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  1. Enfys

    Shock collars, anyone used them?

    3 months ago we re-homed (from a tiny city apartment, no yard, new baby) a 4 yo GSD bitch (fixed) nice nature, boisterous full of energy, and a total city dog. Rural setting, own land, thousands of acres of forest 60' from the back door, animals etc, so understandably a pretty alien place at...
  2. Enfys

    If you ride at night what lights do you use?

    Obviously I would rather not ride at night, but as I have evening practice and it is only a mile down the road, then I will be coming home at sundown. Very, very rural roads.
  3. Enfys

    Best books, Videos, You Tube trainers, for novice breeders

    I have a friend who is expecting her first foal shortly, she is asking me for recommended books, videos, etc for handling and early training for young foals, and I truly cannot think of a single one. Suggestions, recommendations please, NOT Dr Miller and his imprint training though :(...
  4. Enfys

    What do horses think about when they are dozing?

    ... asked my husband as he watched the mares standing, one back leg cocked, just dozing in the paddocks, as they do. In fact, do they think at all? Make plans, remember the good old days etc he asked. Rather than the instinctual , I'm hungry - eat, I'm thirsty - drink, I'm scared - run etc...
  5. Enfys

    who rode when they were pregnant?

    Kind of a follow on to the 'child on the chest' post. How long into your pregnancy did you ride? Did you ever come off? In hindsight would you do the same ?
  6. Enfys

    Fancy dress ideas for adult.

    Right then, suggestions needed please, I have breed shows coming up in the summer, there are costume classes, I want to play. So, does anyone have any ideas for an adult that isn't going to make me look totally ridiculous - so dressing pony up as a poodle etc is a no-no. Small adult...
  7. Enfys

    How cold is too cold?

    At what point do you say " No, not riding in this" do the essentials and go back indoors?
  8. Enfys

    So who has horse qualifications? AI etc.

    A comment on the 'rules on posting' thread got me thinking, who here does actually have equine related qualifications - just out of curiosity, because I am nosey.
  9. Enfys

    Sloped stirrups, does anyone have these?

    I have been out of anything English for almost a decade, so am kind of playing catch up a bit at the moment. These popped up on a sale page yesterday, I am still trying to figure out which way is out, and am just curious as to opinions of them. Not something I plan on using as I am a...
  10. Enfys

    OK, so I got bored on a miserable, snowy afternoon

    I have always painted my stirrups black, but having just started riding English again, and got a new saddle (hey! shooting off on a tangent here, since when did dressage saddles come with these huge knee blocks?) I dug out some old stirrups that haven't been used for about 10 years and decided...
  11. Enfys

    Hunting in Canada.

    A friend recently rode at her first ever Meet, and enjoyed herself thoroughly. I didn't notice the tack at first, considered perfectly normal here by the way. I wonder how that would go down in the UK - or just shrugged shoulders and "hey, another bum on a saddle" I could imagine what some...
  12. Enfys

    Racehorses and ordinary horses, the difference

    Quote from a recent thread: "People who ride ordinary horses don't really know how to ride TB racehorses" Which is actually quite true, because it IS different, not everybody wants to, or has had the opportunity to :) So, what makes racehorses different to ride? How DO you ride a...
  13. Enfys

    Type/breed, what do you prefer?

    It's been asked before and it will be asked again, but I am nosey. Without getting into a total breed - my horse is better than yours - bitchfest, is there a certain type, or breed, or colour even, that you prefer above others, why? ... and what type/breed would you not even consider?
  14. Enfys

    No such thing as an Alpha in the social structure of a herd?

    Hmmmmmmmm. Really? Dominate is just a word, Thesaurus can list a dozen phrases that apply to horse hierarchy.
  15. Enfys

    Do you know what this device is?

    Does anyone know what this contraption is? Hopefully it is no longer in use, but I was interested to see if anyone had seen one used.
  16. Enfys

    Moving fish.

    OK, we are moving house, 3 - 4 hours up the road, I have a silly question ... I know that I could just look this up online, but I thought I would ask anyway :) OH has decided that he wants to take the fish we have now, bog standard goldfishy types about 6-8" long. So, how best to travel...
  17. Enfys

    Why do you stable your horse in winter?

    Another pointless poll for you JFTD ;)
  18. Enfys

    How do I go about this. Foal buyer wants dam for a month to wean

    The scenario. The lady that wants to buy my colt wants him sooner, rather than later (fair enough, I understand this) BUT, as he is only 10 weeks old he obviously cannot be weaned yet. Normally I wouldn't consider this but we are in the throes of selling the property and buying another and...
  19. Enfys

    Ride and Lead, how do YOU do it?

    I am having a bit of a, shall we call it, discussion? On a FB page (where else?) on the subject. I am saying that I, personally, prefer to have the head of the lead horse at, or just behind my knee, so I can control what it is doing. Apparently they should be towed behind so that riders (if...
  20. Enfys

    YO duty of care. How far are you expected to go?

    How far does 'duty of care' extend? Yes, daily care as per agreement. Yes, notifying owner of (serious, not everyday minor) injuries, ailments etc and agreeing on a course of action. Yes, to booking farrier and vet for regular care and vaccinations ... (I book the visits, I notify owners, and...
  21. Enfys

    Discouraging rearing and striking out. Very young colt.

    Oh wise and wonderful people I welcome your opinions, experiences and how you personally deal with this. OK. I have a week old paint colt. All good and healthy, had a thorough MOT from the vet. Blue eyed Barbie doll of a baby, with Attitude. I have had 3 full brothers and they were donkeys...
  22. Enfys

    Have horses changed the direction of your life?

    Did you have plans and change them (directly or indirectly) because of horses? Or is everything going exactly to plan? Funny how one little spur of the moment decision 25 years ago alters everything, I'd just ditched husband #1 and I was set to be going off to a job somewhere sunny,expensive...
  23. Enfys

    Big Bale savers. Worth the money? Okay-ish? Don't bother?

    Hay prices are not coming down. I am NOT feeding daily this winter so need something to save wastage on rounds. I would like opinions please as I will need at least 8, so not a small initial outlay involved. The Big Bale Buddy and its' friend the The Slow Bale Buddy (big hay net basically)...
  24. Enfys

    Stubble fields, bale jumping - tresspass

    I was reading a thread yesterday on a FB group from someone who was admitting that she snuck on to stubble fields for a bit of a hooley and to jump bales and that if she had been caught she'd just have played dumb. I am talking South of the Border here, not Scotland where I know things are...
  25. Enfys

    The Budweiser Clydesdales , please read this.

    So, Budweiser are to sponsor a major Tennessee Walking Horse Show, thus condoning torture. Nice
  26. Enfys

    For those with multiple horses - why?

    I was just wondering how on earth I manage to collect so many horses and came to the conclusion that my reason for having them is merely 'because I can' :) If you have multiple horses why is that?
  27. Enfys

    Selling a horse. When do you take the cash?

    This question really only applies to cash sales as I presume that cheque payments etc have cleared before the horse leaves. So, you have sold your horse, new owners are at the yard to collect it, transport is ready, ramp is down you take the money when the horse is loaded, or before?
  28. Enfys

    Freya, update.

    We have just put her to sleep, very peaceful and quiet. Such is life, we play God when we breed, and sometimes we have to play God too soon when things go wrong.
  29. Enfys

    Dummy foal upate, for those that sent vibes

    and perhaps do not go into 'Breeding' very often. Thank you all. Update here: This morning:
  30. Enfys

    Dummy filly update

    Or 'Sleeper' as my Vet (who is my God) terms her as she seems to fall into that category of Dummy. 340 days would have been today, so she was 3 days early which is neither here nor there (except Robin has ALWAYS gone to 340 or a few days over - but then she has only had huge colts in the...