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    What is a TCN class in British Eventing??

    just as title really - can't seem to find it in the rule book?? Just being lazy as I am sure someone on here will save me the search - thank you!!!:)
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    Burghley x-c scores today

    Well can only see live scores - but must be challenging!!! Anyone know what happened to Oli T, WF-P, Emily L etc?? Only 8 out of 13 starters have got round so far!:confused:
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    BDWP - Anyone else having problems??

    The Burghley Direct website doesn't seem to be working for me! Has a whole load of gobbledegook on the page, and can't load any specific events!!:( Is it just me? Maybe I have messed up my settings by trying to load foxy-proxy for the Kentucky coverage?:confused: But all my other websites...
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    Who is going to Pau?

    Am on my way to stay with friends near Pau this week - and will be going to the horse looking forward to it!!! Does anyone know how to find out who is competing? Have been on the official website, but maybe I am more numpty than I thought, but can't seem to find a list of...
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    WEG X-Country on TV - numpty's guide please!

    I see that the X-C is to be shown on the BBC Red Button on Saturday. However, it also says that it is 'not available on Freeview'. Does this mean that if I only have a Freeview box for viewing digital TV that I won't be able to watch it? Or can I tune in on a programme number - ie 301 or...
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    photographers Kirriemuir

    I know Harry was one photographer at Kirriemuir, but I think there might have been another one as well. Does anyone have the online address for them? Thank you!:)
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    BE membership card/car pass????????

    Maybe I am just being stupid but...... My daughter and I are both members of BE I received the new rule book the other day - with a letter to say that a NEW Membership card would be sent when I renew my membership. This will be my entry card / card pass etc. My membership is due in February...
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    Good Hay supplier - Scotland!!!!!

    Does anyone know where I could get good hay at this time of year?!!! We are in the Edinburgh/lothians area! I'm desperate to find some, as I have to be away for 3 weeks and horses are going to have to live out during this time 24/7 - so need to feed ad lib - and its too expensive and wasteful...
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    Shavings fork for a bad back!!!

    OK - have tried in Stable Management, but wondered if anyone in here could remember a post about a shavings fork for people with bad backs! I remember reading about it on this forum and thought what a good idea it was - about a year ago. I didn't need it then - but REALLY do now!!! It had an...
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    Mucking out with a bad back!!!

    Sometime last year, someone on here came up with a link for a shavings fork for people with bad backs. At the time I thought it looked like a great idea, but now that I REALLY need it, I can't find the link!! It was a fork that avoided the twisting and turning, at the same time as bending...
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    Well done Denman!! But..a question...

    What a horse!!! Amazing!! But... my question is about the difference in approach between eventing and racing - As far as I am aware, chasers don't do a prolongued warm-up before the race, like we are encouraged to do before going on a 3-day x-c in eventing. Maybe I'm wrong? Also - when...
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    Irish peeps - Gorsebridge....

    A friend is going to Gorsebridge this week looking for a young eventer (probably 4 or 5yr old) with big potential. Any recommendations of those to take a look at?
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    H&H live commentary - SJ?

    Thought it was going to be on again today - can't seem to find it?......
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    Mr Figjam - your head must be swelling!!!

    Wow - everyone is bowled over by your Blair photos!!! Have you seen all the nice comments!!! You should really think about doing all the events!! Can you come to Weston in October - pretty please!!! Lots of cakes/ale/wine etc etc on offer!!! Still haven't been given a link to your...
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    Blair 1* Report - with wonderful Mr Figjam pics!!!

    Well - there were good bits, and bad bits (and not just the weather!) We arrived early evening on the Tuesday, in lovely sunshine, and despite the dire warnings, we didn't have to be towed in!! However, the weather soon turned for latecomers! Daughter/rider organised the ponio, and I organised...
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    Blair Competitor Info - Important!!!

    Just in case you miss it on BDWP............. see below As we are asked to pass it on to everyone, thought this was a good place to start!!! Please pass on to anyone else, as the lorry park will be a mess for all concerned if we don't follow instructions!! Good luck to all!!! BLAIR CASTLE...
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    WEATHER FOR BLAIR..............!!!

    Not looking great. Windy and dry Weather {{{{{{vibes}}}}} needed please until Wednesday!!!! Then {{{{lovely sunny and warm}}}}} vibes for the rest of the week!!!!!!!
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    Prokalm!...Does it work?

    After YET another tense stressage this weekend - (the grey gravel put down to fill muddy holes in the arena caused hissy fits!) I just want to know............. We have tried most things, and so far Oxyshot is the only one that takes the edge off spooky pony - but it is very hit and miss on the...
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    Blair section list up - 1* split

    As above - they have split the 1* and section A is doing Dr on Wed, X-C on Friday and SJ Sat Morning!! We are in section B - quite glad really - more atmosphere!
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    hopetoun - prize money

    Finally got cheque for coming second in ON at above event (they NEVER have them ready on the day!) I know it is Lower Limit - but a cheque for £32.00??? Looking at the rules, they can't go below lower limit (ie £66.00 for 2nd). So do you think it is a mistake, or does anyone know of any...
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    Eglinton - Graig Anderson rotational fall.............

    Anyone know how he is? I gather it was a really nasty rotational fall in the Advanced class, and that he has a broken leg - which could have been a lot worse, as the horse was completely winded and didn't get off him. Maybe have it wrong, but just what I heard from friends who saw it. Feel...
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    BE Novice. What would you call it..........???

    As in the title really!! Are you tired of explaing to non-horsey friends that Novice doesn't really mean that you are jumping cross poles on the ground!! When BE named the class Novice (back in the Dark Ages when I started eventing!) it was their lowest class. There was only Novice...
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    Jardy website

    Is there one to follow results on?
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    Refunds being offered for BE100 withdrawals....!!!

    Noticed that Hopetoun Horse Trials is offering refunds at the mo, for anyone wanting to withdraw from BE100 class!!!!!!!!! (see BDWP Hopetoun page)This is specifically to allow places for people on the Waiting List. Presumably this is to encourage people to withdraw when they know they can't go...
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    Anyone been to Burgie???

    Just wondering how it all went? Have checked the scores and it loks like the 2* SJ caused a fair amount of trouble!! What happened to Ruth?! Also there seemed to be alot of trouble in the CCI 1* as well, and a lot of withdrawals after X-C. Just nosey really, but would love to hear a report!!!!
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    Helpful advise for livery contract needed..........

    Can anyone help with how to draw up a DIY/Full livery contract? Have the facilities, yard help and insurance all sorted. Just not sure about rules and regulations so-to-speak! Have a few ideas myself, but any handy hints would be most apreciated! It is a private yard, but as we have...
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    Anyone near Hexham know what ground is like?

    Is there anyone here who knows what the going is like at Hexham? Have you had any rain? Does the ground get very hard? Do they airovate (sp)? Coming a fair distance for Saturday, but might not want to run if it is too hard. Thanks in advance for any info!
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    DIY livery - Scottish peeps!

    What do you pay for your DIY livery? Seems that there is a great variation in prices. So - say you were getting, in a small private livery: Stable (large, but no rubber matting), grazing (good), 60 x 25 all weather arena use of jumps (on grass and arena) goodish hacking areas for fast work...
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    Arnica!!!!!!!!!!!! Banned substance?!

    I thought Arnica was a natural hoeopathic remedy and not a banned substance?!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know? And does it apply to use on the humans as well?!!!!!!!!!!!! Have found this on FEI website but not very clear - seems to cover everything...
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    OK - So how long do you spend on the forum?!!! (Also in NL)

    Just interested! It seems that a lot of people spend a HUGE amount of their time each day on the forum - which is great - BUT: a. How do you have the time? (with work/school and horses to look after etc) b. Is it addictive? (like taking drugs!) c. Do you bother to follow up/ reply to your...