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    Photographer at Vale View (trailblazers)

    Who is the photographer at Vale View? It was in the trailblazers jumping last weekend! Thanks
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    Mill Law/Primative Proposal

    I think you certainly need to go and meet the stallions to see how good etc their temperament and conformation are and how they compliment your mare. We met Mill Law before using him and we had no big ambitions with what we wanted to breed temperament was number one thing and a nice moving, well...
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    Mill Law/Primative Proposal

    We have 2 mill law's out of a 3/4 ID mare and one on the way! The eldest is off to Le Lion D'Angers World Young Horse Champs next month!! They both have fabulous temperaments and are easy to do. I havent had a Primitive Proposal baby but knew and rode the stallion and had a lovely temperament...
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    Where to sell/advertise potential 4* horse?

    I think when its unproven with nice breeding its as much a potential 4 star horse as everyone elses "potential" horses so in that way it doesnt really matter where it advertised - BE/Horsequest/H&H as until it has been out and done a bit and got some results and proved that it is more than a bit...
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    Am I way out on price? Why have I not had much interest in my schoolmaster?

    I know him from his previous life with JP and Laurence!! Lovely horse! Does he have to be sold? In my experience (and I have one!) these are the sort of fabulous horses who should go out on long lovely loans with people who are competitive and want to do that sort of thing but also want them...
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    If you look up Cavoa on you tube he is a nice Chacoa baby - very smart type! (he's also for sale!!). I like them seem to move and jump well.
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    Gatcombe Photographer

    Can anyone remember?
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    Working horse owners, tell me what you do

    Thats what I qualified as and there are very few jobs out there unless you're very flexible (or were a few years ago) and there are plenty of my friends who qualified and are still on the rubbish pay bands - not sure of any who started over £20k but there are some now that have managed to get...
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    What does this results code - EOT (BE)

    In the SJ - it says E (eliminated!) OT, what does that mean?!
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    Houghton CIC*** The good, bad and crash (unpleasant pics)

    I watched your SJ round and she looked really fabulous, was so pleased for you. Horrified to hear you had a fall but really glad that she's on the road to recovery and nothing too serious for both of you. You can be 2 star queens!!
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    Spider @ Houghton CCI* Report

    Thank you all, we're very proud!! He has a little sister, Poppy who is a year old and then we are awaiting a 30 day scan to show that another one is cooking ready for next year!! However he's always number 1 boy!
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    Spider @ Houghton CCI* Report

    Houghton – Brilliant!! Spider (our homebred Mill Law 7 year old) was doing his first CCI*, he’s done quite a few CIC*’s but never a CCI and we thought that although proven at that level (and given his round at Chatsworth he obviously doesn’t find it very challenging) it...
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    Houghton This Weekend - Who Will Be There??

    My boy is there in the CCI* he goes XC tomorrow and yesterday the ground was very poor - they have watered the arenas just not the XC. Hope they work miracles tonight, having paid £500 to enter we won't be impressed if they dont get it good especially after Hambleden, Chatsworth, Aston etc have...
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    Manuka Honey

    I used it on a very bad over reach last year and it healed it very well. I couldnt keep anything else on it and couldnt keep the wound dressed either so just needed soemthing that stayed on and healed. The mare was always chewing at the cut and litereally as soon as I started using honey she...
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    New Pony Naked (pics!)

    As requested although not very many as usual ran out of time! Had a nice ride last night, met all the scary traffic we ride out with and didnt mind (drain covers were much scarier!) so so far so good! - only happy with something in his mouth!
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    I have a new pony....

    Baydale that made me laugh too!! Sadly because he's a farmer an animal is just that, an animal! However, I think he has realised after this long that Tog is more than just a horse and comes way above him in the pecking order!!
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    I have a new pony....

    Oh Baydale don't go there - i got home last night having put new boy (who is currently nameless) away and burst out crying, my poor boyfriend was a bit bemused as obviously having a new horse there is nothing to be sad about... But I was so upset that Tog hadnt looked happy and thought he wasnt...
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    I have a new pony....

    its all rather scary as I've had Tog for a long long time but he has come back from injury fine and I want to keep him that way so he can now have a new job description just doing fun things and not too many lessons!! This is the new boy to fill his rather large shoes.... 16hh (altho i...
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    Belton - Spider's first Intermediate

    Thank you all - BE 7 year old champs, we'll see about Le Lion, their selection process and how you get on out there isnt all its cracked up to be so we'll see (and not break our necks getting there!!) One step at a time tho, Houghton * first :)
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    Belton - Spider's first Intermediate

    Haven't posted any reports this year so far but have had complaints (which is very nice to know people enjoy reading them and notice a lack of them - thank you!) So far this season Spider, our home bred Mill Law now 7 year old - where has time gone?! has just done 2 open novice runs at Oasby...
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    Eventers - the serious danger of unfixed portable fences...

    It is something that people should be aware of and I know of fence builders/course builders who will only supply portables (to events and private people) with pins to be pinned in and then if the owners will not let them secure them have them sign a form to remove their liability from them being...
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    horsey pilates exercises?

    I did an Equipilates clinic - google this was developed by a BD trainer and rider and is very good, she had a book etc so you could combine the two.
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    One VERY happy eventer lets his hair down *vids*

    I want to play!!!
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    Seeing as not many comps on at the mo, have you got a pic that sums up your year?

    Can I have a few This is my favourite pic, my beautiful lovely Tog (grey)who has been off work lame for over a year, hoping to bring him in at the end of Jan to see what he's like but here he was just happy and looked like my Tog, not the one who was spending so much time on box rest - probably...
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    British Eventing Leading Sires 2010

    Not sure if this has been done already or not but BE have published their leading sires of 2010 list here (in the breeding bit). Fabulous result for Mill Law who won the leading sire of 5 and 6 year old...
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    Whose OH was horsey before you met them...

    Mine is a farmer and of the opinion that they are a waste of time, make a mess and cost money!!! However his sister has horses although the complete opposite of the spectrum to me - ours are competition and cost £££ per month, hers live free range on the farm and are ridden bareback and with a...
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    Milton Equestrian Centre, Nr Worksop v good SJ shows

    Dont know if people have seen this yet - its been set up by brilliant BSJA coach Selina Cawkwell and they have just started with Friday night shows - a fortnightly nervous & novice show and then alternate unaffiliated evenings. They have a great tack shop too so worth a visit!! Full set of...
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    Funny little toll bridge on the A57 west of Lincoln

    And what a foggy morning it was!!
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    Just to rival the eventing thread (I hope!) BS(JA)er's, favourite shows/venues? ;o)

    Weston Lawns is what I think all the other venues need to look at and mark themselves against, fabulous surfaces, lovely jumps and warm up and really good cafe! Field House with their new outdoor is stunning, loved jumping there this summer. Another great surface. Their indoor is good too.