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  1. Winters100

    Old girl has Cushings:(

    Thanks all for the good advice and the encouraging stories. I guess we will just have to see how she does. I am hoping that laminitis is not a big risk as she has always been a poor doer, and for now she is reasonably fit. I am happy to retire her if that look like it is in her best interests...
  2. Winters100

    Old girl has Cushings:(

    My poor old lady has been diagnosed with Cushings today:( Interestingly she did not have symptoms other than a slightly longer coat than the others, has always been alert and forward going, but due to her age, we have for the last few years tested each Autumn, and this year it is positive...
  3. Winters100

    why have a horse if you have it on full livery?

    Seems so strange to me that people who are paying for their horses to get good levels of care are asked to justify why they don't clean their own boxes! What about horses who do not have clean boxes or adequate care? I filled my own haynets tonight, along with about 20 others, because the...
  4. Winters100

    What do YOU want in a livery yard?

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, but regarding tracks how does it work when you need to bring in to ride? I have always thought them a nice idea, and wondered whether I should try to have one made in part of the field, but fetching in sounds like a lot of bother. What do people do...
  5. Winters100

    What do YOU want in a livery yard?

    The yard that I am on is fairly highly priced for our area and has a long waiting list. I believe that the main reason that it is so popular is that it is flexible. Turnout is unrestricted, and offered in a variety of ways, from individual, to large groups, or as mine live in a small group of...
  6. Winters100

    Riding lessons: how do kids progress beyond novice?

    Sorry, not trying to be difficult, but why? Surely for a beginner, who is not capable of riding with contact, horses can be found who can be ridden without contact? Surely there is no point in the horse being on the bit if it is achieved by such contraption, or am I missing something?
  7. Winters100

    Riding lessons: how do kids progress beyond novice?

    People really use this device simply because the rider is not adequately experienced to get what they want from the horse? Wow. Over my dead body would I allow a child or novice to use this on any of mine.
  8. Winters100

    Riding lessons: how do kids progress beyond novice?

    Lovely that you are so involved in your daughter's hobby - she is truly a lucky little girl. Speaking personally however I would absolutely hate the arrangement of the pony being used for riding school lessons. Even if she is now used for the 'regular' riders, rather than absolute beginners...
  9. Winters100

    Talk about lucky!!!!!

    For me it would be Bolt, but I would also discuss with the owners of Henry whether a compromise might be made - ride and take care a couple of days a week to be able to hack together with your children? Maybe there is something that might suit all parties. Whatever happens I know that the...
  10. Winters100

    Working Livery for childs first pony?

    To be honest I would personally not really like this arrangement. If someone else was to ride the pony I would prefer to know who, and to be in control of the situation. I appreciate that it is probably more cost effective than just having the pony at livery, and maybe in some ways more...
  11. Winters100

    Feed advice

    I am with TPO, if you get him fit and slim you may well see a big hike in energy levels. Also I don't really count hacking as exercise, unless you have somewhere that you can do it at speed or a lot of trotting up hills. For me a day when they only hack counts as a day off, because all I am...
  12. Winters100

    Would you buy an older pony?

    Interestingly my physio came to mine today, and she made the comment that old lady pony has (touch wood) been the most reliable of the 3 in terms of health and soundness. In 3 years the only time off she has had is for a tooth removal, and for a minor hoof infection, and she works 9 out of...
  13. Winters100

    Strong horse

    horselover have you spoken with the owner about this? If not be sure to do so at the earliest opportunity. If one of mine had issues I would certainly want to know about it, and to give help in correcting the problem. I would also work the pony hard before you next go for a hack, I don't...
  14. Winters100

    Asthmatic horses, inhalers?

    I also use the flexineb, although I have not needed it for some time now. Have used ventolin, pulmicort and atrovent, as well as simple saline inhalations. Very easy to use and got one of mine over a rough patch. Now he seems fine with steamed hay, very clean pellet bed and keeping his weight...
  15. Winters100

    vaccination question....

    As with people, exactly how long a vaccine offers protection varies between individuals. It does not just stop on a certain day, rather becomes gradually less effective. For this reason the time limits will have a buffer built in, and not getting the vaccine on time to the day will not matter in...
  16. Winters100

    Strong horse

    One other thing, do you always / often hack on the same routes and trot / canter in the same places? You say she has started bucking when you don't allow her to trot or canter, maybe the answer is that she just knows the route too well? If this is the case try her on some other routes, and...
  17. Winters100

    Companion pony

    Sorry to give a different opinion, but personally I would buy an already made horse. When you have more than one you may be surprised at how efficient you can become about exercising and chores. The reason that I say this is because I am a similar age, and I no longer ride young or difficult...
  18. Winters100

    Strong horse

    Good for you asking for advice rather than just using a stronger bit or hanging on to her. My first question in this case would be is she working enough for the amount of food which she receives, and is she getting adequate daily turnout? And what age is she? One of mine can be a bit strong if...
  19. Winters100

    Nightmare to catch

    When I bought one of mine the groom of the seller told me that he was lovely, but "impossible" to catch. For the first week or so I kept him in the small paddock adjacent to the field where I turn out, which anyway made sense so he could get to know the others over the fence to start off...
  20. Winters100

    Veteran insurance

    Hi, great that you are thinking of taking on a loan, and I am sure that he will be lovely. I don't know anything about loaning, but I would start by asking the owner for a draft contract. It may be that they prefer to keep insurance in their name, and have an existing policy. Also check what...
  21. Winters100

    Minor Irritations

    I really don't care what tack or shoes others want to use, but I am quite irritated when I receive unwanted opinions about my own choices. As an example I have one horse who came using a very harsh bit. I put him in a simple snaffle, but he hated it and threw his head around, so we went back...
  22. Winters100

    Advice please on buying our first pony

    It wasn't really weight, I just could imagine it being a bit limiting having a smaller pony. I suppose you are right though, if she isn't very competitive I guess it doesn't matter.
  23. Winters100

    Advice please on buying our first pony

    I'm afraid for me she looks so close to outgrowing the pony that I would not buy. Such a shame as it would be really ideal to buy one that she already knows and loves.
  24. Winters100

    Inflamed pancreas

    As an update he is feeling much better and today was allowed to have a small meal. We also think we know what caused this. OH's Mother lives next door and occasionally pops round to feed them on the rare occasions that we are all out, I prepare the meals and she just gives them to the dogs. I...
  25. Winters100

    Climate change personal action!

    I think that I am ok on the coat front, I ride in the same wax jacket that I have had since the 1980s. Apart from that I have 1 rather old filled jacket for the cold weather, and for smart use I have a cashmere coat, which was made to measure in the 1990s, so it was expensive, but given that it...
  26. Winters100

    Inflamed pancreas

    Thanks, we are just back. He received fluids and shots. Later we will go for ultrasound (I think this is the same as an eco gram?), and they will test the urine (thank goodness the rest of the family do not know about the other uses of the soup ladle). I also wondered about kidneys. The good...
  27. Winters100

    Inflamed pancreas

    Thank you all. We are going back to the vets shortly for fluids and have ultrasound booked for later today. @Bellasophia thank you for those links. I will ask the vet to take blood again today and run all of these as I am not sure that all were included in the ones done yesterday. I also took...
  28. Winters100

    Inflamed pancreas

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience of this in dogs? My 12 year old large mix (leonberger/ bernese mountain dog / german shepherd????) has refused to eat for the last 2 days, and this is the diagnosis. It seems really odd as, if I understand correctly, it would normally be associated with an...
  29. Winters100

    How much is a reasonable rent for field and stables?

    Great that she is leaving - I am sure that you will easily find a nice responsible tenant who will jump at the chance of renting these facilities. Regarding poo picking v harrowing, yes harrowing is often used in larger areas, but in my opinion it is an inferior solution. I have my 3 in about...
  30. Winters100

    Climate change personal action!

    Well we will see how we do, but in the scale of things it is rather small. I don't anticipate any problems with vegan food, as we already eat a lot of that and everyone likes it. The one that will be tough is the cars. As long as it is above 0 cycling is fine, but much below that, and once the...