2. RaYandFinn

    Pointless happy post

    Just posting a pointless happy update! Finn moved yards again on Sunday. He is now at a new yard a minute from home. The yard we were at had lovely people but was 20 mins away so I jumped at the chance to have him so close to home. Even though we liked the old yard, Finn seemed depressed...
  3. RaYandFinn

    Hock spavin - crisis of confidence!

    Hi everyone, As some of you my know, my horse Finn was diagnosed with hock spavin about 4 years ago. Up until this summer he has been in more or less regular work sometimes with the help of some bute. However I feel like I'm having a crisis of confidence that I'm doing the right thing...
  4. RaYandFinn

    Overweight pony.... Best plan of attack

    Hi everyone I've just started helping a lady at my yard bring her pony back into work. Said pony is hugely overweight. So much so that she's struggling under saddle as her movement is restricted. I've agreed to ride her (walking only) 2/3 times a week to break up her routine and owner will...
  5. RaYandFinn

    Bit of a long shot...peeps in Northants

    Hi all I've just moved Finn to a new yard in Rushton, Northants. Yard is lovely, but no one hacks out much. Didn't know if anyone lived locally and would mind if we tagged along to learn the new routes :) R
  6. RaYandFinn

    Farrier recommendations-Kettering

    Hi all I've recently changed job so in a few weeks I will be moving Finn to a lovely new yard near Kettering :) Trouble is my farrier doesn't go that way so will be looking for a new one... Any ideas :) R xx
  7. RaYandFinn

    Calling all Myler experts!

    Hi all I'm having real issues bitting my boy at the mo so am looking for advice! He is a 15.2 Irish cob, he's getting pretty fit now and is built very much on the forehand and is hugely powerful through his shoulders and neck. We do try and school regularly to combat these issues, but it is...
  8. RaYandFinn

    DIY livery Kettering

    Hi Guys I've just been offered a new job based in Kettering, so looking at the possibility of moving my boy. Does anyone know of any yards? I live in Uppingham so would need to be that side (Corby side) of Kettering to make it worthwhile... Thanks :) R
  9. RaYandFinn

    Livery Rutland?

    Hi all Any one know of a decent DIY yard in Rutland? I'm in Uppingham and work in Peterborough.. So somewhere between the two preferably! Thanks R
  10. RaYandFinn

    Well...done it! We've moved!

    Hi all I posted a few weeks ago pondering whether I should move yards. Well, we decided to take the plunge and moved yesterday. Lovely yard with a new school, everyone seems really nice and Finn has settled well already... Here's some pics, because I can :) Getting ready for the off...
  11. RaYandFinn

    New Yard??

    Hi all I think I'm looking for some affirmation that I'm doing the right thing... The yard I'm at atm is lovely... Nice stables, pretty good turnout, average hacking, but no school. I love the people there and I have an arrangement with one whereby she does mine and hers in the morning and...
  12. RaYandFinn

    To clip or not to clip

    Hi all Interested in opinions. My boy is currently blanket clipped. I've got a friends coming to help me tidy his legs up on sat as he's a real fidget. I'm wondering if I should just whip the lot off while I'm at it. He gets mites so they would be easier to manage. But I don't want him to...
  13. RaYandFinn

    We can do it!!

    Hi all, Just thought I would post a little Finn update. A lot has happened since my last post... Before we went to my instructors yard- I was having a real confidence crisis. Finn had tanked off with me a few times - which led to...
  14. RaYandFinn

    Best clippers???

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone could recommend me a decent set of clippers? Doesn't have to be cordless but would like something fairly lightweight and able to deal with a cob coat!! Thanks :) R
  15. RaYandFinn

    NFU Insurance Cancellation Rights

    Hi all I want to cancel Finn's policy with the NFU as it's gotten really expensive and I know I can get similar cover much cheaper elsewhere. Question is, as I've had a claim this year am I bound to continue making payments for the remainder of the year until the policy is due for renewal...
  16. RaYandFinn


    Hi All I've been loitering around for awhile now as Regan, but have just opened a new account to change my name so thought it was about time I introduced myself! So Hi! I'm RaY and I have a 12y/o 15.2 Irish cob called Finn! I've had Finn for just over a year and bless his socks he has a...