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    What do YOU want in a livery yard?

    Facilities aren’t a main priority for me, other than the basic stable & field of some sort. What is important to me is that what is advertised and promised is what you get. Not a few days/weeks down the line ‘oh we don’t actually do that or that’s extra or we can’t offer that today’ Drives...
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    Heiniger! I think mine are the Progress ones but really good.
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    Fascinating film from 1902

    I love these sorts of videos. Everyone was so smartly dressed back then.
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    Government considering doing away with trailer test

    Yes I agree with having so many driving years/months etc experience first before being allowed to tow. But then the problem is as usual- who polices it!
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    Silicone seat breeches and suede saddle combination?

    Ha. I really dislike sticky seat jodhs but the only show ones I have and really like the style of have very small dots of sticky stuff on them. I bought a suede Isabell Werth dressage saddle. Didn’t think anything of it until I wore them to a show- i could hardly rise out the saddle! 😂
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    Subclinical Laminitis

    These are just standard tests. If any of those were ridiculously high she would be suggesting the cushings test. That's what I think she's maybe doing. I've just had all these done on my laminitic- I have them done every year to check levels. ETA- on reading again, if she thinks it's leaning...
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    Magnetic Boots

    I love mine. I use them mainly in the Winter to help with circulation in the cold weather (previous rotated laminitic) I found they also help with the legs filling.
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    Swollen sheath - thoughts please

    If he's pink skinned a lot of the natural grease/gunk can be a red/brown/pink colour.
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    Unbranded standard ones. Nice heavy bags you have to break the shavings up they’re so compacted. Occasionally you get a light bale that’s almost sawdust. They are small flaked too. Friend uses Carrs Billington ones which are much lighter but more expensive bales. Also larger flakes too which I...
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    Alternatives to TB base mix

    Check Simple Systems to see if they can match anything.
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    After flu and tet

    I give mine a few days off but keep him walking. He gets turned out and then walked out in hand when he would normally get ridden. Mine suffers badly from inflammation at the injection site so doing as little as possible but keeping him moving to drain the fluid is the best for him.
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    How much is a reasonable rent for field and stables?

    Wow she is paying buttons. If I had that set up and paid £10 per horse I’d honestly worship the ground it was on, I’d keep the place in the best condition I possibly could. No help at all, I have a friend who rents a similar set up and pays for fields to get cut/baled/harrowed whatever. She poo...
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    How to report a company - Thunderbrook?

    It should be meadow grass with herbs and a bit of linseed oil if I remember correctly.
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    How to report a company - Thunderbrook?

    I’ve only been using them since the start of the year, this is my third bag so I possibly don’t have a lot to go on but it is definitely more like chopped straw. Another livery uses it and it looks the same as her bag. Which is fine for me but then there we are with not stating the correct...
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    How to report a company - Thunderbrook?

    I looked again tonight and it looks a bit more like chopped straw 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    How to report a company - Thunderbrook?

    I just bought a bag of the healthy herbal chaff yesterday and it looked a lot more yellow than the last. It may just have been the dregs of the bag though v new bag.
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    The new autumn 2021🍂 lemieux collection

    Not a fan of any. Perhaps if I had a dark horse I’d maybe like the Rioja.
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    Canter Transitions

    I continue to rise in to canter too. Sounds like the horse is rushing and getting faster, try and half halt or balance him with your outside rein. An inside bend might help him too.
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    Hay Mite? White crawly things in new hay bales

    Ah! I think you’ve found what they are. Google image search for mould mites looks like what I have. Funnily enough I haven’t found them on this year’s hay.
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    Hay Mite? White crawly things in new hay bales

    That’s how I saw them too, on the scales with a torch in the dark then realised they were all over the hay too🤢. I don’t get itchy from them, I’ve figured there’s no real consequences of them other than it makes you feel a bit ill thinking they’re on you. A fellow livery had them all over her...
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    Hay Mite? White crawly things in new hay bales

    Mine has these too. o_O It’s horrible isn’t it. Unfortunately just something I think that lives on all hay! I soak and hope that they come off with that. They don’t die in the winter either, I thought cold weather would maybe do something but nope. They’re all year round! Let me know if you ever...
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    New loading problem

    Sounds like a bit of separation anxiety? They didn’t want to leave each other, can be common if they travel alone.
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    anyone's horse hadd side effects after vaccination??

    Yep mine vaccinated on Tuesday for both flu and tetanus. One side of his chest(injection site) is swelling. Hoping it goes down tomorrow. He normally reacts like that but if it’s not decreasing by tomorrow then I’ll have to call the vet back. That was with proteq which I’ve never had a problem...
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    Awful news

    Its just awful. I trailered up there a fortnight ago. Just doesn’t bare thinking about. A lot of the a9 doesn’t have any sort of hard shoulder or anywhere to pull in to and that hill is always a bit scary. I just hope the lorry driver wasn’t on his phone or it could’ve all been avoided.
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    Awful news

    Heartbroken for them. Such awful circumstances, absolutely horrific.
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    Horsebox towing

    I personally wouldn’t. What happens if you come to a stop on a hill? It depends on horsepower too.
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    Straw pellets

    I changed from wood pellets to straw pellets and find them much more absorbent. That is Strawmax though. We tried unbranded and they were pants. Mine likes a nibble of them too but I use them as a base under straw so it worked okay to bury them underneath.
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    bit advice please

    Which noseband is he ridden in? Is it possible that while throwing his head up he’s opening his mouth to evade? Actually on reading the post again, I don’t think it’s his head coming up that’s the issue, more that he’s pulling down? I think it’s just a case of trial and error- I like a dutch...
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    Am I too big for him?

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    Trailer towing

    Absolutely not.