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    EMS .

    My pony also came back with result of 100. I was told a pony the same day came back with 400 so yes, could be worse. My pony has also been prescribed Metformin. Not had a retest yet so don't know whether it is working.
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    Riding boots for wide feet : suggestions please!

    I feel your pain! I've given up with long boots all together. I have bunions so need very wide toes, weak ankles and flat feet. I find Ariat Telluride with chaps the best for me. But I think it is a case of trying what suits
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    Towing with an Audi Q5!?

    I have a Q5 to tow one cob in a 505 but have towed 2 with no problems at all. Wouldn't have known there was any extra weight behind. Love the car. It is the 3l diesel automatic version. But perhaps better to go for something with a bigger towing capacity.
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    At my wits end with possible allergies

    There is a lot of tree pollen around - especially Ash and Birch. Mine are snorting a lot and I've got itchy eyes. It was also particularly bad back in February.
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    Musto snug jodphurs

    Are any high waisted like the Musto ones were?
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    will Green Gloop break down virus?

    Interested in their reply as I have several bottles of the stuff. I've also got Virkon S which def does kill coronavirus.
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    What type of grass or weed is this?

    I would say def Cow Parsley. There is a lot around sprouting at the moment. I walk my horse in hand and at the moment she is craving this plant.
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    Mast cell tumour

    Yes, I had a pony who developed a mast cell tumour in her nostril. As you say, very rare in horses. We were referred to Oakham Veterinary hospital and they weighted up whether it could be surgically removed. They thought it could but because of the postion of the tumour and other problems the...
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    Anyone soak pink mash a few hours before feeding it?

    If the pre- and pro-biotics start to die off after 2 hours wet, then do they actually reach the hind gut?